Michael Mcintyre And Peter Kay English Language Essay

In this analysis I will measure the attacks to stand-up comedy undertaken by comics Michael McIntyre and Peter Kay, noticing on techniques such as function drama, amusing hyperbole, lexical picks, and alterations in pitch and tone, used to set up temper.

Michael McIntyre is a proud middle-class comic raised in the bosom of Hampstead, north London. Over the last four old ages, his ebullient experimental manner has seen him grown into one of the biggest names in British comedy. His entreaty is built on the fact that people truly seem like him, in that his comedy is accessible to all. On this juncture, McIntyre is executing a study on ‘Herbs and Spices ‘ at Birmingham ‘s NEC Arena, in forepart of an audience in surplus of 10 thousand.

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McIntyre ‘s experimental manner turns the pettiest of mundane domestic battles into the most humourous of personal businesss, and hence relies mostly on his audience ‘s ability to associate with what he stating. In this case, neglected herbs and spices are anthropomorphised, to show their discontent at being left at the dorsum of the kitchen closet, whilst rival flavorers, Salt and Pepper sit ‘arrogantly ‘ on the kitchen tabular array.

The debut to the study consists mostly of simple and compound declaratory vocalizations, incorporating unworldly, high frequence lexis, guaranting that the audience can absorb what is being said. The 2nd individual subjective pronoun, ‘you ‘ , in combination with formal vocatives, ‘ladies ‘ and ‘gentlemen ‘ in the first line, is an illustration of McIntyre turn toing the audience straight. He engages with his audience in an effort to do his words experience more colloquial, and less like a public presentation, therefore set uping an amicable resonance.

The gap declaratory vocalizations ( lines 1-2 ) are stated as fact, utilizing Standard English. They are said in an enlightening mode, and are the footing on which the gag is built ; his observation. The imperative vocalization on line two high spots this observation. McIntyre exclaims ; ‘salt and pepper are so phenomenally successful in the herb and spice sphere ‘ . The monosyllabic, adverb of degree ‘so ‘ coupled with the polysyllabic intensive ‘phenomenally ‘ emphasises the metaphor, crediting the popularity of salt and Piper nigrum to success in a metaphorical sphere. McIntyre so subsequently goes on to remind his audience that salt and Piper nigrum are non the lone herbs and spices available. The declaratory vocalization on line 7, presents this information as somewhat of a disclosure, with the stressed concurrence ‘but ‘ and adjectival ‘other ‘ , assisting to escalate his point.

Much of the comedy in McIntyre ‘s modus operandi is derived from amusing hyperbole, fuelled by his really ain epic personality. The low universe of culinary additives is metaphorically introduced to the audience as an ‘arena ‘ , connoting that there are victors, and there are also-rans. The clear victors of this metaphorical battlefield, being the ever-present collocation of ‘salt and Piper nigrum ‘ . Salt and Pepper besides happen to be the first spices anthropomorphised by McIntyre ( Lines 3-5 ) . On line 3, he begins his vocalization utilizing the 3rd individual, subjective pronoun, ‘they ‘ , but so replaces this with the 1st individual nonsubjective pronoun, ‘us ‘ , taging the passage into role-play, subsequently confirmed by the, once more, 1st individual, automatic pronoun ‘myself ‘ . In bodying the normally inanimate figures of salt and Piper nigrum, McIntyre is able to make character deepness. On line three, Salt and Pepper are described as ‘arrogantly ‘ sitting on the tabular array. The stressed polysyllabic adverb of mode ‘arrogantly ‘ , personifies Salt and Pepper doing them seem conceited, which provokes malice and even envy, amongst their on-looking opposite numbers

McIntyre is technically expert, he knows how to construct on a everyday and squash it for maximal consequence. From line 10 onwards his study becomes really routinely inquiry and reply, with a high frequence of contiguity braces and questions throughout. Each spice is, in bend, asked the same inquiry, merely to react with an diverting personal anecdote, reflecting the character of each person. For illustration when Mediterranean herb, Cumin is faced with this inquiry, he recollects a clip in 1992, when he last left the closet for an ‘experiment ‘ . McIntyre uses the abstract noun ‘experiment ‘ ironically, proposing that this was his defining minute, his clip to reflect. Then merely as this rhythm verges on the border of predictability, the modus operandi is broken, with the amusing debut of yet another new character. Step up ; John West tuna ( line 25-26 ) . With the debut of John West tuna and his married woman ‘Tinned Salmon ‘ , McIntyre plays on a shared mention, connoting that they had been in the closet for such a long clip, they were able to hammer a relationship.

Through the medium of comedy, McIntyre is able to show his observation which doubles as a unfavorable judgment of the fact that at some point in clip, possibly influenced by a magazine article or telecasting commercial, most people will hold it a good thought to encompass the possibility of alteration in the long-run hereafter, whilst missing any existent willingness for immediate alteration. Consequently, it is comparatively easy to warrant the purchase of moderately cheap points ( such as herbs ) , in cognition that we may non necessitate, nor utilize them at any clip in the foreseeable hereafter. Rather, they are bought in religion that one twenty-four hours they will function an intended intent. But of class things seldom change ; intending that ‘one twenty-four hours ‘ ne’er comes, go forthing the victims of this uneconomical political orientation to stay as disregarded relics, more cosmetic than practical.

By doing visible radiation of comedy in the most ordinary of every-day, Michael McIntyre reminds us that stand-up does n’t hold to be barbarous, in order to be amusing.

Peter Kay is arguably Britain ‘s most loved comic. A 39 twelvemonth old male from Bolton, northern England, whose manner of comedy, like McIntyre ‘s, is built slackly upon observation. However, a combination of cherishable British values and a hallmark lovable nostalgia set him aside from most other Acts of the Apostless. Nevertheless, Peter Kay is an improbable comic at best. Childlike and smooth-shaven, he steers clear of gags about sex and political relations. His everyday deficiencies inhuman treatment and he barely of all time swears. A married adult male and, in many respects, a spot of an mean Joe. In this case, we find Kay approaching the center of a everyday, executing a study on biscuits in forepart of an audience totaling more than three 1000, at Manchester ‘s Apollo Theatre in 2002.

Kay ‘s observation is based around the jobs faced whilst executing the cosmopolitan act of dunking biscuits into hot drinks. In this instance, Kay is oppugning the structural quality of a Rich Tea biscuit. On line 17 he personifies the Rich Tea, depicting it, utilizing high frequence adjectives ‘cocky ‘ and ‘lazy ‘ , connoting that the low azoic biscuit is in fact, cabaling against him. He subsequently compares this to a Hobnob biscuit, which he metaphorically likens to ; a ‘Marine ‘ , ‘the SAS ‘ and eventually to TV hardman ‘Steven Segal ‘ , making a comparative apposition, which becomes the footing of the gag.

As much of Kay ‘s comedy relies on audience engagement, resonance is important. Kay ‘s working category background is something that many members of his audience will be able to associate to, and so as a consequence he is able to use a important degree of informal, high frequence conversational lexis, including concrete noun ‘brew ‘ and vocative ‘mum ‘ , which recreates a typical colloquial tone. Clipping of the 1st individual remarkable pronoun, ‘I ‘ in I am, to go forth merely ‘am ‘ in the gap vocalization on line one is an illustration of Kay ‘s regional idiom, which is the primary characteristic in this informal tone. In add-on to making resonance, Kay ‘s Lancashire idiom works to his advantage, as it sets him aside from other comics. The preposition ‘in ‘ elided with the definite article ‘the ‘ on line 3, is another illustration of this regional idiom. Besides the 1st individual nonsubjective remarkable pronoun, ‘me ‘ , and the genitive clincher ‘my ‘ , are used interchangeably, in typical northern manner, as seen on line seven.

Another factor lending to the constitution of resonance is Kay ‘s regional speech pattern, which, in add-on to dialect, adds a certain individualism to his modus operandi. Unlike McIntyre, with his peculiarly received pronunciation and Standard English, Kay athleticss a notably lustful Lancashire speech pattern. By niping the present participial at the terminal of the emphasised, low frequence dynamic verb, shaving ( making ‘planin ‘ ) on line five, Kay eliminates the rough sounding consonant, therefore palliating his address and touching to an overall more conversational tone.

Kay is besides able to utilize prosodics as an effectual characteristic of comedy. Changes in the kineticss of his voice are prevalently used to distinguish between sentence tempers. For illustration an addition in pitch on line 29, in the interrogative vocalization, ‘where ‘s me brew ‘ creates accent and conveys his confusion. Whereas a contrasting lessening in pitch on line 39 is used to show the military-esque earnestness of the hobnob. Since Kay so frequently chooses to remain clear of tabu, when coupled with the infrequent usage of curses, this technique becomes a peculiarly effectual characteristic of comedy. On line 18, the cresc, clipped expletive screw ( making ‘king ) , followed by the proper noun ‘One-Dips ‘ emphasiss the torture that the Rich Tea has caused him, farther showing his torment.

In McIntyre ‘s work, there are really few illustrations of non-fluency characteristics ( congratulating his suave phase character ) . In contrast, they are prevailing throughout Kay ‘s. Although Kay will hold scripted and, to some extent, rehearsed his modus operandi, the inclusion of non-fluency characteristics ( by the way or otherwise ) bestows a sense of spontaneousness, which adds to his conversational appeal. Towards the terminal of line 22, there is an illustration of a false start, which gives his old point ( ‘they ‘re on their arses ‘ ) earnestness, and reflects his enthusiasm towards stand-up as a whole. Then subsequently, on line 23, he exclaims ‘they ‘re cocky ‘ which, following a little intermission, he so repeats, partly to emphasize his point, but chiefly to let him clip to garner his ideas before go oning.

Behind the sparkling eyes and boylike skin color, there is the sharp head of a shrewd operator. It is easy to bury that it takes nervousnesss of steel every bit good as a few witty one-liners to accomplish success in comedy.

Two people, from two really different walks of life. Nevertheless, Kay and McIntyre likewise possess the eldritch ability to capture audiences of the broadest sort ; a virtuousness which has propelled them to the head of modern-day British comedy. From jokes about herbs and spices, to Rich Tea biscuits ; in observing the daft small play that punctuate even the most unfortunate lives, their honestness and earnestness evoke sentiment, doing them experience like a long-lost friend.



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