Morton Salt Essay

October 5, 2017 General Studies

1. Briefly describe salt production. from brine production to finished unit of ammunition tins. Salt is obtained by presenting H2O into salt caverns which in bend dissolves the salt sedimentations within the caverns. leting the salt solution ( seawater ) to be brought to the surface for farther processing. The seawater is boiled in order to take most of the liquid. ensuing in salt crystal sedimentations. The salt crystal sedimentations are so farther dried to take all residuary wet to bring forth the concluding merchandise ; salt. The finished merchandise is stored within a silo awaiting production. The unit of ammunition tins used for packaging salt are produced on-site. The tins are produced by pasting two sheets of bit board and rolled into a uninterrupted tubing. The tubing is so cut into long subdivisions and so cut once more into can-size pieces. The finished pieces are moved on conveyer to where the assorted parts can be assembled into tins and glued. Once the tins are formed. they are filled with salt and the pour spout is added to the can. Once completed. the finished tins incorporating salt are loaded onto palettes and placed into stock list expecting transportation to distributers.

2. Briefly describe quality confidence attempts in unit of ammunition can production. Quality is checked chiefly by ocular review including verifying the assembly was done right. look intoing the filled tins for right weight. inspecting tins to guarantee labels are right aligned. and look intoing to see whether metal pour spouts are right attached.

3. What are some of the possible grounds why the company continues to utilize the old processing equipment alternatively of purchasing new. more modern equipment? The company may non hold updated its equipment because of the high cost of investing in new machinery.

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4. Where would you put salt production in the product-process spectrum? Salt production would be a low assortment. high volume operation which would put it as a insistent production or uninterrupted flow in the product-process matrix.

5. Determine the approximative figure of dozenss of salt produced yearly. ( 3. 800. 000 tins per twelvemonth ) ten ( 26 ounces of salt per can ) = 98. 800. 000 ounces per twelvemonth. ( 98. 800. 000 ounces per twelvemonth ) / ( 16 ounces per lb ) = 6. 175. 000 lbs per twelvemonth. ( 6. 175. 000 lbs per twelvemonth ) / ( 2000 lbs per ton ) = 3. 087. 5 dozenss of salt per twelvemonth.

6. What betterments can you propose for the works?
a. Application of Statistical Process Control ( SPC ) to cut down the cost of quality.
B. Develop a program to pass the bing equipment and to buy new equipment as a joint attempt among finance. buying and fabrication countries.
c. Synchronize production. distribution and capacity planning to do certain that there is sufficient capacity in the silos to manage the entrance salt from brine production. Reduce runing disbursal by presenting computerized QA for unit of ammunition can production for the undermentioned procedures: electronically step filled can burden. utilize a computerized optical maser to step and guarantee labels are decently aligned. utilize a mechanical emphasis trial to guarantee metal spouts are right attached


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