Moliere’s Portrayal of Religion and Religiosity Essay

August 25, 2017 Religion

Moliere’s Tartuffe is about a adult male named Tartuffe who is a mendicant and holy adult male that was late taken in by a Christian adult male named. Orgon. Tartuffe has Orgon fooled. but the full remainder of Orgon’s household sees Tartuffe as a hypocritical. holier-than-thou con creative person. Orgon becomes obsessed with Tartuffe and would instead speak and hear about him than his ain ill married woman. Even though Moliere rewrote this drama twice. there are many grounds that the church might still be concerned about the lip service that he used toward Christianity in this drama. In 1666 Tartuffe was banned. a drama many found violative because of its assault on church lip service.

Many people of the church could still be concerned. due to Moliere’s portraiture of Christianity and how it is about mocked in this drama. Allot of the comedy Moliere portrays is intense focal point on Orgon as illustration of a certain sort of traditional Christian. He isn’t the ‘only’ type of Christian in this drama. but the manner he is portrayed is about in a hypocritical mode. Orgon is so eager to believe Tartuffe. chiefly due to the fact that Tartuffe is professing to be another type of Christian. Moliere regards the type of Christian that Tartuffe is as insane.

The manner world is portrayed on behalf of Orgon is about every bit depraved as a consequence of Original Sin. so hence Orgon has to be subjected. for his ain good. to slightly of a dictatorial control by divinely appointed governments. or the King. Moliere portrays Orgon as a good Christian adult male. who is taken advantage of and finally about loses everything because he is willing to take Tartuffe in and handle him as if he were household. The ground the church should be concerned here is the fact that Moliere portrays the manner Tartuffe is insane and manipulates the good Christian adult male.

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He shows Orgon. the good Christian adult male as blind to all the incorrect. and coming out as basically the “loser” and the insane Christian and operator. Tartuffe. comes out with all of Orgon’s properties. After reading Moliere’s Tartuffe I now can see how the church would be to a great extent concerned with how Moliere portrays Christianity as ‘the nice cat coatings last’ with relation to Orgon and Christianity. The church could besides see the lip service by the portraiture of Tartuffe as a “religious con man” or “religious fraud. ”


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