“Mirror” by Sylvia Plath Essay

September 5, 2017 General Studies

The verse form “Mirror” by Sylvia Plath is told from the point of position of a mirror hanging up on a wall. This mirror has. over clip. been secluded to the cryings of a adult female over who she sees in it. despairing appreciation at moonlit prevarications. and the eternal guesss of a pink with spots wall. “Mirror” is a verse form that probes into the corners of human nature. beauty. life. and decease. reflecting back their truths to readers as good mirrors do. In this verse form. readers can see the truth about themselves reflected among the words as though the verse form itself is a mirror. excessively. Merely as the verse form reflects truths to readers. so the mirror in it reflects truths to the adult female it sees every twenty-four hours. It is nonsubjective about everything it observes in the adult female. for it can hold no prejudices merely owing to the nature of its stature. The description the mirror gives of itself in the first few lines is that “I am Ag and exact. I have no prepossessions. /Whatever I see I swallow immediately/Just as it is. unmisted by love or disfavor. /I am non barbarous. merely truthful-/The oculus of the small God. four cornered. ”

It is giving. true to its nature. a blunt description of itself—nonjudgmental and impartial of its supporters. Mirrors ne’er have and ne’er will go through any judgement on their gazers. They leave that for the gazers themselves to make. and they ever do merely that. as is human nature. The mirror prides itself on that same distinct honestness of the faces it regurgitates back for judgement. It is about chesty about it. declining to waver in its ain flawlessness for a minute. even as “she turns to those prevaricators. the tapers or the moon” which cast false shadows upon her face. It continues to reflect the adult female candidly. even though she can non see it. so that when she learns of the prevarications and turns back. there she is in all her self-perceived imperfectness. Not one individual. the adult female of the verse form included. has of all time been judged by a mirror. but instead through it. It is because of it that the adult female can see her outer ego. so besides because of it. she sometimes forgets her interior ego.

She forgets the pink behind the spots on the wall of her face. seeing merely that the spots are impairing the beauty of it. The mirror. nevertheless. does non see the devastation the adult female sees. for she is the lone one of the two who has the desire to justice. She was the lone true maestro of herself. but she ended up undermining in under her preconceived impressions of society’s position of her. She became a slave to the mirror and her readings its truths. One of these truths is age. No 1 has yet achieved immortality. and so decease is still a formidable enemy. Mirrors reflect the coming of this challenger in the rills and folds found in a face of age. and many people obsess over this manifesting. In the verse form. harmonizing to the mirror. “I am of import to her. She comes and goes. /Each forenoon it is her face that replaces the darkness. /In me she has drowned a immature miss. and in me an old woman/Rises toward her twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. like a awful fish. ” The adult female in the verse form “has drowned a immature girl” in her compulsions. aging her into “an old adult female. . . like a awful fish. ”

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With each twenty-four hours. the manifestation becomes more marked because “Each forenoon it is her face that replaces the darkness. ” She wasted off in forepart of that mirror so that now. decease “Rises toward her twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours. like a awful fish. ” She hates the mirror’s honestness on the affair. but can non turn away. She is unable to defy cognizing that decease is crawling of all time closer every twenty-four hours. She lives her life. it seems. around that cognition. convinced that she should non be as she is. She is. as the verse form says. “Searching. . . for what she truly is. ” She is incognizant that all around her. decease is taging others down for gaining control with the lines of age.

All she knows is that she has gone from “pink. with speckles” into a universe of darkness that she disapproves of seeing in the mirror. She does non look to under base that in fact. no 1 will be left unaffected. “The oculus of the small god” will seek out everyone from all four corners of the Earth. In the terminal. her compulsion kills her. the “terrible fish” holding eventually made it to the surface. The adult female in the verse form lives and dies within it. mirroring any and all readers’ lives in that. The verse form offers up a cosmopolitan contemplation of a individual for readers to judge themselves. After all. it is a mirror and that is what mirrors do.


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