Mobile Based Bus Ticketing System

July 18, 2017 Engineering


1.1 Topic of the System

Mobile Based Bus Ticketing System

1.2 Purpose of the System

The chief end of this undertaking is to develop a Mobile Based Bus Ticketing System to buy bus tickets through their Windowss mobile phone. This undertaking will be built in Asp.Net and with a SQLite database. The thought of pull offing the system informations online makes its accessible anyplace and anytime, it will besides assist to do the informations more secure and the user work simpler. This epoch is a universe of engineering, there is a demand of making things rapidly and at one topographic point, no 1 is ready to acquire the same sort of services from different topographic points because it is clip really devouring, besides they need services in really low cost and in really less clip and the proposed system will carry through this demand by supplying a individual nomadic application for multiple activities such as position available seats, engagement of bus tickets, study coevals of measure, etc. so the user can carry through the intent of: –

  • Passenger can seek coach.
  • Passenger can supply a proper reappraisal or feedback about the system
  • The user will be able to book bus tickets before they reach to bus base. It will assist user in salvaging clip.
  • Passenger can book bus tickets at any clip and from anyplace as this is a nomadic application
  • In this system study will be generated for the passenger’s measures.

1.3 Target Users

The system is chiefly developed for the user who has the undermentioned sections. Bus Travellers/Passengers – Passengers is the basic parametric quantity which uses the system for the going intent as they need to tribe from topographic point to put the 2nd chief parametric quantity in which the system can be dependent is Admin- Under this faculty the agent can pull off the whole functionality of the system as they work as a anchor for the system.

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1.4 Topic Background

Human demands are alterations with clip and coevalss. Now-a-days there is most of import thing in human life is clip. Today’s life is wholly based on the phones and the cyberspace because they manage their clip. The range of “Mobile Based Bus Ticketing System” is to salvage clip. This system helps user to book the ticket, natural ticket and many more. System should be user friendly that the users can interact more with the user. The system is good developed by the developer that it can carry through all the demands of the user. System helps the user to pull off their clip. This is wholly Windows based nomadic application. The user can utilize this system through the smart phones. This system is to the full implemented with the all the needed functionality that user required. India is served by an first-class conveyance system. Once we are in state, there is ever transport available to us even to remote countries. The system is Mobile based Bus Ticketing System ; the company has many jobs with their ticketing and scheduling procedure. This undertaking intends to mobile based fining system to supply better client service.

1.5 Problem Context

System that are utilizing by staff at coach ticket counter is an internal system means tickets are booked or cancelled manually. There are besides many jobs in internal system like most of plants in the current system is carried out manually, it takes more clip to reserve coach by which the public presentation of the system become slow, hard to manage security portion because of the information doomed, besides can’t able collect informations at the clip. Passenger besides face job to seek coach that which coach is go from where to where.

1.6 Problem Rationale

This system is Mobile Based Bus Ticketing System which about solve the jobs in current system. With the presence of this system user can easy book their bus tickets from anywhere anytime. The system is fundamentally developed to give common user a platform to take instant determination in exigency instance. It is besides cost efficient as it is windows phone based, so, user need non to travel for booking via laptops or computing machines or run to their nearby cyber cafe ; so can finally make this by their Smartphone’s which supports Windows phone applications.

1.6.1Tangible Benefits

  • Cost Benefits: The system is a mobile-based and all the information is stored in built-in database, this system can be accessed with any Windowss mobile phone with an internet connexion so, the user can buy bus tickets through Mobile and non necessitate to travel to bus ticket counter.
  • Time Benefits: The easiness of entree of informations will assist the user to entree this system anyplace and anytime which can salvage a batch of clip for the user by non traveling to any coach ticket counter.
  • No information loss: All the information for this application is stored in built-in database so the user does non hold to worry about any informations clangs and all the informations remain safe for a long-long clip.
  • Mobility: The whole application will work on Mobile for a user, so user has a great advantage of mobility while utilizing application.

1.6.2 Intangible Benefits

  • Increased user satisfaction: The current system which was used by coach bureaus either white paper or excel dispersed sheet does non supply all the functionalities, even if it does they all have to be maintained individually and to make studies manually. But in this proposed system all the functionalities are available in a individual system and to happen a record or position study could be done by few simple touch, this provide the user with an easiness of entree.
  • Reduced Stress: By supplying the user with synergistic interface makes things easier. The users can easy the position of coach with any other inside informations they have. There is besides a functionality which do non usually exists like shortest way finder, to make this thing user usually necessitate to travel and inquire about the way but with the aid of this system the user doesn’t demand to travel, everything could be done with this same individual system.
  • Flexibility and Dependability: As the development system is to the full a Mobile App which can be accessible everyplace and anytime by the user, so the system is much more flexible than the current system and it besides provides a user to guarantee their engagement inside informations by directing them messages in their registry booking Idaho which fulfil their dependability standards.


This system is a nomadic application, the thought of pull offing the system informations online makes its accessible anyplace and anytime, it will besides assist to do the informations more secure and the user work simpler. The user work will be hassle free. Passengers can utilize this system to reserve available seats anytime anyplace and besides gets the presentment on Mobile.This system can utilize by more than one Windowss mobile phone. Passenger can besides happen the shortest way from beginning to finish ; this will assist the rider to make their finish easy.

The undermentioned faculties are developed during this undertaking:

  • Admin
  • Can login to system.
  • Can add coach.
  • Can form agenda for coach.
  • Generate study for coach which is to the full reserved.
  • Passenger
  • Can see available and reserved seats in coach.
  • Can book tickets.
  • Can happen shortest way from beginning to finish.
  • Cancel reserved seats.

1.8 Objective of the System

The chief aim of this undertaking is to supply fast and accurate service to reserve their several seats, besides provide flexible environment to the riders. Passenger must travel to the coach ticket counter to purchase the tickets so the consequence is more physical strain and it will besides take clip. Even if rider go to the coach ticket counter, it is non necessary that rider find the available seats in coach. This system is wholly nomadic based system that rider need non travel to the coach ticket counter to purchase bus tickets. Passenger can purchase the coach tickets through their Mobiles phones. And rider besides find the shortest way from beginning to finish, this will assist the rider to make their finish.

The other chief aims of this undertaking are: –

  • To larn progress ASP.NET linguistic communication, XAML, Silverlight, SQLite.
  • To develop the system in such a manner that targeted audience can easy understand the construct of the system.
  • Understand the construct of human computing machine interaction.
  • To develop the system that is safe and secure and besides helps in maintain the records of coach.
  • Learn to implement and incorporate different technology package techniques to heighten the quality of undertaking.


1.9.1Core Functionality

  • Administrator: Access the chief pages to
  • Login to the system utilizing admin history: Through this admin can login to the system.
  • Add coach and take coach: Admin can add and take coach.
  • Form the agendas for the paths: Admin can make up one’s mind the path of coach means the beginning and finish of the coach.
  • Create study for the coachs that to the full reserved: Admin can bring forth a study which is to the full reserved.
  • Passenger: Entree to his matching pages to
  • Make a reserve: Passenger can book bus tickets online through their Windowss mobile phone.
  • Review the available seats in a peculiar coach at peculiar day of the month: Passenger can see the available and reserved seats of peculiar coach.
  • Find shortest way to make their finish: Passenger can happen the shortest from beginning to finish.
  • Cancel a reserved ticket.

1.9.2Enhance and Particular Functionality

  • Payment Gateway: Passengers can able to pay cost of the tickets online with their nomadic phones.
  • Shortest Way: Passenger can able to happen shortest way to make their finish.
  • Mobile Presentment: Passenger will acquire presentment on their Mobile when he/she book tickets.


  • Soft screen papers of the system.
  • Hard screen papers of the system.
  • Developed system on a Cadmium.

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