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May 8, 2018 Commerce

Elias M. Awad, Latest edition, Prentice-Hall, USA 4. Management Information Systems, Managing the digital Firm Kenneth C. Laudon & Jane p. Laudon. 11th edition. Publisher : Prentice-Hal Course Objectives and Outcomes: This course will provide the theoretical and practical foundations necessary for understanding e-Commerce.

On successful completion of this course, student should be able to: Know the various definitions, common terminologies, types, technologies, benefits and limitations of e-commerce & concepts of e-business and e-commerce Define and explain the concepts of mobile commerce and their application in real world Describe the e-commerce web design & explain the techniques, different types of software for web design and understand the HTML that is the foundation webpage design Describe the methodologies for developing e-commerce web sites.

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& security issues in web design Understand the online product promotion and electronic service Discuss about the planning and development of e-commerce catalogues & processing an e-commerce order, different order status & order fulfillment issues Discuss the concept-shopping cart and mention the various types of shopping carts Know the various payment gateways for e-commerce sites & know how to secure your e-commerce system. Evaluation: Grading Policy: Attendance:07% Class participation :02% Quiz :10% Mid Term – 1:20% Mid Term – 2:20%

Lab Report :02% Final Exam :25% Internet exercise : 05% Term paper: 04% Presentation:05% Attendance & Class Participation: It is important to attend all classes for getting credit towards attendance (07%) &class participation (2%) points. In each class, attendance will be recorded and very often, opportunity for active participation will be provided for students during class time. Such participation opportunities will be both voluntary and mandatory. Quizzes: Throughout the semester, a total of 2 quizzes & one video case will be taken.

Students will be evaluated on the average of best 2 quizzes plus one video case. But missing of any quiz or video case will be punishable. Quiz dates, question types and other details will be announced in the classes well in advance. There will be absolutely no makeup of quizzes or video case for those who will be missing. These will carry 10% marks. Mid Terms: There will be 2 mid terms of this course. Midterm 1 will be taken for 50 marks that will be converted into 20% marks and Midterm 2 will be taken for 50 marks that will be converted into 20%.

Midterm 2 will be taken in Lab. I’ll take the exams on the same date as stated in academic calendar. There will be thorough classroom discussions about the Midterm exams, question types, preparation tips, etc. well in advance. Final Exam: Final exam will be taken for 50 marks that will be converted into 25% marks. Again, discussions about the exam, question types, preparation tips, etc. will be conducted well in advance. Term paper & Presentation: There will be a group term paper to be completed by students for this course.

Term paper can cover a variety of topics or a variety of tasks. The tasks will be discussed in classes. Such term paper will carry 20 marks that will be converted into 4% marks. There will be group presentation on any convenience day before preparatory leave. Presentation will carry another 20 marks that will be converted into 5% marks. There will be individual assignment to be completed by students for this course. Everyday classes there will some internet exercise. This internet exercise must be accumulated and at last sent to zia.

[email protected] com. This will carry 5% marks. Special Consideration: Academic regulation states that special consideration to be given to a student who suffers a misadventure during the session. This applies to any extenuating that is suffered during the session or at examination period. To receive special consideration you are required to make a formal application with proper documents (if not available) with the signature of legal guardian and application must be computer typed (not hand writing).

All extensions to assignment/Exam/Quiz due dates must be approved by the subject Coordinator prior to the submission date. Computer Lab Session &Lab Report There will be six computer lab session before second midterm. Instruction about the lab uses and lab tasks will be demonstrated in the classes in advance. Second Midterm will be taken in Lab classes and that will carry 20% marks. Students are asked to submit the lab report in CD/DVD in a group that will carry 2%. Instruction for Lab report submission will be given in classes. Lecture Slides:

Lecture slides will be available for students in digital form. Students are welcome to collect those after end of the class from classroom, from my office during office hours. Slides will be also available on the http://groups. google. com/group/hzi-east-west and also on the web.. Class Schedule may change due to unavoidable circumstances. Any academic dishonesty or cheating in exams will result an “F” grade in the course. For further information please consult the EWU student code of conduct & guidelines offered by BBA program office .Note: Class time is underline and Office time is italic


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