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August 15, 2017 Philosophy

Motivation is the existent driving force of a company that culminates the full work force of a company into one tireless engine that runs on towards success. However. it is easier said than done to accomplish that flow of motive in a company – because it takes grim attempt from the direction to maintain every constituent of the organisation motivated.

Therefore. I felt truly happy as an organisational adviser. when the CEO of “The Altitude Corporation” . Mr. David had sought my aid to measure and urge ways and means to better the province of LOB ( Leadership and Organizational Behavior ) in his honored company. It made me happy on another history that I could successfully nail the job countries and specific solutions for them and I’m sure that the application of such solutions would decidedly do a difference to the future public presentation of the organisation.

Therefore. this paper is presented to “The Altitude Corporation” as portion of the design of the elaborate. employee-based analysis. which deals with motive job of the company. Here I’ve embedded the niceties of motive with the job countries to supply an enhanced apprehension of motive and its relation with the company. However. the brief of the jobs found in the motive sector is placed below:

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The Problem

An thorough survey on the motivational province of the 350 employees of the organisation is demoing that there is serious deficiency of motive among the employees. which is the cumulative consequence of assorted factors. These factors have been mentioned along with possible solutions and elaborate treatment in this study. besides treatment on the subject to heighten better understanding about the jobs of the company.

What is Motivation?

Background: Altitude Corporation is a budding company with 350 employees on its axial rotation at nowadays. where most of the sections are mutualist in put to deathing the assorted degrees of operation. Therefore it is necessary to understand the cardinal constructs of motive to use them towards actuating the employees.

Motivation is the steering spirit behind the executing of a chosen action. where it helps to accomplish the coveted consequence out of that action. Now this guiding spirit is really backed by some expansive necessities of felicity – which form the nucleus of all life being’s concluding for endurance or to develop – as the direction guru Shiv Khera says. motive is a “drive that encourages action or feeling. It is a force that can literally alter your life” ( Khera 2004 ) .

Motivation Philosophy in Workplace Environment

It may look that motive is an machine-controlled procedure. and worlds have nil to tamper into it – but it is the grade of its strength that determines the degree of one’s accomplishment and from this perspective motive is a really of import factor in human life. which is multidimensional and is non limited to pull off merely a life for a good figure of old ages. Therefore. at the primary degree motive is indispensable for being. and in its secondary degree. it is indispensable to develop further on aesthetic. emotional or esoteric plane of being.

Similarly. one might hold many ends spread out at assorted degrees of his/her being and therefore requires all of his/her power of organic structure and head. Here motive would be that indispensable accelerator to synchronise the organic structure and mind power of that person. which would rise the emotion and passion to accomplish all such ends. In this context. motive doctrine is an highly of import in workplace. because all or most of the primary or secondary ends of the employees are either straight or indirectly attached to the success of his/her workplace. which is wholly dependent on the motivated action of the employees themselves.

Therefore it will be pertinent to integrate motive theories that have evolved out of workplace environment and I have chosen four such theories for better apprehension of the topic from assorted angles. besides demoing the correlativities among them and the proceedings of the Altitude Corporation.

Motivation Theories

Theory 1: Hierarchy of Needs

This theory of Abraham Maslow ( 1908-1970 ) [ 1 ] provides an lineation of human demands that a director should cognize and work to actuate the employees. because motive is guided by unrealized demands. Therefore Maslow’s theoretical account of ‘needs’ is priceless to consistently prosecute the demands while maintaining the flow of motive intact.

Maslow’s theoretical account ( Abraham. 2006 ) divides the human needs into five wide based classs and they are:

1. Physiological Needs: Air. Water. Nourishment and Sleep – these are the basic demands of worlds and a company should take attention that the employees are holding all these in proper step. It’s merely after run intoing this demand. worlds can look towards nutriment. and therefore arrives the demand like Safety need.

2. Safety Needs: This demand covers the issues of safety in both life and in workplace. medical insurance. occupation security and fiscal backup. Company should seek to lend in all of these countries with the position that the job in any of these countries takes off the focal point of the employees. This provides much needed mental infinite and clip to the employees. where they can afford to prosecute another critical demand like Social Need.

3. Social Needs: Group activities. socialisation. or enhanced interpersonal communicating are the elements that fulfill the societal demands and which are good within the scope of a company to absorb in the employees. where they form a sense of belonging. which paves the manner for the following demand. that is Esteem Need.

4. Esteem Needs: At this phase humans turn their focal point on regard that involves acknowledgment and societal position. at the outer universe and self-respect or sense of accomplishment in one’s ain head. This creates the platform to prosecute the self-fulfillment procedure. which is a alone and eternal procedure. where one can enjoy in the eternal finds about oneself. Maslow had named this ultimate demand of worlds as Self-actualization. It is therefore understood. that an employee would make his/her highest point of respect about the company. if it can assist him/her to make this province.

5. Self-actualization: Every human life is ideally poised to prosecute this demand where one can dig deep within and maintain on detecting oneself from many perspective both on mental and physical plane – it is something like playing in one’s ain garden – in Maslow’s words. “Self-actualized individuals have frequent happenings of extremum experiences. which are minutes of profound felicity and harmony” ( Maslow’s. 2008 ) .


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