Morality In “Queen Vs. Dudley And Stephens” Essay

August 25, 2017 General Studies

1. In the instance of Queen vs. Dudley and Stephens. was the violent death of the cabin male child. Richard Parker. morally incorrect? Associate your reply to one or more of the undermentioned ethical theories: Aristotelean moralss. Hobbesian moralss. Utilitarianism. or Kantian moralss. Be certain to give a sum-up of the chief points of the theory. every bit good as pulling out its deductions for the instance.

In the instance of Dudley and Stephens. the slaying of Richard Parker can non be justified as being morally allowable. Our society maps on certain base rules. one of them being that there are some things which are out. that peculiar actions or steps can ne’er be right due to their nature. Murder is an action which qualifies as being basically incorrect. it can ne’er be said that slaying is the right thing to make. because no affair the context. slaying is in no manner a morally allowable class of action.

While it is true that all of the crew members would most surely have died if Parker had non been slain. that is still non adequate ground to hold permitted the slaying. Even if the male child had been consulted on the affair and he had later granted his consent. the act of slaying still can non be justified. There is no state of affairs so desperate ( excepting warfare and self-defence ) to justify the voluntary pickings of another human being’s life. Although the crew had already gone legion yearss without any signifier of nutriment. slaying was still non the proper class of action. The male child was near decease. and possibly if they had waited merely another twenty-four hours he would hold died of course. and so they could hold used his organic structure.

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This point of view of slaying ne’er being the right determination is supported by Aristotle’s theory of “virtue ethics” . His theory provinces that we should populate our lives harmonizing to rules of virtuousness and morality. and this will take to an attainment of felicity. Aristotle says that non all of our actions should be virtuous. as an utmost sum of anything won’t bring felicity. but instead we should populate to a mean between immorality and morality. He believes that through our ability to ground and take our actions we will make that average place and equilibrate our lives to a point of felicity. While the theory does let us to take some actions which are non moral


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