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“John Proctor: I’ll tell you what’s walking Salem– retribution is walking Salem. We are what we ever were in Salem. but now the small brainsick kids are jingling the keys of the land. and common retribution writes the jurisprudence! This warrant’s retribution! I’ll non give my married woman to retribution! ( Miller. 379 ) ” . This quotation mark by John Proctor was spoken in response to one of the many motivations in the Salem enchantress trails in The Crucible. The enchantress tests were seen by some as an chance to obtain personal addition through impeaching others of witchery. There were many motivational ends for the characters in The Crucible such as. sexual. political. and fiscal.

The character. in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” . who holds a sexually motivated end for impeaching others. is Abigail Williams. When Abigail is the Proctors’ housekeeper. she and John Proctor commit criminal conversation before the Salem enchantress trails. John. nevertheless. feels guilty of his offense and sees through Abigail’s methods to kill his married woman. Elizabeth Proctor. by impeaching her ( From Page to Stage ) . Abigail and the other misss fake being bewitched to convert others of the witchcraft’s cogency of the accused ( Scheidt. 11 ) . The other people being accused of enchantress trade merely strengthened her opportunities of winning support for impeaching Elizabeth Proctor.

Her chief end is to eliminate Elizabeth Proctor and to derive back John’s “love” . “When intuition swings to his married woman. John is forced to take: maintain quiet about his lechery or expose Abigail and perchance give up his ain life ( High Intensity ) ” . She uses the Salem enchantress trails. in such a manner. to seek and accomplish her individual end of winning back John Proctor. by pin downing him. She fakes being attacked by Elizabeth Proctor allegedly utilizing a juju doll to pierce Abigail’s tummy. Her end is non completed though in the terminal. because John loves Elizabeth so much. that he allows himself to be accused and be executed. instead than be with Abigail.

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The characters. in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. who have a politically motivated end for impeaching others. are Reverend Parris and Deputy Grand Danforth. “Author’s Note. [ Parris ] believed he was being persecuted wherever he went. despite his best attempts to win people and God to his side ( Moss. 42 ) .

Parris. ‘I do non penetrate it. why I am I persecuted here? I can non offer one proposition but there will be a fantastic public violence of an statement. I have frequently wondered if the Devil be in it someplace ; I can non understand you people other wise’ ( Miller. 401 ) .

This is an accurate description of Parris’s personality and attitude. He believes that there is a group of people that want him out of Salem. for whatever ground. He steadily continues the events of the Salem enchantress trails to reenforce his authorization in Salem. He hopes that the screening of his power in the Salem enchantress tests in oppressing others denouncing anyone’s programs to acquire rid of him. One can pull the decision from this grounds of his political motives. nevertheless. that he does non genuinely believe. The other character. in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” . who has a politically motivated end for impeaching others. is Deputy Grand Danforth.

Author’s Note. Danforth is a sedate adult male in his 1960ss. of some wit and edification that does non. nevertheless. interfere with an exact trueness to his place and his cause.

Danforth. ‘While I speak God’s jurisprudence. I will non check its voice with whimpering. If revenge is your fright. cognize this-I should hang ten thousand that dared to lift against the jurisprudence. and an ocean of salt cryings could non run the declaration of the statues’ ( Moss. 42 ) .

This analysis and quotation mark of Danforth is a unequivocal description of his personality. This conveys Danforth’s finding Because of this personality he continues the enchantress tests. in fright of hold hence holding people seeing him as an incapable justice. He is besides. the 1 who issues the hangings of the alleged enchantresss. One can pull a decision from his personality. nevertheless. that he does non believe that there are enchantresss in Salem. Rather. Danforth cares more for his public image. than he does for human life in general.

The character. in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” . who possesses a financially motivated end for impeaching others. is Thomas Putnam. He is the selfish adult male from the really beginning of the drama. He doesn’t halt on his manner of acquiring every bit much money as possible when accusals of enchantress tests started. He represents the selfishness of the villagers in The Crucible. Putnam is besides a adult male that goes to drastic steps to acquire land ( Primarily WIP ) . This is a precise dislocation of Thomas Putnam’s personality at work. If a adult male is found guilty of being a enchantress his land goes for sale and the household of the adult male can non have it. He hopes that one time person is convicted of being a enchantress and they are “guilty” . that he could purchase their land and go rich off of it. In the instance of Giles Corey. nevertheless. his program fails because the prosecuting officers torture Giles until decease for non attesting. therefore Giles’s land goes to his household. One can see how Thomas Putnam uses the event of the Salem enchantress tests to his ain personal benefit and he evidently does non believe that there were any enchantresss in Salem at all.

Clearly. there were many motivational ends for the characters in The Crucible such as. sexual. political. and fiscal. First. Abigail Williams fueled the enchantress trails. by forging assorted enchantress onslaughts. This gave her the chance to acquire rid of Elizabeth Proctor. so she could be with John. Second. Reverend Parris and Deputy Grand Danforth both used the enchantress trails to heighten their public political position and power. Third. Thomas Putnam used the Salem enchantress trails to obtain fiscal addition. He bought the land that the confessed witch’s household lost. Last. one can acknowledge that merely as The Crucible was a drama in itself. the Salem enchantress trails was a immense act of personal addition for persons.

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