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By September 24, 2017 Physical Education

merits: 1)sense of security 2)always be the teen’s fashion 3)can use to play when we feel bore 4)makes closer when we r away(easy to get touch with our family) 5)we have fun there(by taking snaps,videos when there is a function) 6)calendar 7)Timer 8)can do calculation 9)it isPortable demerits: 1)Expensive 2)Some of them are too thin and easily broken. 3)may cause distraction inlearning or when we are at work 4)spend less time with our family(by talking through it always) 5)may get damaged easily by water 6)signals(tower) may not be avail clearly at times what are the merits and demerits of using cellphone? ls let me know? what are the merits and demerits of using cellphone? pls let me know? MERITS 1. cell phone is necessary to every human beings living in the world bcoz easily contact which ur loved person living in any corner of the world with in one sec ;share ur feeelings,happiness,sorrows ;unforgotable momories etc. 2. it is very useful for students bcoz cellphone have that GPRS connection for easily clarify their doduts using internet,to find out the place in critical situation using maps. 3. cellphone also plat a important role in emergency situtation to call a ambulance (108)toll free number. 4. f u are going to a new place at the time u miss ur travel bag or something. U are going to complain the police at the time police ask u the questin plz tell ur phone no, if i got . i’ll inform u. 5. cellphone is aTIME &ENERGY SAVING electronic things……… 6. all of u seen lot of films it is useful to find out the thiefs by tracing their mob nos. i don’t really know the meaning of merit and demerit. but in my physical education and filipino class, my teacher calls the plus points merit and the minus points demerit. i thought maybe just the same as advantage and disadvantage which is merit and demerit respectively. ‘m just not sure though if this is what you mean merits: -for communicating to people wherever you are -for faster communicating rather than snailmails -more convinient to carry than a telephone -could be used for tking pictures and videos -handy for emergencies demerits: -affects study habits since taxting occupies more time than studying -affects the budget since texting too much can be pricey too -getting post offices ignored Merits – Mobile, Keep in touch all, safety (both personal and if you run out of gas or the car breaks down), GPS tracking in case you get lost or someone needs to find you.

Demerits – Cost, could possibly cause cancer (There is no definite either way on this yet), People can get in touch with you where-ever and whenever. Im sure there may be a couple more but those are the ones I see as being up at the top. Conflicting reports about the health risks of mobile phones appeared in the late 1990s Given the immense numbers of mobile users, even small adverse effects on health could have major public health implications In 2000, the Stewart Report found no known health problems caused by mobile phones, but advised caution especially among the young, until more research was carried out.

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A further report in 2004 backed this up ?7. 4 million has now been invested in scientific research to investigate the effects of mobile phones Are mobile phones dangerous? Radio waves given off by mobiles can heat up body tissue, having damaging effects Radio waves are not powerful enough to cause heat damage to the body Magnetic fields created by mobile phones can affect the way that your body cells work The magnetic fields are incredibly small, and so unlikely to affect cells in our body

People who make long mobile phone calls sometimes complain of fatigue, headaches, and loss of concentration The same results have never been reported in laboratory conditions and may be due to other factors in modern lifestyles Mobile phone users are 2. 5 times more likely to develop cancer in areas of the brain adjacent to their phone ears Researchers admit it’s unclear this increase is linked to using mobiles The International Agency for Research on Cancer found a link between childhood cancer and power lines.

Like mobile phones, power lines also emit radiation The radiation produced by powerlines is a different kind of radiation, with much more energy than that coming from mobile phones Radio frequency waves similar to those in mobile phones altered the gene expression in nematode worms Worms are not humans, there is no guarantee that our brain cells will behave in the same way What kind of radiation do mobile phones emit and how dangerous is it? Find out in our guide. The do’s and don’ts of mobile phone use Only use your phone when necessary Don’t buy a phone with an internal aerial, you want the aerial as far away from your head as possible

Keep the calls short Don’t use your phone when the reception is weak, the phone needs more power to communicate with the base station, and so the radiowave emissions are higher Carry the phone away from your body when it is on standby Don’t buy a phone with a high ‘SAR’ value, this means that it emits more radiation Buy a phone with a long ‘talk time’. It is more efficient, with less powerful emissions Don’t buy protective gadgets unless they have been independently tested Benefits And Problems Of Mobile Phones The advent of mobile phones has squeezed this large world and brought it into the palm of human being.

However mobile phones have always been instigating debates among the people about their merits and demerits. Apart from the instant access they give us, mobile phones have multipurpose uses ranging from business work, means for entertainment and ensuring security. On the other hand, they have some disadvantages like initiating violation of privacy, unnecessary wastage of money, talking on mobile phones while driving and emission of radiation from the handsets which is allegedly harmful for health. I would like to argue for the advantages of mobile phones which outweigh their disadvantages. The main feature of mobile phones is ? nstant access’ which makes them the most exclusive devices for communication. Now people can make voice or VDO call or send text messages to anyone anytime from almost anywhere at a cheap rate using mobile phones. Besides this, with the aid of the latest WAP technology users can surf the internet, send emails and chat with other people at a low cost (http://www. webuser. co. uk, 24th October, 2007). According to a research released on 13th February, 2007 from the Mobile Entertainment Forum and Ovum, 20% of UK subscribers search internet via mobile phones (http://www. 3g. co. uk/PR/Feb2007/4267. tm, retrieved 24th October, 2007). It is obvious that the communication has become a lot easier now compared to the pre-mobile phones period. Mobile phones are lessening the pressure of the business and office work too. These days, the latest mobile phones are powered with Microsoft Office application for viewing and editing various types of files including Word, PDF, and Excel etc easing the office and business work (Markley, http://EzineArticles. com, retrieved 30th October, 2007). Moreover, in this modern world of advanced communication loads of business deals are made through mobile phone conferences.

Apart from these, mobile phones are… Advantages & Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Effect As time passes by technology is growing faster and move faster. The most important and common part of technology in our life is mobile phone technology. We bring mobile phone with us in everywhere that we go and use it on a daily basis. It is being the part and parcel of our daily life. Mobil phone have been around for quite sometime, but as time goes on, mobile phones continuous to gain many features.

A mobile phone started out as simple device that had only numbers, and most people used them for emergencies only. Nowadays, cell phones have many features such as phone calls, text massaging, taking pictures accessing the web, using calculator etc as many accessories. People become addicted in cell phone because they are getting many facilities by using it. For example whenever they go outside they can take the phone with them because of its size, networking range, a full charge battery, essay connection etc. There is no doubt about the benefits of mobile phones.

Mobile phones have so many advantages but there have some disadvantages too. It has become a vital element for every person but nowadays it has also becoming an addiction to the young generation. If we talking about Bangladesh, nine out of ten young people in the town area, have own a mobile phone. They use it in various purposes. Their attraction of mobile phone is increasing day by day. Medical science says that the radiation of mobile phone is too bad for human health. In 1995 mobile phone has introduced to Bangladeshi people. The first mobile service provider company was Citycell.

Then Grameenphone, Aktel, Banglalink, Teletalk, and Warid which is being named as Airtel an Indian telecom company who has also started their business in Bangladesh. In the arena of communication mobile has becoming the latest fashion and also the most essential means of communication. These mobile phones let us enjoy all the comforts within a single device…. Youths And Technological Advances: Merits And Demerits Youths and Technological Advances: Merit and Demerits TEXT:   Daniel 12: 3 The youthful age is the part of life that succeeds to childhood (Webster, 1828).

It is the period of time when somebody is young: the period of human life between childhood and maturity. A youth is being said to be Young, Obedient/Obstinate, Useful/Useless, Tenacious/Turncoat, Heroic/Heroics. There are several instances in the scripture of which there are youths whose lives have been made or marred based on their perception of youthful age. (Therefore remove sorrow from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh: for childhood and youth are vanity. Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh, when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them. Ecc 11:10-12:1)

The term “Technology” is derived from the Greek words tekhne, which refers to an art or craft, and logia, meaning an area of study; thus, technology means, literally, the study, or science, of crafting. Technology is a general term for the processes by which human beings fashion tools and machines to increase their control and understanding of the material environment. In fact, this is in direct pursuance of God’s direction at creation Genesis 1: 26 -30. Many historians of science argue not only that technology is an essential condition of advanced, industrial civilization but also that the rate of technological change has developed its own omentum in recent centuries. Technological innovations now seem to appear at a rate that increases geometrically, without respect to geographical limits or political systems. These innovations tend to transform traditional cultural systems, frequently with unexpected social consequences. Thus technology can be conceived as both a creative and a destructive process. There is no doubting the benefits of the mobile phone. Ease of communication, the anywhere, anytime contact – with friends, relations, colleagues and in theory at least the efficiency brought to busy lives.

The benefits have been sold to every one worldwide by the mobile phone industry, and in the main all have made the judgment that, yes, the mobile phone is an exceptionally useful tool that advances personal communication beyond all expectations of only a few years ago. Even though mobile phone has made the communication system very easy but it also has some demerits too. It has become a vital element for every person but it has become an addiction to the young generation of Bangladesh. 7 out of 10 young people in the town area of Bangladesh have own mobile phone.

They use it in various purpose. Their attraction on mobile phone is increasing day by day. In 1995 mobile phone has introduced to the Bangladeshi people. At that time mobile phone was very expensive and could not use widely. The phone was not portable that time because of it was large in size. The first mobile phone service provider company was Citycell. The cost of mobile phone connection was approximately Tk. 1. 5 lacks. It was that much popular to the common people. Then Grameen Phone, Aktel, Banglalink, Teletalk, Warid started their business.

Among all the mobile phone service provider Grameen Phone could stand on a strong position. There are many reasons those have made the mobile phone popular to the young generation. The reasons are – How Safe Are Mobile Phones? Millions of people own a mobile phone these days, and ever since they have been around scientists question the fact of they are safe or not. Do they cause tumors, earaches, mercury poisoning? All these health risks are mentioned in every article I found. But nowhere could I find anything that was sure if mobiles did cause all of the above.

This is where science fails us. The problem is that mobile phones are still too new to know the long-term effects on human. Mobile phones give of a radiation of radio frequency round 10MHz to 300Ghz. But so do other appliances. Why does mobiles especially get put in the picture of being hazardous? Soon it will be clear whether the radio frequency emissions from mobiles cause health effect. Drivers who use there mobiles whilst driving are the only “health risk” that can be proven, the drivers get distracted and lose control over the vehicle.

Technology invented something for this, hands-free sets. But now the question is do those hands free sets really solve the problem? Researchers now are looking at if the hands free sets don’t cause other problems. A report from the magazine “which? ” said that hands free kits raised levels if radiation to the head from mobile phones by up to three and a half times. The consumer association immediately stressed that it had done no research into this whether this radiation could cause damage to the brain.

That just proves that whenever there has been research a report is released to prove that research wrong. Probably is done not to cause any chaos. Mobiles are said to cause brain tumors, they say this because there was found to be more tumors of the same kind amongst mobile phone users. Mobiles cause memory loss, radiation sickness. Mobiles can disturb your sleep pattern, according to the researchers from the university of Zurich, mobile phones increases brain activity during our sleep. A really strange result of the use of mobile phones is that mobile phones can release the poisonous mercury…


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