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January 8, 2017 Religion

Before we begin, let me remind you of the definition of Israel. Israel considers itself to be a Jewish state (formally codified in its 1948 Declaration of Independence), which means that its entire purpose is to provide what is commonly referred to as a “Jewish homeland”. Why a race or religion must have a singular nation-state forcibly created for it is something of a mystery; my sons are white/Asian interracial, so they have no “racial homeland”; should this be considered a crisis? The natives of the Americas have no distinct “homeland” either; should families be displaced from their homes in order to create one for them?.

You have probably been conditioned by the media and perhaps by religious upbringing to blindly accept that a Jewish race-state is a reasonable idea, but consider the idea of a nation explicitly defining itself as an “Aryan state”, and you will see the problem. The whole idea of a race-state is obviously and intrinsically racist: how can you have a “racial homeland” unless you enforce demographic controls to retain a majority race, and how can you control the demographics of race unless you enact racist policies?.

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It has long been known that Israel is headed for a crisis of identity because of demographic pressures. In the late 1940s, most of their Arabs (>80%) in Palestine were driven into what is now known as “The Occupied Territories” by fear of terrorism such as the massacre at Deir Yassin (either that, or they voluntarily left their family homes to live in squalid refugee camps in order to happily make way for the peaceful Jewish takeover, if you’re gullible enough to believe that story). However, the small proportion (


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