Mommas Encounter Critique

July 18, 2017 General Studies

Ethics, morals, values, principles are fundamental? Or just an idea of an educated well managed life. In? Momma? s Encounter? , Angelou is telling how to survive in a world of racism and being strong in many aspects in life. I definitely think that if you want to be treated with respect and dignity, you should follow this wonderful example that is momma? s Encounter?. Maya Angelou expressed her personal experiences about a home rutine with momma and the punishments if this rutine was not followed.

How momma was strong to not let the powhitetrash kids (as she called them) made her feel inferior. Angelou understood why momma was so strict, it was a method of implying discipline and form a character full of manners and values. In the momma? s encounter the morals, values, etc. where important. Did you think Angelou liked when those white kids insult a said horrible thing to momma? No!!! But momma raised her to be discipline and she had to respect her decision to do nothing.

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Which was a very good strategy, because what is a person going to do if she/he attacks you and you do nothing. Well, nothing is going to get tired and eventually live you alone. That? s what happen with momma. Once I was walking to school and three girls yelling me “hey fat girl” and I just ignored them like if no one was there and you know what? It worked they got tired and shut their mouth. For a second I was like momma. Did I was?

Maybe, I did not yelled back I was respectful something that those girls do not have. In conclusion, momma was a great and brave woman with her failures like every woman being, but she did a great job educating Maya Angelou and her sisters. This an example how to win without giving or being on a battle, of how you can try to handle a difficult situation of abuso any situation of this case. “Momma? s encounter” an inspiration and admiration tome.


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