Michael Jackson Earth Song

March 26, 2017 General Studies

What about children dying – I believe he’s referring to the all the children dying not only from the wars in Africa where child soldiers are used but also from hunger in the third world countries. And to please bring them back (What about us) – When he says this I believe he is speaking to God or a Supreme being asking them why is he doing this to us. Aswell as asking it to bring us back Can’t you hear them cry – he says this referring to the children/adults/animals/mother nature crying, because of all their suffering. What about us) – again, he talks to god/supreme being Where did we go wrong – asking god/supreme being why are they doing this as part of a punishment. (ooo, ooo) Someone tell me why – he’s asking someone to give him an answer to all the things his saying, because he’s not getting an answer i. e. when something has gone wrong and you ask yourself “why me, please tell me why? ” and no definitive answer is given. (What about us) – god/supreme being What about baby boy – I believe he refers to the young form, of god. baby jesus) (What about it) What about the days – hes asking to bring back the sunshine this earth enjoyed before we damaged it and it became a dark place to live in. (What about us) What about all their joy – hes asking to bring back the joy in everything before it was gone, (What about us) What about the man – asking to bring us back as our pure form before we had all the anger and need for material things (What about us) What about the crying man – hes asking to bring back our feelings our grieves (What about us)

What about Abraham – asking to bring back the prophet that promised us all good things (What was us) What about death again – I believe he refers to asking to give the people that have died for wrong doings a second chance (ressurection) (ooo, ooo) Do we give a damn – he says this asking if we all give a damn about what we have done to the earth and how we have damaged it with all the pollution, cutting of rainforests, and just everything in general the way that we have damaged each other and this earth.

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