?Module Seven: Text Questions Essay Sample

August 18, 2017 Music

1.What is nationalism? How did this impact the music of the Romantic period? Nationalism began to emerge in the 19th century between states and groups, it was the rise of a strong designation with a peculiar political group, sometimes an cultural group. It had an impact or affected the composers in many ways, composers showed this was establishing their music on the vocals and dances of their people, they besides composers wrote dramatic plants based on folklore, and some of the besides exploited the scenic beauty of his countryside.

2.What is chromaticism? Is a compositional technique based in the usage of notes outside the graduated table that the music is utilizing.

3.What are the three types of Romantic composers? Describe each type. Conservative Romantic composers maintain the classical signifiers and guidelines. Full Romantic composers are more modern and had a originative manner and organize their work. Nationalist Romantic composers use cultural and national common people traditions in their work.

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4.What is a concert dance? How did Romantic composers change this music signifier? A concert dance tel ; s a narrative of the terpsichorean motion through music. The original composers added a few subdivisions to the current piece, ad they change its signifier, restraints and regulations

5.What is a symphonic verse form? How is it related to programme music? A symphonic verse form is a individual uninterrupted motion that reflects a verse form, narrative or pigment. Symphonic verse form is related to programmemusic by stating a narrative that gives an feeling of a verse form and literary work.

Critical Thinking Questions
1.How does the music of the Romantic period differ from the music of the Classical period? How is the music similar? The romantic period draws on subjects popular to the century before, where the classical period draws on subjects from the ancient civilisations that the society was interested in so. Romantic music shows strong emotions and play while classical music shows grace and balance.

2.What are the features of Romantic music? The features of Romanticism include an strong emotion, awe of nature, and a interruption from following stiff construction. It besides allows a emotional deepness and experimentation with harmoniousness

3.What were some of the societal and cultural influences on the music of the Romantic period? A strong sense of patriotism that came by when the musical instrument alterations meant composers could bring forth fuller sounds that were more dependable and easier to play, the patriotism besides created a strong sense of pride.

4.Choose one piece of music from the Romantic period. Identify the piece of music. What emotion do you believe the piece is exemplifying? Why? What aspects of the music indicate this emotion? Antic Symphony the piece is a mixture of facts, emotions, dreams and incubus, the dreams can do me experience the freedom of the single emotions.

5.Discuss one Romantic composer. How did the composer influence the music of the Romantic period? What does his music sound like? I chose Chopin he composed many pieces called noctunes, they were written specially to make a temper or depict a specific drama or event, he used to play them for his friends in the eventides as a signifier of relaxation.


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