Monitoring System

November 18, 2017 Business

Title: A monitoring system for Bubble Laundry Shop Brief description of the proposal thesis topic Counting the number of laundry in a day is an important part for the personnel that are responsible for the task, particularly to the counter. The system will allow the counter to monitor accurately the number of the laundry that is taking in and out in the shop in a day. Having the monitor table, the user will determine correctly the number process of cleaning, folding, packaging the formal ware, casual ware, inner shirt, bed sheets, cover cloth for sofa and furniture, curtains, clothes, pillow cover and towels.

It also determines the pending laundry. Having this system the work will get easier and the job will get faster in terms of counting. It will avoid the misdistribution of the clothes and happy customer would get. Since we are in the world uses technology this system is a lot benefit for this kind of business. Statement of the Objectives General Objective The main objective of the system is to accurately monitor the taking in and out of the laundry. Specific Objectives •To provide an accurate reporting number of clothes. •To allow the user to monitor the laundry. To design a system that are easy to use for the user; the counter. •To obtain a good system. •To avoid misdistribution of clothes. •To give receipt regarding to the record. Significance of the proposed thesis topic justification The proposed system benefits the counter personnel in counting and determining laundry numbers. It will provide an accurate report number of the clothes that are taking in and out in the shop. The task of the counter personnel will take a small amount of time and reduces effort of listing down the work to do.

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Since it is a simple and understandable system, the counter personnel will take it easy to work. The shop will benefit lot for this kind of system; the convenience of it is surely obtainable. The process of giving and distributing clothes is on time, if the clothes will not take on time by the customer; the clothes that he/she pay for laundry washing will automatically store on the pending table. For the next time that the customer gets back it will be given to him/her.

For us as proponents it is a simple accomplishment to succeed a system like this, because it shows that it applied to the field that we’re studying. Proposing like this system is highly appreciated by us proponents. Review of Related Literature and Studies According to the Alliance Laundry System, the laundry system is invented for the sake of housekeeping. In the world wherein the technology is keeping high and updated, promoting an easy life to work. Laundry system has been used by man in terms of washing and it is very useful to lessen the effort that man produces in daily living.

By having this report or references it stated that the hour of washinglaundry is lessen by having this kind of system. Computer Hardware and Software to be used Software •Visual Basic Program Hardware •Computer Server Detailed Features of the proposed system The following are the different features of the proposed system •The system can determine the number of laundry. •Automatic display of total laundry item. •Display the total price of the laundry item. •Allow to give an accurate day and time to have the laundry off.


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