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November 16, 2017 Philosophy

What they do have however is a customer Bill of Rights that is referenced multiple times in their 012 Annual Report “Stubble Airways is dedicated to bringing humanity back to air travel. We strive to make every part of your experience as simple and as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, there are times when things do not go as planned. If you’re inconvenienced as a result, we think it is important that you know exactly what you can expect from us. That’s why we created our Customer Bill of Rights.

These Rights will always be subject to the highest level of safety and security for our customers and creamers”. EOT Blue Airways, 2012, p. 12): When examining the two expressions of corporate mission it seems that while Southwest Airlines offers a very high-level statement of customer service and intentions of delivery. There are probably thousands of Mission Statements across the country that are very similar. Jet Blue on the other hand, has decided to forgo the traditional Mission Statement in favor of a Customer Bill of Rights.

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This approach starts with a basic statement of customer but expands that to address an intention to deal with Customer dissatisfaction. In the particular area of relaying to potential customers the reporter philosophy Jet Blue has taken not only the traditional step of telling customers they are import but they have gone the extra step of letting them know that the company has established a Bill of Rights that will give customers redress when the company falls short of their goals. Jet Blue states they are the first and only airline offering these benefits. EOT Blue Airways, 2012, p. 2) Neither of the statements addressed the major topics from this weeks text such as Social Responsibility, Managing in the Global Arena, or Planning in any way. As you start to gig into the corporate philosophies, you find that Social Responsibility is a big factor for both Southwest Airlines and Stubble. This does not appear to be a big part of their advertising however. The focus of advertising seems to be on customer satisfaction not taking into account the fact that many travelers might make travel choices based upon environmental friendly considerations of the available airlines.

There was some mention of Southwest beginning to enter the global market following the acquisition of Air Train Airlines but it appears to be slow and methodical. Jet Blue only flies to the Caribbean and a few cities in northern South America and Southern Central America. There was no discussion of Stubble expanding its international business. The Statements themselves do not provide much insight into Organization and therefore as a standalone document/statement cannot do much to drive strategic decisions. Stubble, by virtue of having more information regarding corporate consequence comes closest to being able to drive strategic decisions.

If you examine the corporate websites that discuss mission and bill of rights, you would mind that there is a significant amount of detail on the Stubble site with respect to corporate responsibility for bad performance but very little on where Stubble want to focus on successes. Tubule Customer Protection, 2012) Southwest has a Web Site called One report that provides a tremendous amount of clarity in the corporate vision and specific actions the company is taking on (Home – Southwest Airlines One Report, n. D. ). This detail can clearly drive not only strategic decisions but also day-to- day decisions of employees.

If there were an opportunity to discuss with management, the statements of both Stubble and Southwest I would suggest adding aspects that might offer clarity. It is easy to imagine that a corporate goal of providing the highest standards or making experiences pleasant might not have a readily found metric of success. A statement such as being the number 1 airline in on-time departures offers a measurable standard. A company could then tell employees that we use the EX. tracking company web statistics for our metrics.

Employees could then check progress against mission need on a frequent basis and e if they are meeting the mark. With this kind of foresight, the organization can influence the corporate culture to improve performance. When examining the Annual reports for both companies it is apparent that revenue generation and growth are two corporate objectives shared by each airline. Over the past year, Southwest has seen a relative steady growth trend in share price. Jet Blue over the same period has shown ups and downs with no clear trend EOT Blue Airways, 2012).

The two companies while profitable are not moving in the same direction (Southwest Airlines, 2011). Southwest Airlines appears to have a clear program addressing what they report as their responsibilities in the area of social responsibility (Home – Southwest Airlines One Report, n. D. ) Energy Use, Controlling Emissions, Recycling, Future Planet initiatives and Environmental Management approaches. They seem to have taken a broad look at potential environmental impacts and established a broad program to deal with the most complex environmental issues facing corporate America.

SOOT ANALYSIS Strengths Weaknesses Reasonable profitability over time (Narrative Science, 2013) Among the lowest implant rates in the country Beginning to explore International destinations Seen as a value airline Employee performance No First Class or Business Class (Diamond, 2010) Crowded gate areas No assigned seating Opportunities Threats Expand into more international markets Offer premium seating Competition from other airlines. Consolidation of competing airlines. In this particular SOOT Analysis, the weaknesses are most appropriately turned into Opportunities.

Seating and gate clutter are weaknesses that, if improved upon, would make the airline more appealing to more customers. This added appeal would hold an opportunity for future growth. The Perceived threats from competing Airlines and Airline consolidation provide an opportunity for Southwest to assess where gaps exist in competing airline service and exploit those gaps to their advantage. Following the conduct of this very basic SOOT analysis of Southwest Airlines, it becomes apparent that they are positioned well in their market. While there are weaknesses and threats the Strengths and Opportunities show they are performing well.


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