Missouri compromise

May 3, 2018 June 5th, 2018 General Studies

According to the textbook American Passages, around 1818-1819 there were many debates about if the states in the Louisiana territory would be admitted the Union as free states or slave states. They needed to create a balance in the legislature. There were many debates about what Missouri would become. Then in 1820 the Senate came up with an idea called the Missouri Compromise.

This allowed Missouri to enter the Union at the same time as Maine so the balance would be kept and then after that all states below the 36 ° 30′ latitude would be slave states and above would be free states. This impacted many things including the political, economic, and social fabric of America. The Missouri Compromise created a balance in the legislature. It created a plan where not too many new states would become slave states and not too many would become free states. It did this by saying that Missouri and Maine would enter the Union at the same time, one as a free state and one as a slave state.

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If too many states were slave states or free states all of the Senate voting would go in favor of that kind of state and create an imbalance. Such as if there was a bill about taking away tariffs on manufacturing goods but raising them on agriculture goods. If there were more free states than slave states in the legislature then the bill would obviously be passed because free states are based more on manufacturing and exporting goods rather than agriculture.

The Missouri Compromise also helped America’s economy. It made it so there were not too many states based on agriculture or too many states based on manufacturing. The Missouri Compromise directly affected which states would have slaves be legal but indirectly meant if they would be based on either agriculture or manufacturing.

This was because if the state wanted to be based on agriculture it needed many slaves to be profitable at the time but otherwise it would be based on manufacturing. If there were too many states that were based on agriculture the laws would always go with that side. This is just like in the tariff example in paragraph too. It prevented the imbalance, which would overall hurt the economy.

This compromise also created a divide throughout the states. It created the “North” and “South” of America. This happened because each side of America had its differences. The north was based more on manufacturing and the south was based on agriculture and using slaves. By dividing the nation like this it created many disputes. After this when the nation was pondering slave abolishment both sides were banded together and they argued a lot. It created a lot of hate between the two sides of America.

The Missouri Compromise impacted many things by creating a balance in the Senate. The balance in the Senate clearly helped America politically and economically. Although it did create a divide among the states it solved many problems.


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