MLA Format Paper is Said to be the Easiest Writing Style

July 2, 2017 General Studies

MLA Format Paper is One of the Most Commonly Used Research Paper Arrangements

Writing an academic paper requires different types of formatting. When students are tasked with a writing project, the citation and writing style are also specified by the teachers-in-charge. However, there are instances when professors allow their students to select their own way of writing and referencing the research paper. In such cases, majority of the students choose to write an MLA format paper. MLA, or Modern Language Association is said to be the easiest style of writing. Indeed, knowing how to make a research is not enough to attain an A level paper.

MLA writing has a simple arrangement—that is one reason why most researchers prefer to use this style. The font used for this type is Times New Roman, size twelve (12). One inch margin is applied on all sides (left, right, top and bottom). The work should be double-spaced. A separate title page is not required for an MLA paper. The researcher’s name is normally placed at the top at the left hand corner of the first page. The professor’s name should follow on the next line, the course title goes after, and then the date.

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One significant and crucial part of writing is citation. Indeed, it is not prohibited to make use of another person’s works, however, credits must be given to whom those are due. To avoid plagiarism, writers must adhere to the rules of writing. In-text citation, which is also referred to as parenthetical citation, leads the readers to the works cited page, where more specific details are given. Works cited page must provide the information necessary for the reader to possibly retrieve the information from the sources made available by the author.

There are simple, easy to follow imperatives when doing an in-text citation:

• In-text citation is also known as parenthetical citation, this instantly denotes the use of parenthesis; an open parenthesis is placed immediately after the quotation. The name of the author is placed inside the parenthesis, followed by the page number of the reference, and then a close parenthesis must be placed, followed by the punctuation mark.

• In-text citation must be consistent with the works cited page. Each source mentioned at the body of the paper should be found at the works cited page.

• To refer to multiple sources, the writer may utilize a semi-colon to separate the names of the authors. (Jones 5; Smith 12).

Similar to in-text citations, Works Cited Page has crucial factors to follow:

• Words Cited Page should be placed at the end of the paper.

• Write the unformatted words Works Cited, (these must not be bold or underlined).

• Author names must be listed alphabetically (last name, first name, middle name/middle initial).

There are other important vital rules in citations, and some are really accused of plagiarism not because of failing to cite sources, but for the reason that sources were incorrectly cited. provides custom research papers which include the reference page(s), whether it is APA, Harvard, MLA format paper and other writing styles. This is to make certain that students will not be hold responsible for illegal use of another writer’s works.


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