Metonmy vs Metaphor

May 3, 2018 General Studies

There are a wide variety of style choices metonymy ads can choose to use. Getting a celebrity to endorse their product, use promoters like The Canadian Cancer Society, or the National Breast Cancer Foundation to connect on a deeper level with the reader and potentially make them feel like they have done something good as well, use bold slogans that will make the reader believe their product will without a doubt work, or even design the ad in such a way that will give the reader a sense of trust and warmth at first glance.

Metonymy can make the reader connect with the ad by using a bunch f different tactics like the ones stated above. For example, the first ad is made by Claire and is promoting hair dye by Natural Instincts (Claire 11 1). In this ad the celebrity endorsing the product is Acadia, a well-known chief. Since this ad is for hair dye, Claire made the celebrity hair shiny, and healthy looking. This can make the reader believe the product works since it looks believable from the ad. The second ad was made by Covering and is promoting mascara.

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The celebrity endorsing this product is Pink, a singer. This ad is stating this type of mascara can make your lashes have 200% more illume, along with zero clumps (Covering 1 17). It also makes the product seem more desirable by adding in extra benefits if the reader decides to purchase this product, ” Buy specially marked Clump Crusher mascara and Covering will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation” (1 17). Along with buying the product they want, the reader can also gain a sense of doing something for a good cause all in one.

Although metonymy has several different ways of styling the ad, it also has several ways that are similar. Both ads are being endorsed by a celebrity, using this tactic can be very affective nice most women think if celebrities wear a certain product then it must be reliable. Losing a celebrity like Pink or Acadia can help the readers develop a sense of trust more so than if a celebrity was not endorsing it. These types of ads usually state that the user will gain from this product.

For example, “Pink is the new beautiful”(1 17), this slogan makes the reader believe the product will make them beautiful and maybe stand out among others. Another strategy businesses use is making the reader believe that their product will make them confident, “My hair looks healthier and hotter than before I Loren” (1 1 1 Celebrities promoting a product by stating they feel hot after using it can make the reader want to buy this product even more. Although the similarities and differences of metonymy are very important when developing ads, the layout is just as important.

For example, where the location is, what the slogans are, making sure the images in the ad relates to the slogan, making sure important phrases stand out by using bold letters or different colors, and most importantly that everything ties together nicely. Like stated above, the layout can have a huge impact on metonymy. Businesses have to make sure their slogan goes perfectly with the images otherwise the ad will not be very effective. In the Claire hair dye ad, the celebrity looks very happy and well groomed.

Her hair is shiny and healthy looking as the ad suggests. Since this ad states their product has Coconut Oil, Vitamin E and Aloe, they decided to make the location of their ad somewhat tropical, by using palm trees in the background (1 11). This ad is effective, the slogans are catchy and the images can be relatable. In the Covering mascara ad, the celebrity has an airbrushed look. The celebrity has bold eye shadow, and mascara on which helps make the main focus of the ad more noticeable.

Making the celebrity look done up also promotes the slogan “Pink is the new beautiful” (1 17). Along with the main focus Of the ad, mascara, they also tied in the pink breast cancer symbol. This makes the reader curious to read more about this ad and find out why they added the well-known symbol. Having the opportunity to donate $1 every time someone buys their product (117) can be a huge promoter since many women have had or know someone with this anger.

The two ads have not only connected emotionally, physically, and mentally with the readers but also displayed a great example of metonymy. By using the National Breast Cancer Foundation and celebrities as endorsers of these products allowed the reader to relate more with these types of ads than others of the same genre. Making sure the reader connects with the ad is a very important task when dealing with metonymy, and can be hard to accomplish. If done right, metonymy can be one Of the most powerful influencer when promoting ads.


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