Mothers Should Not Work Outside the Home

December 9, 2017 General Studies

The world is constantly evolving and changing even as we speak, through advancement in technologies, through the discovery of new things and in almost every aspect of society today. Although change may take place everywhere, it will sometimes take place very slowly, depending on the society’s acceptance to change. One such example would be mothers working outside the home and not staying at home to look after their children. More and more mothers are stepping out to the working society but at an extremely slow pace.

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Why is this so? That is because most agree with the statement that mothers should not work outside the home, but I beg to differ. Therefore, I agree to a small extent to the statement due to a few reasons. The first reason why mothers should step out into the working society is that in the modern society today, it is no longer that women cannot work in the society. There are so many real life examples of women working in society and doing just as well as man or even better.

Oprah Winfrey, an American television host, actress, producer, and philanthropist had a humble background in fact possibly worst than humble background having to live in poverty and under a single parent. However, because of her oratorical skills and her willingness to work hard, she is now Forbes’ second most powerful celebrity after Lady Gaga but she leads in both monetary ranking and TV/Radio ranking. This example of an influential woman would definitely support the stand that women can also succeed in the working society today.

But if women went out to work, who would look after the family? This brings me to my next point on the fact that the father can also be the one who looks after the children. From the very start of this essay, the topic on change has been covered on quite extensively. Thus, because of change and the fact that there is no rule that prevents man from looking after the children, women would then be able to step out in the society and leave man to take care of their families. In the article from The Telegraph, “House husbands: Are you man enough? it emphasizes how more and more man are giving up their jobs and spending more time on looking after their children. Despite how males are made of labor while females are made to look after children and run households when looking at evolution in animals, we cannot deny the fact that this trend of man running the household instead and female going out to work. Hence, mothers should work outside their homes and may leave husbands to look after their family as long as both parties are willing.

Finally, negligence in children is one of the most influential factors on children becoming delinquents and growing up to be less contributive members in the society. The amount of attention given to the child would affect what the child would grow up to become. One source of this negligence as stated by many is through having both parents working in the society. However, yet again I beg to differ as even if both parents are working, children would not be neglected as long as parents manage their time well to spend time with their children.

It is usually during the day that parents need to work to earn a living for the family and children would be at home. They will not be neglected as there is the existence of child care which will look after the children needs when parents are not there for them. There are also nannies and maids whom can look after children just as well. Besides, there are weekends to spend with the children and thus this would allow parents catch up with all the time lost at work instead of spending with their children.

For these reasons, negligence in children in no excuse in preventing mothers from working in the society. Traditionally, women are often task to look after children and allow the man to be the ones out at work. But as the start of this sentence states, it is traditionally and we are no longer living in the past thus ideals can definitely be changed to suit what the society is heading towards, which is equality in both man and women. In a nutshell, I agree to a small extent to the statement that women should not work outside their homes and stay at home to look after their children.


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