Midterm Exam Essay

October 4, 2017 Engineering

The Midterm Exam inquiries come from Modules 1-4. You should be after to take 2 hours to finish the test. The test is essay. Each reply is deserving 20 points for a sum of 100 points. Type your responses in this papers and submit to the Dropbox by Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. ( This Dropbox basket is linked to Turnitin. ) To see how your responses will be graded. reexamine the “Midterm and Final Exam Grading Rubric” in Doc Sharing.

1. A re-organization will necessitate that some employees are provided rupture bundles while other reassigned. What interpersonal managerial functions developed by Mintzberg will a director confronted with this employ? Explain.

The interpersonal managerial functions that will face a director are figurehead. leader and affair. The director will be confronted by the figurehead function because he is the individual that is in charge. that is stand foring the organisation in these determinations. He will besides be confronted by the affair function because he will be interacting with his equals during and perchance after these determinations are made. Last he will be confronted with the leader function because he is the leader of his employees and will be required to garner the information and finally do the determinations.

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2. Angstrom director has decided to utilize the Hawthorne Studies to better productiveness in an office. How would she carry through this? Would the consequences be short- or long-run? Explain.

Hawthorne surveies dealt with group and single behaviour in the workplace. I think that a director can carry through more productiveness in the workplace by doing occupation satisfaction a precedence. If person is satisfied in their occupation so they are more likely to be productive. A director can do the occupation more hearty by doing work challenging and interesting. Simple material such as presenting the latest package for office undertakings or holding an employee challenge of who can do the most gross revenues in a hebdomad etc. can all assist. A director can besides supply a wages system for employees that do good at work. Another thing a director can make is make a supportive work environment for employees where they can inquire for aid or raise concerns without fright or bias. I think that all these factors will raise occupation satisfaction and as a consequence cut down the turnover rate. absenteeism and make a more productive workplace. These consequences would be long term because old employees would remain in the occupation longer and new employees would appreciate the work environment.

3. Nobel Prize-winning economic expert Milton Friedman argued that. “there is one and merely one societal duty of business—use its resources and prosecute in activities designed to increase its net incomes so long as it stays within the regulations of the game” ( Friedman. 1962. p. 133 ) . Do you hold with Friedman? Explain.

I do non hold with Friedman. Friedman was runing for a capitalist society where capitalist economy was non incorrect every bit long as “it corsets within the rules” . For a long while this thought worked and was the American manner. However this is the same thought that caused the fiscal meltdown. The regulations Friedman was mentioning to was an unregulated market were net income was the impulsive force. net income at any cost. Loans were made and taken with no common sense. moralss or ordinances. Responsibility and answerability went out the window and the economic system crashed. There has to be some moralss and societal duty involved for concerns. Businesss based in America should hold a societal duty to make a peculiar sum of occupations and non merely take advantage of China’s inexpensive labour to increase net income borders. Companies can gain from things like invention. thoughts. excellence non merely unethical behaviour. These “rules” need to be revised for our country’s hereafter. A capitalist society that lacks regulations. ordinances. moralss and societal duty has already been proven to hold merely short term success. We need to besides believe about the hereafter.

4. Please measure this scenario by detailing what the director would make for each measure in the decision-making procedure. I ) Two employees are faulting each other for a undertaking they collaborated on which failed. two ) The department’s last three bosss all quit within six months.

The determination doing procedure entails the designation of a job. designation of determination standards. allotment of weights to standards. development of options. analysis of options. choice of an option. execution of the alternate rating of determination effectivity.

I ) The first measure in job 1 would necessitate the director to happen out why the undertaking failed so possibly he can place who if anyone was at mistake. The 2nd measure would be to calculate out the standards that are relevant to their determinations such as whether adequate research was done. was the planning done ill etc. The 3rd measure would be to rate or set a weight to each factor found in measure two as to their importance in the concluding determination e. g. non adequate research 5. hapless be aftering 4. The 4th measure is to name the options that could win in deciding the job. like 1st alternate expiration. 2nd alternate preparation class. 3rd etc. The 5th measure would be to analyse each option in measure four weighing up the pros and cons of each possible option like would termination be a benefit or liability to the company. The 6th measure is taking the best option after they have each been evaluated. The 7th measure in the execution of each determination. this is where the determination would be conveyed to the two employees. The 8th and concluding measure is an rating to see whether if execution of the determination took attention of the job. e. g. would undertakings be successful in the hereafter.

two ) The first measure would be to indentify why the workers all quit within that peculiar clip frame. The 2nd measure would be figure out a determination standard. e. g. demand for more staff. necessitate a new office edifice etc. The 3rd measure would be to apportion weight to each of the criteria’s in measure two e. g. five be the highest and one be the lowest. demand for more staff rated at 5 would hold the better weight than a new office edifice rated at a three. The 4th measure would be to name all the options better work environment. inducements etc. The 5th measure would be to analyse every option. The 6th measure would be to take the best option. Step seven would be the execution of the option and measure eight would be an rating of if the alternate fixed the job.

5. Competition with China has eviscerated many American industries. how can women’s vesture companies vie? Car companies? Please usage Michael Porter competitory advantage classs: cost leading scheme. distinction scheme. and niche in your reply. Explain.

I believe that American auto companies can vie by implementing all three competitory schemes. American auto companies can use a cost leading scheme. a distinction scheme and besides a focal point scheme. I think that American companies can use the cost leading scheme by cut downing overhead disbursals and interpreting some of those nest eggs into the concluding monetary value of the autos. Another part of those nest eggs can be used towards invention or contriving something that gives American companies an advantage such as a more powerful engine. better managing etc. One of the things that truly shocked me during the fiscal prostration was how much the CEO and board members of these auto companies were doing. American auto companies can besides utilize a distinction scheme to go competitory.

American auto companies can use every bomber class under distinction scheme such as invention. better client service at its franchises. advanced designs. technological capablenesss etc. A distinction scheme coupled with a cost leading scheme would do American auto companies competitory. The last competitory scheme is a focal point scheme. This is where these auto companies focus on one section. A section can be a geographical location. client type etc. I think a focal point scheme can assist these companies market their autos to specific demographics. different fiscal categories. different states etc. With a distinction execution of possibly new invention or engineering and better client service at their franchises along with focal point schemes so possibly American auto companies can alter the manner that people perceive them and go more competitory in the auto industry.

I think that all American companies can use the three different competitory schemes. One of these schemes would impact more than another depending on different factors such as the type of company. the size. location etc. Women’s vesture can besides profit. To me it would depend on the size of the adult females dressing company. If it were something that’s available merely within the United States so I would concentrate less on a focal point scheme as women’s vesture is already focussed towards adult females. A cost leading scheme can ever be helpful to go competitory by cut downing operating expenses etc. A distinction scheme can besides be implemented but once more I think that this will depend on the size of the vesture company and it’s ends.


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