Motivation of employees working in Haagen-dazs and Ben Jerry

September 1, 2017 Health

This study provides analysis and research on motive of employees working in Haagen-dazs and Ben Jerry. It is to happen out why in today ‘s concern many employees in some companies no longer pay attending to the quality of their work. Method of analysis used for this study is by compare two companies which involved in the same country of concern. It is necessary to look into how they motivate their employees in order to maintain their employee ‘s trueness and do certain they perform their best. This study is made to supply information based on the motive factors that could impact the employee ‘s public presentation degree in a company.

Employees in some companies runing today are non truly executing good in the market. Some of them merely do the occupation in what manner they want which caused the company no longer has a batch of loyal client and of class the companies ‘ net income will diminish. For this state of affairs to be stopped, directors of the companies have to convey their employees to a state of affairs whereby it is profitable and worthy for both employees and company. One of many ways to “ turn on ” the employees in the company is actuating themselves to make their really best although the director is non about. As known, leading manners of a company influence the degree of motive.

Motivation is merely defined as what gets you started the thrusts that move yourself to make what you do. Motivation will take to a province willingness of seting high attempt in accomplishing organisation ends.

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It is the desire, the passion that makes a human motion. Motivation is related with human psychological science which shows the human attitudes, demands, and satisfaction inside human themselves, while other encourage factor from outside homo caused by their leader such as director or supervisor. So, employee ‘s motive is influenced by the altering aspirations or leading manner he works under or socialise with. Motivation negotiations about how to teach the power and potency of subsidiaries, to collaborate together so the company can accomplish the ends, vision and mission optimally.

To analyze how directors motivate their employees in today ‘s company, this study will compare ice pick companies which are Haagen-Dazs and Ben Jerry which have similar concern environment.

Case survey of Haagen-Dazs

2.1 Historical background of Haagen-Dazs Company

As known, Haagen-Dazs is one of the most celebrated ace premium ice pick in the universe. Surprisingly although it has high butterfat content which is non good for wellness, it is reported that Haagen-Dazs has higher gross revenues than the other ice pick market sections. The history of Haagen-Dazs starts from the twelvemonth 1920 ‘s. Ruben Mattus, a immature enterpriser with the aspiration of high quality of ice pick and his vision to make the finest ice pick in the universe. To bring forth the finest ice pick available, he insisted on utilizing merely the finest and purest ingredients. In 1960, Mr Mattus, supported by his married woman decided to organize a new company which is dedicated to his ice pick ‘s vision. He called his new trade name Haagen-Dazs. ( Haagen-dazs, 2008 ) .

Haagen-Dazs convey the aura of the old-world tradition and workmanship and started out with merely three spirits: vanilla, cocoa and java. At first, Haagen-Dazs was merely available in New York City. In 1976, Mr. Mattus ‘s girl opened the first Haagen-Dazs store. It became success and caused the expanded of the store across the state. A In 1983 Mr. Mattus agreed to sell Haagen-Dazs to The Pillsbury Company under the understanding that remained to the tradition of superior quality and invention as the original Haagen-Dazs.A In the twelvemonth 2001, general millsA bought Pillsbury and owned the Haagen-Dazs ( Haagen-dazs, 2008 ) . In the United State, General Mills sold Haagen-Dazs under theA NestleA licensing trade name ( Mahalo, 2010 ) . Today, Haagen-Dazs can be foundA in over 900 Haagen-Dazs Shops in 50 states around the universe. Haagen-Dazs successfully reached their ends and mark and get down the “ me coevals ” ( Haagen-dazs, 2008 ) .

The motive used by Haagen-Dazs

Reward from roll uping point

Haagen-Dazs use the plan called ‘Star ‘ . This is an on-line employee wages and acknowledgment plan, which operated through a system of point. So the employees are rewarded based on their ability to accomplish their monthly gross revenues and the “ enigma shopping marks ” of the company. The point that they already have can be redeemed for gifts with the term that they must hold worked for a lower limit of three months. They besides can roll up their point foremost to claim more significant gift. ( allinhr, 2010 )

Thank you Card

For the three top employees for transcending outlook, company gives them award which takes the signifier of a Thank You card which says “ thank you ” in over 70 linguistic communications and has blank infinite which allow directors to personalise the card acknowledgment. This certificated are displayed in the outstanding topographic point in the store to better the quality of work.

Performance Chart

Other motive component in this company is that they have a public presentation chart which displayed on the staff notice board. There, employees can look into the hebdomadal and monthly gross revenues of the company, which is colourful and easy to understand, includes the hebdomadal motivational message from the director complete with tips on how to better the employee ‘s public presentation. ( allinhr, 2010 )


As an employee in this company, on the top of competitory wage rates, you will besides have price reduction when bargain ice pick. Full-time workers even get benefits bundles such as health care coverage, and insurance ( Job-application, 2010 ) .

Another benefits including salvaging programs advice, one-year fillips, holiday, summer hours, vacation, and flexible work agreements. This company besides offers an educational aid for employees and household members. ( Generalmills, 2011 ) .

Supporting environment

As the proprietor of Haagen-Dazs, General Mills provides seven diverseness webs where employees can take part to interchange their thoughts and information on a positive degree. ( Generalmills, 2011 )

Case survey of Ben Jerry ‘s

3.1 Historical background of Ben Jerry ‘s Company

Although the most popular spirit in the U.S. is vanilla, there besides have people who like to seek something new. Because of such idea, Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s came out with fetid spirits like Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey and a groovy Vermont vibration.

With a $ 12,000 investing ( $ 4,000 of it borrowed ) , Ben Cohen and Jerry, a childhood friends, opened their Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s Homemade ice pick scoop at the corner of St. Paul and College Streets in downtown Burlington, Vermont, on 5 May 1978. ( Benjerry, 2011 ) .

Jerry and Ben at first were thought about doing bagel bars, but due to the expensive equipment, they changed it to frost pick. They decided to open the scoop store at Burlington, Vt. , because it was a college town without an ice pick parlour. After their treatment, they took a $ 5 class on ice-cream devising and in 1978 opened the first Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s in a born-again Burlington gas station. ( Daniel Richards, 2011 ) .

The store was rapidly celebrated and became a front-runner due to its ice pick gustatory sensation and originative spirits. Ben & A ; Jerry besides offer a free movie festival, do some charity for unable people, and giving off free scoops on the first day of remembrance which continued to go on until now. This concern increased significantly and by the twelvemonth 1987 gross revenues were at $ 32 million. In the twelvemonth 2000, this company is sold to Unilever, for $ 326 million. Under the term of an understanding, it is said that it will continued to run but separated with Unilever ( ciputraentrepreneurship, 2010 ) . Today Ben Jerry ‘s franchisesA 750 worldwide ( marketingteacher, 2010 ) .

The motive used by Ben Jerry ‘s company

Ben and Jerry are really concern about people who go along through the successful of their concern. They believe that a success of a company comes from the employee ‘s support. Cohen so brings back the support to the employees.


Harmonizing to their web site, Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s offers some benefits package that includes the paid household leave, three free pints of Vermont ‘s Finest super premium ice pick, frozen yoghurt and water ices every twenty-four hours. This is besides a company which dedicated to the policy of non-discrimination based on their gender, ethnicity, race, veteran position, sexual orientation, spiritual, age, national beginning, or disablement ( benjerry,2008 ) .

Other benefits that motivate its employees such as free wellness nine rank, sponsored rank to local fittingness Centre, personal fiscal planning advice, and the educational cost aid ( benjerry,2008 ) .

3.2.2 Bonus Plan

All the full-timer of this company has a right to some signifier of compensation above their competitory wages. In 2008, Ben Jerry besides apply “ Variable Pay Award ( VPA ) ” program where fillips are given based on their person ‘s public presentation on accomplishing ends and marks and besides based on the company ‘s fiscal public presentation.

There besides another program for Ben Jerry ‘s full-timer that made in 2008 called “ Keys to Enterprise ( KTE ) program. This program concentrate on the fillips and inducements which include hard currency, ‘Ben Bucks ‘ which can be redeemed in the company shops, and the other awards. In 2008, the mean sum of KTE in Vermont Company was over $ 510, up from the old twelvemonth which is $ 474 ( benjerry, 2008 ) .

Supporting environment

To farther promote keeping and trueness, Cohen and Greenfield do an experiment about the emptying of their supervisors by their subsidiaries, besides do the exchange of thoughts and sentiments freely between employees. Company besides have regulations that focus on the employees which really becomes positive impact. Furthermore much citation from the other industries and the of import parts is that a batch of companies follow these regulations. Leadership plan and preparation besides provided to the employees ( Terry et al, 2004 ) .

Other motivated factors

It is called Ben & A ; Jerry ‘s Joy Gang, started in 1987 to increase the demand upon employees the first activities included pizza and 15 proceedingss massages for its fabrication employees who were working 12 hours. Jerry suggested that they should seek to do merriment to their official portion of their company civilization. ( Bob smith, 2005 ) .

Comparison Table


Ben & A ; Jerry


Healthcare coverage, insurance, and educational aid.

Employees can take part to interchange their thoughts and information freely.

Bonuss are given based on their single public presentation.

Personal fiscal planning advice.

Competitive wages and pay rates.


Online employees reward by roll uping point to be redeemed for gifts.

Top employees whose public presentation were really hearty, is given a thank you card which says “ thank you ” in over 70 linguistic communications.

Discount for employees when bargain ice pick.

Performance chart which displayed on the staff notice board, including director tips on how to better employee ‘s public presentation.

Annual fillips, holiday, summer hours, and flexible plant agreements.

Have “ Keys to Enterprise ” program which include fillips and inducements given by hard currency and ‘Ben Bucks ‘ which redeemed for gifts.

Dedicated to the policy of non-discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity.

Free three pints of Vermont ‘s finest super premium ice pick, frozen yoghurt and water ices every twenty-four hours.

It is called Ben Jerry ‘s Joy Gang, which came from Jerry ‘s suggestion to do “ merriment ” go a portion of their official company ‘s civilization.

Leadership plan and preparation for employees.


In the existent state of affairs, although companies have a similar concern environment, they still have difference scheme in motivation and taking their employees. As what has been shown above, Haagen-dazs and Ben Jerry about have the same scheme in actuating their employees, but they still have their ain scheme in actuating their employees. By and large, they use such as wages, recognition, and assessment in order to trip employee ‘s motive. When employees feel appreciated, their motive degree is boost taking to satisfaction of employees working in the company. Therefore, it can be concluded that motive is an encourage which comes from inside and outside homo in their attempt to run into their demands, acquire the “ wanted ” place in a company, addition power and satisfaction from their work. However, in its pattern, the use of each component is different based on the demands and desire of each homo.


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