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Generation Y are playing important function in term of buying things via Internet. The figure of coevals Y who use cyberspace to buy air hoses ticket besides maintain increasing so it give a immense chance for air hoses company to increase their gross by utilizing cyberspace as one of their concern channel. If the air hoses companies understand coevals Y attitude towards purchase air hoses ticket online and website quality factors that give a important consequence to act upon the purpose of coevals Y to purchased air hoses ticket via cyberspace, they can develop further their selling schemes to hold a possible consumer and even do them go an active consumers. So in this survey will analyze the six factors of website quality that will consequence to the coevals Y purchased purpose which the factors were: serviceability, website design, information quality, trust, perceived hazard and empathy.


As I sit down to compose these thesis paper, I realize that my clip in Taylors University has come to an terminal. I could non hold been possible done my research paper without several persons who in one manner or another give their cherished support in the readying and completion of this research. So, with this chance I want to show my grateful feeling to people who have helped and back up me.

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First, my deepest thank to the one above all of us, the omnipresent God, for ever be with me and replying my supplications by giving me the strength so that I ne’er give up in finishing this research decently. Thank you for ever do me surrounded by nice people who ever willing to assist me. Thank you so much Dear Lord.

Second, my greatest gratitude to Mr. Bernard Lew Shian Loong, for learning and steering me with my thesis proposal and understand more about the portion that I am attracted to analyze. Besides that, I besides owned a large thank you to Mr. Bernard Lew Shian Loong because he supports me as my thesis coach. Thankss for sharing the cognition, forbearance and willingness to steer me through the completion of my thesis. I have learned a batch from you.

Third, I unfeignedly thank my selling research lector, Dr. Cathryn Khoo-Lattimore and Mr. Erdogan Ekiz, for their inputs particularly in their cognition about qualitative and quantitative method of research, which I found it really utile in this thesis and for my cognition in the hereafter.

Not to bury, thanks to the friends and people whom willing to pass their clip for make fulling my questionnaire. Without them, this research paper may non be complete.

Last but non least I want to thank my household and friends for ever being there for me, do me go who I am today. Thank for ever giving me love, support and encouragement so that make me experience like everything is possible to accomplish in this life.


Presents, the figure of Internet user maintain turning and it became one of the most common and popular signifiers of communicating ( Henchion, Canavan, and O ‘ Reilly, 2007 ) . The immense Numberss of Internet user conveying consequence to the addition particularly coevals Y who used Internet as a method to buy goods.

There are two general consider activities for the Internet user while they online are seeking about amusement and intelligence, but in fact online shopping, electronic mail or instant messaging and web browse were the three most celebrated Internet activities ( UCLA Center for Communication Policy, 2001 ) . It shows that online shopping has become an recognized manner for people to buy goods and services ( Donthu, 1999 ) .

It has been known that most of the people who used Internet to make on-line purchase were coevals Y ( Vrechopoulos et al. , 2001 ) . Supported by large figure of immature people who purchase online, a batch companies decided to alter their manner of making concern going e- tailers. Airlines industry besides started to utilize Internet to assist them making their concern by provide consumer pick to buy ticket-using Internet. Harmonizing to the AcNielsen ( 2007 ) , purchase ticket utilizing Internet have a good respond from air hoses consumers and it became one of the most popular points purchased on the Internet after books and videos games.

About all of the air hoses companies from high to low criterion have provided the on-line purchase service for their consumer. For illustration, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines, Air Asia, Garuda Indonesia, Cathay Pacific, and any other air hoses. Many of the air hoses companies have used Internet as the selling schemes to provide new or repeating consumers, therefore it shows the important impact on companies concern public presentation.

By utilizing Internet to buy ticket, it brings some advantages for the company itself and for the consumer. For the air hose companies by supplying the option of selling ticket through Internet it help them cut down some cost that goes for publishing the ticket ( Field, 2004 ) . Beside it besides good for the companies to make be nest eggs whereas, the consumers will acquire their benefits in footings of convenience and handiness ( Woli¬?nbarger and Gilly, 2001 ) . Most of the consumers choose to make online buying because of the convenience so they do online buying ( Swaminathan, White and Rao, 1999 ) . Consumers do non necessitate to travel to the air hoses office and delay for their bend to purchase a ticket. They can be anyplace and still purchase the ticket. It saves clip and attempt particularly for consumers who are working and merely hold a small sum of free clip.

For Generation Y, they tend to take to purchase ticket online because of their life style ( Bakar and Hassan, 2008 ) . Most of them are holding their internet connexion at place and it lead them to go an active use of cyberspace and disbursement more than 2 hours a twenty-four hours. This lifestyle makes them take to make more online shopping comparison to other groups of people.

Even though purchase tickets online conveying some advantages for the companies and consumers and there are good responds from consumers, but there are some jobs that can be found towards the quality of buying via the Internet. Not all the immature consumer trust the web site and convenient to give their personal item. They feel unsecure to pay through Internet. Even immature consumers were a possible consumer but if they feel this unsecure experiencing continuously, it will do them reluctant to buy online. Barnes and Vidgen ‘s ( 2006 ) noted that serviceability, information quality, website design, trust, perceived hazard, and empathy are the factors that found will give a important consequence and influence the purpose of consumers to purchased air hoses ticket via Internet. By these ground, it will ensue company to confront the hazard such as lost their concern and besides their possible consumers. Thus, an apprehension on how the consumers perceived of the effectivity in buying ticket online were of import, peculiarly on immature consumers ‘ perceptual experience.

There are two aims in this survey. First, to place consumer attitude towards purchase air hoses ticket online. Besides that, this survey besides assisting to look into factors that consumer have to see before they do on-line purchase.

These consequences of the research will assist Airlines Company and other company to understand more about their consumer attitude in on-line purchase so that they can be develop new selling schemes and convey better betterment on their online services. Besides that, this research wants to suggest selling schemes and better betterment for air hoses industry to better their service online.

This research will be done utilizing quantitative technique. The chief instrument for this survey was a questionnaire. The information will be collected from the immature coevals around Selangor particularly from Taylor ‘s University and any other College around. In those large universities, we can happen a batch of pupils from different background and different factors that will impact their purpose to make online buying. The respondents will be indiscriminately invited to take part in a study. There will be 250 questionnaires distributed and 200 questionnaires expect to be completed in a right mode. All the informations will be collected and analyze utilizing plan called SPSS statistical tool.

( Research questions/ hypotheses )

( Outline of the surveies )

Literature Review

Consumer attitude

Over many old ages, a batch people have been studied about attitude in the context of human behaviour ( Ajzen, 2001 ) . By definition, “ an attitude is an index of the grade to which a individual likes or dislikes an object ” ( Ajzen and Fisbein, 1980 ) . Attitude brings a important act in bring oning different pick behaviour and behavioural purposes ( Dabholkar, 1994 ) .

The creative activity of attitude consists of a grouping of cognitive beliefs and affectional feelings about the attitude object ( Zanna and Rempel, 1988 ) . Attitude to an object is formed so stored in memory and readily accessible which will ease decision-making procedure and enrich the quality of decision-making ( Fazio, 2000 ) .

Attitudes are the nexus between consumers ‘ background features and the ingestion, which satisfies demands. From a individual attitude, we can state a individual ‘s feeling, their comparatively consistent ratings and inclinations to an idea/ object. Attitudes can put people mind become like or detest something ‘s, to acquire or go forth it ( Armstrong and Kotler, 2000 ) . In add-on, “ attitudes are developed from personal experiences and larning with world, every bit good as from information, from friends, sales representative and intelligence media ” ( Wu, 2003 ) .

Attitude was one of the factors that influence consumer online buying behaviour because it leads to the consumers ‘ purpose to shop online ( Limayem et al, 2000 ) .

Factors Affecting Attitude toward Online Purchasing Behavior

There are many things that affect to the attitude toward on-line buying behaviour. Some of these factors were come from demographics features. Some research worker examined gender, matrimonial position, ages, old ages on the cyberspace, convenience and cyberspace shopping behaviour ( Bhatnager et al. , 2000 ) . From the examined, they find that matrimonial position was non impacting the purchase behaviour and there are mix consequence based upon age, old ages on the cyberspace, and gender ( except for specific gender- related merchandises ) .

Most of the people who did online buying were immature, educated and have a high income if comparison to the people who did non make online buying ( Ratchford, Talukdar and Lee, 2001 ) . Besides that, online buying can be effected from the motivational factors every bit good as gender and age ( Korgaonkar and Wolin, 1999 ) . Korgaonkar and Wolin ( 1999 ) found that older males were the group who have the highest on-line purchase behaviour compare to other group of people.

In add-on, the younger Internet user had more positives attitude to buy online but in fact the older Internet users were more apt to buy online ( Donthu and Garcia ‘s, 1999 ) . Older consumers are less hedonistic and useful benefits of purchase online comparison to the younger consumers ( Dholakia and Uusitalo, 2002 ) . Besides that, younger people are more likely to buy online ( Joines, Scherer, and Scheufele, 2003 )

We can truly happen the different between on-line shopper and non- online shopper in term of gender ( Donthu and Garcia, 1999 ) . Men do more purchases compare to adult females ( Li, Kuo and Russell, 1999 ) . Besides that, work forces besides spend more money to make on-line purchase comparison to adult females ( Susskind, 2004 ) . Work force ‘s perceptual experiences towards online buying are more or less same as adult females ; even sometimes work forces were more favourable ( Alreck and Settle, 2002 ) .

Female consumer reported being more cognizant and concern towards website ; they did non swear the website easy as their channel for happening information and communicating ( Susskind, 2004 ) . Female consumer experience more dubious about the Internet if comparison to male consumer, it is because non easy to do female satisfied towards online shopping so that they make less on-line purchase comparison to male ( Rodgers and Harris, 2003 ) .

In add-on, the ground behind less adult females did on-line buying comparison to work forces were because earlier decided to buy something adult females have a strong demand to measure the merchandise ( Citrin, Stem, Spangenberg and Clark, 2003 ) . Women prefer a touchable merchandise because privation to see, touch, and seek the merchandise. So, the frequent online purchases were work forces compare to adult females and well- educated consumers were categorized as frequent online buyer every bit good ( Li, et al. , 1999 ) .

Besides that, income besides become one of the factors that consequence to consumer online buying, high-income consumers more frequently purchase online. Furthermore, group of work forces who have high income and good educated were more likely to purchased online comparison to group of adult females who less good educated and lower groups ( Swinyard and Smith, 2003 ) .

Generation Y attitude towards online buying

Generation Y is a group of people who born between twelvemonth 1976 until 1990. This coevals Y represents large figure of people which is 70 million and more people. Generation Y represent about 14.5 per centum of the entire population and is one of the fastest turning in on-line section ( Hannula and Comegys, 2003 ) . Because of that, coevals Y besides call as a cyberspace coevals, echo boomers and Nexters.

These immature coevalss tend to buy things online because they feel convenient, easier and salvage times.

They show positive attitude towards online buying because they are a user friendly towards engineering and it give them shopping experience and helps to do better determination ( Burke, 2002 ) . Most these immature coevals holding ain computing machine at place and have Internet service.

They do a batch of

In add-on to going more likely to make banking online, Generation Y has besides grown more likely to do travel reserves online. In 2005, half ( 50 % ) of Generation Y cyberspace users had booked travel agreements on-line and in 2008 that figure rose to 65 % .

The survey of Barnes & A ; Vidgen ‘s ( 2006 ) theoretical account which concentrates in the serviceability, website design, information quality, trust, perceived hazard and empathy as the factors that consequence to the consumer attitude and purpose to purchased online. These factors are the website quality factors which influence coevals Y attitude towards purpose to buy air hoses ticket online.

Before this, Barnes & A ; Vidgen ‘s ( 2006 ) theoretical account merely include serviceability, website design, trust, information quality, and empathy as the factors, but perceived hazard is added to go the factors because harmonizing to the Grabner- Kraeuter & A ; Faullant ( 2008 ) , perceived hazard is besides factors that consequence to the consumer online behaviour.

Figure 1. The factors influence on-line purchase purpose

1. Serviceability

Based on Koufaris ( 2002 ) , perceived usefulness for on-line purchase defined as the possible consumer ‘s subjective opportunity that used cyberspace will expeditiously ease their buying ( Chiu et al. , 2005 ) .

Simultaneously, perceived easiness of usage for purchase online refers to the point that the possible consumer want that online purchases can be free of attempt. Based on the survey from Barnes & A ; Vidgen ( 2006 ) good serviceability of the web site can be measure by when consumers can see the web site as easy to larn and to run, easy and merriment to utilize, easy to voyage and the synergistic with the web site is clear and able to understand. All of those demands to be in the web site so that consumer enjoy utilizing the web site and them able to happen their demand easy.

In add-on, the serviceability of the website define as the easiness which the user may larn to utilize the system, retrieve the basic map, less mistake happen, efficiency of the website design and in the terminal it conveying a satisfaction for the user ( Nielsen, 1994 ) . Particularly, the serviceability is a point where measures how easy user interface are to utilize, and place the dimensions attributes: learn ability, mistake, memorability, efficiency and satisfaction ( Nielsen, 2003 ) .

So this serviceability is of import elements in the air hoses website in order to do certain that consumer able to pull off it easy so that it will non go the ground for company to lose their possible consumers. Young consumer will easy turn off the web site while they found it non attractive because it excessively problem to utilize.

Consumers judge the quality of the web site from the serviceability of the web site itself, the serviceability becomes the tool for them to see the website quality ( Ranganathan and Ganapathy, 2002 ) .

From the serviceability, it can better consumers understanding of the website contents so that companies can accomplish their end which is make consumer purchase online. From the apprehension from consumer, the degree of mistake happened can be reduced and it make trust from consumers ( Muir and Moray, 1996 ) .

Besides that, serviceability is associated to the consumer capableness to sort where they and what they can make in every second of the pilotage. As a consequence, an adequate grade of serviceability, related to a relaxed ambiance, could do a positive prejudice in the consumer. In fact, a high degree of sensed serviceability may do higher degrees of satisfaction, trust and trueness towards website ( Kim and Eom, 2002 ) .

The Technology Acceptance Model ( TAM ) assumes that consumer attitude to the engineerings depends on their perceptual experience of effectivity and easiness to utilize the engineering. This attitude will convey consumer to hold an purpose to utilize the engineering ( Smith, 2004 ) .

Furthermore, usefulness and easiness to utilize and enjoyment are two chief things that determinant consumers behavioural purpose to utilize the engineering ( Childers et al. , 2001 ) . Therefore, it is projected that serviceability of on-line web site is decidedly related with consumers on-line purchase purpose.

H1: Serviceability of on-line web site is decidedly related with immature consumers ‘ on-line purchase purpose of air hoses ticket.

2. Website Design

Website Design is one of the factors that truly of import because it will make a first feeling to the consumer ( Shergill and Chen, 2005 ) . So the design of the website demands to be able to affect and do consumer willing to buy online. Generation Y is a coevals who will go on to make something while they get interesting from the first clip they see it and it will take them to make farther action. An attractive design can remind their feelings of satisfaction in the usage of a web site ( FlaviaA? n and Gurrea, 2008 ) .

From the first feeling, the design of the web site can do consumer willing to buy online and make repetition that once more in the hereafter so website should truly concentrate and care to their content. A good content of the web site will assist to increase the consumer willingness of purchase online.

The content on the web site included the images, artworks, sound, gesture, text, layout, and even the odor. Good content of the web site will make a good and interesting website design. From it, the consumer particularly coevals Y who are truly care about the design will see the web site more frequently and remain longer clip in the attractive web site ( Shaw et al. , 2000 ) . Than and Grandon ‘s ( 2002 ) survey found that quality website design is critical portion for online shopping due to the coevals Y attitude which is really critical to judge something.

From the studied of Rosen & A ; Purinton ( 2004 ) they try to establish good selling schemes that able to do Internet users become consumer who do purchase and repetition making it in the hereafter. They analyze the chief dimension of effectual website design and give penetration to the site design singularity that guide to a bigger opportunity of revisit.

Beside the design to pull people, web site besides should set a high attending to their characteristics. Website characteristic included the pilotage bars, hyperlinks, and sitemaps. This characteristic demand to be flexible so that it will let immature consumers and other consumers to shop in a non-linear manner and besides capable of leap to different subdivision of the web site without demand to turn back.

This will convey two of import things together because it non merely make the website become more sophisticated but it besides will do hard for the website user to larn and retrieve their action in the Website. Additionally, regular alterations of web site pages will do a repetition visitant demand to larn once more about the web site. Likewise, when website expand their size and the complexness, website need to be design to cut down the consumer browse attempts in completing their occupation.

The design of web site is non merely about the beauty of that website itself but besides need to hold serviceability ( Desmet and Hekkert, 2007 ) . It show that website design is merely one of the factor to do people buy online, but it have a high relationship with serviceability that we talk about before this. Therefore, good designed web site should do certain that they have a high degree of serviceability ( CristoA? bal, 2006 ) .

In general, research in website design proposes that supplying good media with a existent environment has positive control to the user ‘s enthusiasm ( Hausman & A ; Siekpe, 2009 ) . So with a good web site design it will do younger consumer to take to make more purchase online in airlines tickets.

Therefore, it is hypothesized that:

H2: Good Website Design has a positive relationship to the immature consumers on-line purchase purpose to airlines ticket.

3. Information Quality

Information quality in web site means the measure, truth and the information about the merchandises and services that website offered to their user ( Nusair et al. , 2008 ) .

To pull the possible consumer attending and do them to buy merchandise and services online by demoing the Numberss of offer in a web site is the chief intent of holding web site ( Smith, 2004 ) . Good website presentation will do certain expected client to be interested and take their attending, but the website content and information itself still go the of import issue in on-line purchase.

The valuable content are more of import than interesting design and presentation because design and presentation merely the for the consumer first feeling after that they will set more attending to the content and the information provide in the web site.

Therefore, it is hypothesized that:

H3: Information quality of web site is linked to the immature consumers on-line purchase purpose to airlines ticket.

4. Trust

Harmonizing to Kolsaker and Payne ( 2002 ) , component of a concern relationship, which agree on the point where every consumers feel they can depend on the dependability of the promise presented by the other people is called trust ( Kolsaker & A ; Payne, 2002 ) .

In the website context, trust brings significance of things where inside the web site is trusty and credible. Uncertainty, dependance and exposure besides become the characteristic interior trust itself. This three feature can be find inside on-line dealing, because when making on-line dealing, consumer are non able to see the marketer straight face to confront, touch and inquire for the information about the merchandise or services and roll up the merchandise or services straight after do a payment ( Sam and Tahir, 2006 ) .

While immature consumer purchased air hoses ticket, they need to experience safe and have a trust so that it can diminish their uncertainness make by other factors. This uncertainness happened because of consumers feel frights of undependability and besides the hazards of being cheated ( Jones and Leonard, 2008 ) .

In add-on, the air hoses company besides should recognize that trust is a 1 of the chief factor that can do consumer to take Internet purchased ( Komiak and Benbasat, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to the Mayer et al. , ( 1995 ) and Hoffman et al. , ( 1999 ) , consumer purpose to purchase has a relationship with trust. Indeed, based on Pavlou ‘s ( 2003 ) in e-commerce, trust can convey positive attitudes from the consumers.

With high measure of trust from the consumers, it can do a positive and favourable attitudes and behaviour towards something, so that Airlines Company should make the feel of trust to expected consumers ( Anderson and Narus, 1990 ) .

While consumer decided to buy air hoses ticket online, the lone information that they get are from the web site itself, so company demand to do consumer hold a trust in the web site foremost. While they trust the web site, it becomes effectual methods to cut down their uncertainness feelings ( Frederick and Schefter, 2000 ) .

Particularly, trust in the online buying environment is important because in the on-line dealing there are trouble and assortment, which bring consequence to the possibility of insincere and unthinkable behaviour ( Gefen and Straub, 2003 ) . Therefore, company should make consumers trust in their concern. Airlines companies should do certain give a just monetary value, no misdemeanors of consumer ‘s privateness and besides security. Obviously, trust plays a chief function in finding consumers ‘ behaviour and their purpose to make on-line purchase.

From making purchase online, consumer expect to hold a good merchandise and services or even better from making usual purchase. Once immature consumer have a trust on the web site while they buy air hoses ticket and besides support by the convenience, they will make it continuously. It is because from the past purchase that they have taste good experience so it built their trust.

In add-on, consumers normally feel more insecure to buy online because of the distance, deficiency of ordinance and the practical individuality. So, trust is the basic thing that consumers should hold to do them making on-line purchase ( Corbitta et al. , 2003 ) .

Therefore, it is hypothesized that:

H4: Trust to the web site is extremely related to the immature consumers on-line purchase purpose to airlines ticket.

5. Perceived Hazard

Perceived hazard is defined as uncertainties of possible negative effects of utilizing a merchandise or service and in this survey ; perceived hazard refers to the uncertainties associated with possible negative effects of buying air hoses ticket online ( Dehbashi & A ; Nahavandi, 2007 ) .

The exchange of information through the Internet may do about rather a few hazards that may do by practical mistake or security jobs in information and communicating proficient method ( system-dependent uncertainness ) or may explained by the carry out of consumer who are involved in the on-line dealing ( dealing specific uncertainness ) ( Grabner-Kraeuter, 2002 ) .

Furthermore, consumers are unwilling to give their personal information, largely informations on fiscal position and recognition installations to the cyberspace because the world that there is no direct eye-contact and hence, consumers are worry about illegal usage of their personal information that could do them important fiscal loss ( Grabner-Krauter & A ; Faullant, 2008 ) .

There are four different types of sensed hazards of consumers towards purchase online highlighted by Forsythe and Bo Shi ( 2003 ) . First is fiscal hazard, followed by merchandise public presentation hazard, clip and convenience hazard and last but non least psychological hazard.

a. Financial hazard

Fiscal hazard defined as consumers suffer of losing money because of botching the dealing information. Consumer demand to utilize their recognition card in order to pay their online purchased. So immature consumers feel non willing to give their recognition card information easy is one of the chief jobs. Young consumer are full of consideration before making something, they do non willing to make online purchased where they are non certain about the security itself.

B. Merchandise public presentation hazard

Merchandise public presentation hazard is defined, as the consumers ‘ consciousness that they feel loss because of the merchandise does non execute what they imagine. Consumer can non see, touch, seek and experience the merchandise and services right after they purchased do them experience this merchandise public presentation hazard.

c. Psychological Hazard

Psychological hazard besides one of the hazards that prevent consumer purpose towards online purchased. Consumers afraid to experience defeated and dishonor about their personal information that they need to uncover while making online purchased is called a psychological hazard ( Forsythe & A ; Bo shi, 2003 ) . To hold less control when manage their information in purchase online prevent consumer to make online purchased.

d. Time/Convenience Risk

Time and convenience hazard is when the consumer have a perceptual experience about loss of their clip and incommodiousness happened where they experience difficult to happen suited web site, give order, and hold in the merchandise bringing ( Forsythe & A ; Bo shi, 2003 )

Therefore, to cut down the negative perceptual experience and attitude, air hose service company need to cognize every portion of perceived hazard from the position of their consumers sing their on-line purchase purpose.

So, it is hypothesized that:

H5: Hazard perceptual experience on web site is negatively associated with immature consumers on-line purchase purpose to airlines ticket.

6. Empathy

Empathy is non- direct homo parts interaction that arranges with the term of attention and set individualised attending to the consumers. For illustration, email communicating to the consumers. This is show that company has put plenty attending to their consumers, concern to them, and trades with their petition instead than merely direct them an car answer ( Madu and Madu, 2002 ) .

Madu and Madu ( 2002 ) further argue that by supplying customized merchandises or services would give clients the highest convenience which the chief things that consumer online want.

In add-on, personalization besides can be called as empathy where that includes apprehension and supplying consumers demands and services in order to do them experience convenience ( Nusair & A ; Kandampully, 2008 ) .

Normally, barely can we happen personalization in many companies ; it is a alone dimension so by supplying individualized services to the clients, it would assist to heighten value of the companies ( Nusair and Kandampully, 2008 ) .

Therefore, it is hypothesized that:

H6: Empathy characteristic of on-line service is will consequence to the immature consumers on-line purchase purpose to airlines ticket.

Research Methodology

The intent of this survey is to research on the attitude of coevals Y towards purchase air hoses ticket and assisting to look into factors that they have to see before they do on-line purchase. Therefore, questionnaire is chosen as the most suited research instrument to roll up informations.

While be aftering the manner and type of the questionnaire format, it was decided to utilize close-ended inquiries utilizing a numerical Likert type of graduated table as it performs faithfully when ranking or telling points or people with respect to peculiar attitudes. Using closed ended inquiries would enable the research worker to code and fit the subsequent informations easy for comparative analysis.

The study questionnaire was divided into two major and in each subdivision contain inquiry turn toing the variables to accommodate the research objectives. The first portion contain of demographic inquiries and the 2nd portion contain of the website quality factors that found will give a important consequence and influence the purpose of coevals Y to purchased air hoses ticket via cyberspace.

The first portion, which is demographic, consists of information as gender, age, societal position ; instruction degree, business, income and frequence of purchased air hoses ticket online. This information is needed in order to compare the attitude between male and female towards their age group, position, instruction degree, business, income and their frequence of purchased air hoses ticket online.

The 2nd portion of questionnaire is about the possible website quality factors that found will give a important consequence and influence the purpose of coevals Y to purchased air hoses ticket via cyberspace. The respondents were required to rate the degree of understanding to the statement. This portion will name down the possibility factors that may consequence to the coevals Y purchased purpose. The five-point graduated table will be list down every bit below:

Strongly hold




Strongly differ

In this inquiry, the consequence will be calculated and presented in Means, the highest agencies will be the most of import standards that the respondents ballot.

Sampling and process

This research will be done utilizing quantitative technique because it the most suited technique for the research. The chief instrument for this survey was a questionnaire. The information will be collected from the coevals Y around Selangor particularly from Taylor ‘s University and any other University around. In those large universities, we can happen a batch of pupils from different background and different factors that will impact their purpose to make online buying.

This research utilizing more pupil as the sample because pupils more frequently utilizing Internet in their day-to-day life and hold more experience in browse and purchased online. But in the other manus, it non merely focuses on pupils but other consumer, which still include in the coevals Y group. In general, college pupils are more likely than older grownups to utilize the cyberspace. However, type of usage varies by age, with cyberspace users younger than 29 more likely to prosecute in communicating and originative activities, but less likely to buy online than users aged 29-69.

The respondents will be indiscriminately invited to take part in a study. There will be 250 questionnaires distributed and 200 questionnaires expect to be completed in a right mode.

All the informations will be collected and analyze utilizing plan called SPSS statistical tool.



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