Migration: City and Rural Areas Essay

September 30, 2017 General Studies

Migration of people from small towns and little metropoliss to Large metropoliss have given them chance to happen occupations and earn their life which was non possible to make in the little metropoliss or small towns. as the large companies and mills are largely situated in the capital metropoliss or large metropoliss. But the migration has its ain jobs. which can impede the development of the capital and big metropoliss. In below paragraphs. we will discourse some of the overplus of jobs created by the migration in the big and capital metropoliss of India.

Initially the most common job faced by large metropoliss is utmost lodging scarceness. Due to big figure of people flocking into the metropoliss the demand for the houses have gone up beyond the bound ( set by its resources and system ) of the metropoliss. Mega metropoliss look like “over blown small towns without urban civilization and urban functional features. ” Due to shortage of houses hapless people are forced to populate in slums or streets ( Gimba and G. Kumshe. 2011 ) . as they can non afford the lifting monetary values in the houses. This instance is clearly seeable in the metropolis of Mumbai. where 62 % of population lives in slums due to acute lodging deficit ( B. Jain. 2010 ) . To acquire rid of this job. disposal should do “Garden cities” around the large metropoliss in order to suit the migrated people and besides to work out the job of lodging scarceness in the large metropoliss ( A. Blakeman. 2012 ) . This solution does non hold any drawbacks because the thought of garden metropoliss can extinguish the job of lodging deficit to a immense extent since roll uping the positives of both big metropoliss and rural countries makes these metropoliss really effectual and established.

The 2nd most common job of migration is rise in unemployment in the big metropoliss. which farther leads to the addition in hapless criterion of life. and besides hapless hygienic conditions in the metropoliss. Employment. by far. remains the biggest cause of migration for the people in rural countries ( P. K. Singh. 2010 ) . They create force per unit area on the occupation market. as they are willing to work on the lower rewards. they dent the chances of the locals in the metropolis ( P. K. Singh. 2010 ) . taking to lift in unemployment and slums in the metropolis. Governments should switch its mills and besides set up vocational preparation Centres to supply preparation to the young person for self-employment. which will offer occupation chances to the people populating in rural countries so that they do non migrate to the metropolitan metropoliss ( Gimba and G. Kumshe. 2011 ) . Despite of holding so much wagess of this solution there is one restriction of this solution i. e. occupations in the metropolitan metropoliss might get down to worsen. as occupations provided by authorities mills will switch to the rural countries.

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So. after analyzing the jobs of Migration of people from rural countries to urban countries and besides giving some propositions to these jobs and measuring these solutions. we can see that despite the some drawback of one of the solutions they might lend a batch in bettering the jobs of metropolitan and capital metropoliss and take the immense socio-economic load from the big and capital metropoliss caused due to migration.

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