Midas Case Study Essay

August 16, 2017 General Studies

Winners: From the customer’s perspective the victors which ensures they utilise Midas are Speed and Price. In order to measure the awaited impacts of the debut of care services on the bing concern procedure it is necessary to analyze the possible tantrum of the new concern with the bing countries. This analysis will bespeak whether or non the procedure can be efficaciously integrated within the bing production procedure without endangering the company’s bing winning qualifiers.

Potential negative impacts? Need to new accomplishments within taskforce? preparation is necessary ; ? Complicates the operation procedure ; ? Demands on physical infinite and possible capacity restraints ; ? Pressure on storage infinite of stock list? may necessitate offsite storage which may perplex the operation procedure ; ? Additional labor demands ; ? Planning complexness ; ? New machinery will be required making farther force per unit areas on location infinite ; ? More clip is required to offer all services ;

? Possible constrictions in the operation procedure ; ? Customer consciousness of new services needs to be addressed. The job with the proposed debut of the care services is that Midas is traveling from specialised services. viz. silencers and brakes into more general services such as care. The possible negative impacts have been outlined above. and the successful merchandise line extension must be managed to guarantee effectual allotment of resources so that the bing concerns are non harmed.

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Suggested execution We believe that the built-in nature of the care services is different in signifier from the really specialized countries of replacing silencers and brake service. Therefore we believe that effectual merchandise extension should be introduced in an stray mode to guarantee that the bing operation procedures are affected every bit small as possible. Extra infinite. extra equipment and labour force retraining would be required in order to implement this new service.

Certain information should be gathered from the store proprietors. Midas should happen out the sum of available resources ( labor. infinite. etc? ) to derive a clearer image of storeowners’ ideas/feedback. and to prosecute them in the merchandise line extension. The storeowners are closer to twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours operations and therefore are better suited to measure the viability of the extension.

Extension of the services should be restricted to those shops that have sufficient resources ( including floor infinite. under-utilised labor. and inventory storage onsite ) to let merchandise line extension so as to guarantee that the Midas trade name image in their chief concern of silencer and brake service are non harmed by capacity and service jobs. Extension of the services should be monitored by preset standards by the caput offices in the assorted states. If the service proves successful the viability of buying excess land to spread out these services in other shops should be explored.


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