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July 6, 2017 Management

Amanda Galardi Gargiulo ENG 102 9/25/11 http://owl. english. purdue. edu/owl/resource/675/01/ http://www. wisc. edu/writing/Handbook/DocMLA. html http://www. easybib. com/ http://citationmachine. net/ Quiz (MLA Documentation) – 60 points A. Answer the following questions using the above MLA Documentation websites (2 points each): 1. How do you arrange the entries on the Works Cited page? (Spacing, numbering, indentation) Alphabetically, do not number, double spaced, and must have a hanging indent. 2. What is the MLA rule for a book with two or more authors?

Do you list just one or all of them? Do you or do you not reverse the authors’ names? You list all authors up to three (last, first, first, last) 3. What months are exceptions to the three-letter abbreviation? May, June, and July 4. What is the MLA rule for citing dates in a Works Cited entry? Use n. d. when the webpage does not provide a publication date 5. What is the MLA rule for citing titles and degrees? Do not cite titles and degrees 6. What is the rule for citing volume numbers for magazine articles? Do not cite for magazines 7.

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How do you cite an indirect (or secondary) source in a parenthetical citation? Use qtd. in with last name and page number 8. What is the MLA rule for altering author’s names? Can you replace full spellings with initials or drop middle initials? Never alter an author’s name by replacing full spelling with initials or dropping middle initials 9. How would you cite a source in both an in-text and a Works Cited entry for a work with no author? For in text use a shortened version of the title and for work cited entry alphabetize 10. What is the MLA rule for citing a work with three or more authors?

Provide the first authors last name followed by et al. or list all the last names B. Documentation. Create a Works Cited page for the following sources (40 points): 1. A book titled Into the Flames by Gut Opdyke, published by San Bernardino, California, publisher Borgo Press in 1992. 2. A book edited by Ronald Catanzaro titled Alcoholism: The Total Treatment Approach, published by Springfield, Illinois, publisher Charles C. Thomas in 1977. 3. An article from the Washington Post, titled “NFL Tests Replays for Officials,” that appeared March 9, 1997, on page 7. . An article by Leslie Kaufman and John McCormick, titled “Year of the Employee,” that appeared in the July 2, 1998, issue of Newsweek on pages 38-41. 5. An article titled “the Free Verse Spectrum,” by Eleanor Berry, which appeared in the continuously paginated journal College English, volume 59, in December 1997, on pages 873-897. 6. Your research led you to a book titled Emily Dickinson: A Collection of Critical Essays, in which you found an essay called Emily Dickinson and the Limits of Judgement. The book was edited by Richard B.

Sewall, and the essay was the work of Yvor Winters. The essay begins on page 38 and ends on page 56. The book was published in 1963 by Prentice-Hall in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 7. Your research uncovered an essay, Father and Daughter: Edward and Emily Dickinson, which was published in a journal, American Literature, in January 1960. This is volume 40, and the essay covers pages 510 to 523. The writer is Owen Thomas. 8. An article called “Reforming Big-Time College Sports” that appeared in The CQ Researcher Online database.

The article was written by Joseph Tom Price and was accessed September 14, 2010. 9. An article called “Choosing a Micro. ” the article is included in New Directions in Office Management, a book edited by Ruth Walker. The article is on pages 19-27. The book was published in 1999 in New York by Management Associates, Inc. 10. A personal interview with John Abrams, who is the vice-president for research for allied Industries. The interview was carried out on June 3, 1998.


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