MOBILE also on the phone that time.

Over the past few years, many people have to rely on mobile phones for diverse purposes. It made our lives so tranquil at times simultaneously bring demerits. This leaves a question for consideration; is mobile phone an asset or a hindrance in our lives?
To embark on, many people assert that the invention of mobile phones has risen the road accident rate. The reason behind it the person who was driving the vehicle was also on the phone that time. Additionally, excessive use of mobile phone deteriorates the health. For instance, damaging eyesight, dizziness and blood brain barrier. Radiations emitted from the mobile phone are dead harmful to the eardrum. It affects the hearing and increases the chances for the brain tumor. This had been proved by many scientists.
On the contrary, no one can deny the fact that mobile phones are fast and convenient means of communication. It enables to keep contact with everyone in the world regardless of wherever they are. Another point is that it is considered as a means of entertainment. By the use of the latest apps to access the internet, we can watch films, listen to music and play games. Furthermore, it is a great equipment in order to upgrade knowledge. Students can hold the whole library in their pocket as a mobile phone. They can encounter many new things with the aid of the internet. Consequently, their result becomes more effective.

In a nutshell, I believe mobile phones are requisite for the modern world today. They could be lifesavers in a case where we lose our way to go or we are stuck in a bad weather. Mobile phones are not bad themselves. It just depends on how we use it.

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