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June 7, 2018 Sports

Caleb Belcher Prof. Cox CWRR 26 February 2014 Research Proposal When athletes are younger they play sports for pure enjoyment, for the love of the sports they play. Once they get into high school they find out if they love the sport enough they can work hard and make it to college to play at the next level. Then as college athletes most dream of making it to the big show and play professional sports and get paid to play the game. Once you get to the pros there isn’t much more to accomplish other than to win games and spend all of the millions of dollars they are making annually to play a game.

In a lot of cases we see the money get the better of athletes; there is so much of it coming from the teams, owners and sponsors. In my paper I want to study why money affects athletes and how it affects sports in general. I will look at money linked to crime and misconduct among professional athletes in the United States. I will also look at money linked to drugs both in the sense of recreational and for performance reasons. I will compare U. S. sports to sports overseas and tell the differences in pay grade and the results of this.

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I want to see how money pushes these athletes to do things they normally wouldn’t do but under immense stress from owners to perform may end up doing. I believe that money has a large impact on the college and professional sports that are prominent in the United States and the athletes that play them. Money causes corruption in certain cases and affects the sports and players in negative ways. Sport management has to do with the business side of sports. Popular careers in the field are agents, owners, general managers and basically and profession where you work in the front office of a sports team.

As a sport management student I feel as though it would be a good fit to study something I am passionate about. My topic of money in sports fits into my major perfectly. I have always been a large follower of sports and the big time athletes that have played them. When I was younger I looked up to these athletes and wished to be good enough as them one day. I have also learned that these athletes aren’t as good as role models as I had thought. This may be due to the large sums of money they make on a daily basis. I would like to do this topic because it so interesting to me how the business side of sports works.

In our society we value money so much. As working class citizens we would love to be making the kind of money that professional athletes are making, why would we not want to know why these athletes are making so much money? In this paper I will reveal that facts to why these athletes are so highly paid and how it is possible. I will go into great detail on where all of this money comes from and who is actually paying them this much money. This topic affects all of us that are not associated with major sports teams and are not being paid crazy amounts of money.

This research will not only reveal the facts of to why but how we can change the way these athletes are paid and how money flows through sports associations. I have started research on the topic of Money in U. S. sports and it seems as though there is a good amount of information and ideas on the issue. From my looking at money in sports I have discovered many subtopics that will make major contributions to my research, these make the paper so much more broad and it covers so many areas of the business side of sports and how the athletes and even fans are affected.

I started my research with the simple use of the phrase “money in sports” and got a lot of different articles that dealt with sports business and how money affects the different leagues that employ the big time athletes that play in them. This led me to research how much major sports teams make annually and how much they pay their athletes from the top paid players to the lower level players on the team that don’t play as much. Throughout the four major sports associations in the U. S. (NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL) the average salary is 3.19 million a year (Dorish). Then I run into the part of my research that is very highly opinionated, should professional athletes be paid this much? Professional athletes are being paid much more than a large majority of the population including doctors, teachers, lawyers and service men and women (cops, firefighters, soldiers). Even though there are perfectly good business reasons for athletes being paid so much people believe that is morally wrong. Because sports are such a big business the reasons for them to get paid as much as they do are credible.

I started looking at how much the athletes are paid and how it affects them as people. I looked at the crime rate of athletes in college and high school compared to the crime rates of highly paid professional athletes and found significant numbers. College football has 264 arrests in 2012. There have been 654 arrests of NFL players since 200 which averages out to 46 arrests per year (Chandler). There are also thousands more college football players than there are NFL players so the average ends up being more NFL players arrested.

I wanted to look at the connection between pressure from money and win hungry owners and the urge to use PED’s in professional sports. There are many examples of young baseball players that took steroids to jumpstart their careers. Mark McGuire and Ryan Braun are two examples, they are from different generations but did the same thing. I took all of this research that I did on U. S. sports and compared it to primarily European sports groups. I compared mostly to European sports because they have more of the same sports that we have in the states.

In comparing the two I looked at how much their major athletes are paid, their overall crime rate of athletes and how much if any money corruption is happening in their leagues. I am comparing the two to see how they do it over there and to draw some ideas from how they do it to maybe apply some of their practices to U. S. sports. This whole study ends with the simple question of, how does all of this affect the game? At the end of the day does a pay cut affect these athletes that much?

Does the money these athletes are making affect them and the way the fans view them as people? These are questions that all of the research I have done will answer. I plan to have the research for this project done by the beginning of March. From there I will bring all of the thoughts, ideas, and information into an outline to help structure the paper. Once the outline is finished and I have all of my focus points and supporting information organized I can begin my first draft which I plan to have done by March 27th.

From there revisions will be done and a second draft will be completed by April 10th with more detail and refined writing. Once I get feedback on my second draft I will complete the final revision of the paper by April 24th. Works Cited Chandler, Rick. “How Does Your Team Rank On The NFL Player Arrest Chart? ” Sports Grid RSS. N. p. , 28 June 2013. Web. 17 Mar. 2014 Dorish, Joe. “Average Salaries in the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL. ” Yahoo Sports. N. p. , 12 Nov. 2011. Web. 16 Mar. 2014.


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