Modernism in the Great Gatesby Essay

October 5, 2017 Engineering

1. The Roots of Modernism

the word ‘modern’ is used to mention to contemporan object or capable affairs. In the history of art. nevertheless. the term ‘modern’ is used to mention to a period dating from approximately the 1860s through the 1970s and depict the manner and political orientation of art produced during that epoch. The term ‘modernism’ is besides used to mention to the art of the modern period. More specifically. ‘modernism’ can be thought of as mentioning to the doctrine of modern art. The roots of modernism prevarication much deeper in history than the center of the nineteenth century. For historiographers. the modern period really begins in the 16th century. originating what is called the Early Modern Period. which extends up to the eighteenth century.

The rational underpinnings of modernism emerge during the Renaissance period when. through the survey of the art. poesy. doctrine. and scientific discipline of ancient Greece and Rome. humanists revived the impression that adult male. instead than God. is the step of all things. In retrospect. we can acknowledge in Renaissance humanitarianism an look of that modernist assurance in the potency of worlds to determine their ain single fates and the hereafter of the universe. In the eighteenth century. the Enlightenment saw the rational ripening of the humanist belief in “reason” as the primary guiding rule in the personal businesss of worlds.

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Through ground. the head achieved enlightenment. and for the enlightened head. a whole new and exciting universe opened up. The Enlightenment was an rational motion for which the most immediate stimulation was the alleged Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th-centuries. when work forces like Galileo Galilei. through the application of ground to the survey of the natural universe had made dramatic scientific finds in which were revealed assorted scientific truths. Enlightenment believing believed that ground allowed entree to truth. and cognition of the truth would give birth to better world. The vision that began to take form in the eighteenth century was of a new universe. a better universe. It is in the ideals of the Enlightenment that the roots of Modernism. and the new function of art and the creative person. are to be found. Simply put. the overarching end of Modernism. of modern art. has been the creative activity of a better society.

2. modernist political orientation and rules

From its roots. modernism as a twentieth century philosophical and artistic motion portrayed the universe of work forces as harsh. in which life had lost its significance. Men and adult females in this context were isolated from each other. fighting to last entirely. single dreams became ineffectual. superficial and unrealistic. To speak about modernist doctrine is to speak about its rule and its caracteristics.

Approximately talking. modernists taught that life lost its significance. Traditional constructs such as faith. nationalism and fiscal success was no longer valid. This nihilistic attitude ressults from the cahotic state of affairs and the horor of the station universe war I. societal jobs such as povrety. racism and unfairness. On the other manus. the progress in new siences such as psychological science and engineering put an terminal to the myster of human being and depicts human life as meaningless without any spiritual desire. The deficiency of faith naked human life from regulations and moral bihaviour. which consequences in a universe of a moral waste land in which immediate and personal desires took the precedence over salvation and moral values. The doomed of moral values comes besides to suggests the mercenary attitude of modern society and characterises human desires with selfishness in wich even human existences became viewed as trade goods.

Related to this context. every bit far as literature is concerned. modernists viewed the author as a denouncer of the twentieth society’s corruptness. In fact. authors at this period of clip were muchly conserned in questionning the established moral values of society and advoquate to them selfs the mission that faith failed to carry through Ie. awaring. redumting human being. This statements can be illustrated by TS. Eliots The Waste Land in which the poet invites the reader to assist him in his redumpting mission of the twentieth century society. By the manner. Hagiographas such as The Waste Land non merely stands to dininciate corruptness. but besides call for positive alterations in the life of human existences.

While Eliot’s The Waste Land stands simply for a spiritual representation of society at that clip. other written humanistic disciplines inclined their purpose much more on the societal interaction between persons and their personal consideration towards the others. all this related to a corrupted false consiousness or idelogy. This would be the keys of The Great Gatesby by scott fejeral that I will seek to research and portraits its modernists charecteristics in the two following parts of this researsh.

3. Modernists features in The great gatesby

The charecteristics of a work of art can be either related to the content or to the signifier. We shall hence research the two different constituents of the novel to acquire a complete and nonsubjective consequences. in this position. Covering with the context means to cover with the political orientation of the author within the novel and its belonging to the Mdernist field. Covering with the the signifier means to take into consideration the technique of composing used in the novel and to see to what extent they are of a modernist beginning.

3. 1 modernism in the content of The Great Gatesby

As we have seen antecedently. Modern art comes to denounce the dehumanization of society in the twentieth century. this statement is clearely relevant troughout the different characters and the subjects of the novel.

In the novel. Peoples are murdered. the chief character Gatesby is involved in illegal activities. the overall ambiance of the novel is glooming. The novel besides shows the insignificance of ‘man’ by leting the chief character to be killed without any attention or compunction from the remainder of the characters. The novel besides deals with ferociousness and ingsignificance of human life. this can be seen when Daisy hits Myrtle but doesn’t halt the auto.

3. 1. 1 commodification and philistinism

Insignificance and commodification of work forces is shown through wealth. Gatsby purshases new money merely to affect Daisy in order to win her dorsum. Within this contect. dasy is seen as an object that could be selled or bought by agencies of wealth. On the other manus. Dasy’s acceptence of the perles makes her like Gatesby. In other words. merely like she is seen as a trade good by the other characters. she every bit good commodifies the others for her ain benefits. By and large talking. from a modernist position. this comes to reflect the selfishnes of worlds in the twentieth century. More accuratelly. from a Marxist position. this semen to exemplify the negative influence of modern capitalist system over the ideolofy of human existences.

Equally far as the subject of capitalist economy is concerned. Nick introduces the fresh describing things that are manufactured. advertised and consumed which is a clear word picture of the new economic system ( the modern capitalist economy ) . At the same clip. these are in many instances besides metaphors of the new mercenary mental landscapes of the ‘Jazz Age’ . which the novel seeks to document. This demand for the new was strong in the character of Myrtle Wilson who had her modern flat as an effort to turn herself into a ‘Daisy’ like modern society lady by immitating what she had read in the “town tattle” ( p29 ) and gossip novels. This is reflected in her party idiosyncrasy. her behavior. her favored Canis familiaris. her manufactured furniture and carpets with tapestry of “Versailles” ( p31 ) .

it seems that all the characters in the novel are in demand to fufil a desire. Desires in the novel are either mercenary or they commodifies individuals which portraits the inhumaneness of the twentieth century.

3. 1. 2 honestness and treachery

The novel investigates the subject of honestness in a new modern manner which is missing in the characters of The Great Gatsby. including Jordan who cheats at golf. Within this context. New York City comes to be depicted as a symbol of what America has become in the 1920’s. a topographic point where money is made throught bootleging and corruptness. Within this context. even if Gatesby dream depicts a hope for a better life. which is a rule of a modernist nature. the manner in which Gatesby chooses to carry through his dream is a corrupted 1. This point comes to propose the terminal of the American dream. From a more planetary perceptual experience. it calls for the terminal of human dreams. which is the manner in which modernists depicts 20th century’s life.


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