Modeling Product Line Variants

May 5, 2018 Management

Title Registered Author CSEE2013- 10 F Classification of Devnagari Handwritten Characters Dinesh V. Rojatkar using Single Hidden Layer Neural Network with Mixed Activation Function CSEE2013- 15 F Fuzzy Logic Controller with Maximum Power Point Arulmurugan R Tracking Using Creative Design of DC to DC Buck Converter for Photovoltaic Power System CSEE2013-519 F Power Gating Approach for Design of 45nm Low  Chhavi Saxena Ground Bounce Noise Carry Look Ahead Adder Circuit CSEE2013- 8 S An Optimization Approach for Power Factor S. Neelima Correction and Capacitor Placement in a Distribution System

CSEE2013- 502 S Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Using Particle  Shekh Md Swarm Optimization Mahmudul Islam CSEE2013- 521 S Simulation and Design of SRF Based Control Gnanaprakasam D CSEE2013- 14 P CSEE2013-520 P Algorithm for Three Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Effect of Energy storage Devices in Hydrothermal Power Systems by Using Various Controllers Fuzzy Controlled Shunt Active Power Filter for Line Harmonic Mitigation B. Partheeban Durgalakshmi. K Date: 23-Feb-2013 Hall I Chair 1: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen ( Ilahia College of Engg & Tech, India) Paper ID CNC2013­ 65 F CNC2013- 11 S CNC2013­ 22 S

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CNC2013­ 33 S CNC2013­ 55 S CNC2013­ 57 S CNC2013­59 S CNC2013­ 64 S CNC2013- 71 S CNC2013­ 82 S CNC2013­ 87 S Session 4 Time: 9. 00 AM – 11. 00 AM Chair 2: Dr. Deshmukh Ratnadeep (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, India ) Title Registered Author K­phase Erlang Distribution method in Cloud Ayush Agarwal Computing A Framework for Evaluating Web Service based on B Taslina Threat Patterns Integration of Customizable Wireless Sensor A  Lakshmi Node with Cascade Control System Sangeetha A Meta­Heuristic Approach to Rail­Truck Manish Verma Intermodal Transportation of Hazardous Materials

WeMDAG: Web Sequential Pattern Mining using  Srikantaiah K C Directed Acyclic Graph A Semantic Web Approach to Verifying Product Sheikh Md. Alam Line Variant Requirements Hossain Privacy for Feature Selection in Distributed Data  Hemanta Kumar  Mining using Knowledge based Data Support Bhuyan An Effective Resource Allocation Scheme in M  Prasad Relay Enhanced LTE­A J. Sengathir Selfish Aware Mathematical Model Based On Conditional Reliability Expectation Coefficient A Unified Architecture for Surfacing the G  Pavai Contents of Deep Web Databases Multi­Objective Clustering Using Artificial Bee

Seyed Saleh Colony Rastkhadiv Tea Break 11. 00 AM – 11. 15 AM Date: 23-Feb-2013 Hall I Session 5 Time: 11. 15AM – 1. 00PM Chair 1: Dr. Janahanlal Stephen ( Ilahia Chair 2: Dr. Yogesh Chaba ( Guru College of Engg & Tech, India) Jambheshwar University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID Title Registered Author CNC2013-514 S P Asha Mining Interesting Association Rules with a Heterogeneous Environment CNC2013-516 S Multilevel Cryptography Scheduler Chaitali Chandankhede CNC2013­529 S A Review of Matrix Converter and Novel Control  K V Kandasamy Method of DC­AC Matrix Converte

CNC2013­549 S Impact of Fin Dimensions and Gate Dielectric  Kiran Bailey Thickness on the Static Power Dissipation of 6T­ FinFET SRAM cell Reconfigurable Supercell Design for Pseudo Inverse Module using Xilinx System Generator CNC2013­37 P Comparative study of Effects of delay in Load Balancing scheme for highly load variant Interactive Applications CNC2013­ 51 P A Novel Approach For De­Noising CT Images CNC2013 – 52 P Highly Parallel Pipelined VLSI  Implementation  of Lifting Based 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform CNC2013­ 63 P Enhancing the security framework in cloud C infrastructure

CNC2013­511 P Challenging Issues in Inter­Satellite Optical  Wireless Systems (IsOWC) and its Mitigation Techniques CNC2013­513 P Policy Driven Dynamic LUN space optimization  Based on the Utilization CNC2013­515 P Challenging Issues in VANET Network and its  Routing Algorithms­An Analysis CNC2013-562 S Shirly Edward. A Sampada S Kalmankar Mredhula  L Jayaraj U Kidav Kiran S Aparna B Bhat Amandeep Kaur Taranisen Mohanta Shashi Kant Lunch Break 1. 00 PM – 2. 00 PM Date: 23-Feb-2013 Hall II Chair 1: Dr. Yogesh Chaba ( Guru Jambheshwar University of Sc. & Tech. India) Paper ID

CNC2013-526 P CNC2013­532 P CNC2013­540 P CNC2013-545 P CNC2013-574 P CNC2013-576 P CNC2013­582 P CNC2013-560 T CNC2013­563 T CNC2013-577 T Session 6 Time: 2. 00PM – 3. 45PM Chair 2: Dr. Deshmukh Ratnadeep (Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, India ) Title Registered Author Information Extraction in Knowledge Grid based on Praveen Desai Algebraic Approach using Software Agents An Analytical Approach To Analyze The Impact  Usha G  Of Gray Hole Attacks In Manet A Comparative Study of Different Load Pooja Gandodhar Balancing Techniques for heterogeneous nodes P. V. Muralidhar

Spectral Analysis Of Shadow  Window­FIR Filters An Integrated Framework for IT Infrastructure V. R. Elangovan Management by Work Flow Management using Hierarchical Tree Structure Evaluate Combined Sobel­Canny Edge Detector  Luma Salal Hasan for Image Procssing A Secure Software Engineering Perspective Arun Mishra Agent Based Aggregation of Cloud Services- A Sreedevi R. Research Agenda Nagarmunoli How Unstable is an Unstable System ? Garimella Rama Murthy Service Selection using Non-Functional Properties K. Ponmozhi in MANETs Tea Break- 3. 45 PM—4. 00 PM Closing Ceremony 4. 00 PM – 4. 30 PM


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