Motorola Mobile Manufacturing Division Of The Motorola Inc Marketing Essay

By August 15, 2017 Marketing

The administrations can non sit upon its base on balls success and it continuously look for new merchandises and market to prolong in this every altering competitory market where technological becomes excessively shortly disused. The competitory stableness and growing can be achieved with uninterrupted betterment and development of new merchandises and expression for the advanced ways through out the administration.

Good Merchandises are non plenty for the company to success. It requires proper selling and an effectual placement scheme. The selling will non merely present the merchandise and its benefits to the market but will function the societal aim of giving what the people want.

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Here we will be sing the weakness Brand, Motorola Mobile Manufacturing division of the Motorola Inc. and how we can capture the chances and rejuvenate the trade name if it is in the diminution phase.

Introduction of Motorola

Motorola, Inc. is an US transnational corporation. It is the company engaged in wireless telecommunications and has a immense client base all over the universe. It manufactures technological merchandises and services for general consumers, corporations and authoritiess. It was set up in 1930 and has seen a 15 old ages of high growing until 2002 due to its innovation in the first manus held cellular phone device in 1985, deficiency of competition and technological innovations in the nomadic phone industry. Amongst it other concern sections, mobile phone division histories for one tierce of its productions and gross revenues and is considered among the top 10 nomadic phone maker. Presently, the Motorola nomadic trade name is confronting a diminution phase that could be reflected through its worsening market portion due to deficiency of client credence in the French telephones portfolio manufactured by it.

Once, on the top, today Motorola ‘s rank fell to fifth to it rival leaders Nokia, Samsung, LG and SonyEricsson. It is feared that it make full further free its market portion due to new entrants such as HTC and Apple and current market leaders such as Nokia, Samsung and LG.


Current Market Position Analysis


The so far achieved success of the Motorola is due to its nucleus competences, resource handiness and development. These strengths enable Motorola to come in and vie the market strictly and secure and prolong its place.

Brand consciousness:

Motorola is a popular trade name. It was known as the large dada as an discoverer of the nomadic phones. Apart from US, it has successfully raised the consciousness of its being worldwide.

Pricing Policy:

Motorola French telephones are in-between ranged phones and are available at low-cost phones. The company has followed this pricing scheme due to its mission of fulfilling the mass market in the developed and turning economic systems.

Powerful substructure:

The trade name is manufactured in different parts of the universe but the engineering is patented and developed chiefly in US. The primary research of the market is done countrywide and the thoughts are forwarded to the US. Motorola uses its well established distribution webs to guarantee that its Mobile are launched on clip and at the right topographic point. It is besides noticed that Motorola has established good relationship with its host states.


Failings are the drawbacks which hamper the growing of any corporation and Motorola is besides enduring certain failings in its merchandise development and selling.

Weak merchandise portfolio:

It is seen that Motorola despite of holding a large advantage of good established substructure it is unable to launch assortment of merchandises in different market. At one clip it is seen that no more that six types of Motorola French telephones are available in high street phone shops and this merchandises are gone within a short period of clip to state less than three months and so are sold at the discounted monetary value in certain superstores such as in Reliance Stores or Big Bazaar.

Research and Invention:

Despite of more that $ 3b that is about15 % of net incomes spent on inventions in 2009, so far by mid of 2010 Motorola has non announced any extremist innovation suggest that the financess are non used decently. It is because of the major failings found in Motorola is that Innovation is non encouraged at the grass root degree and employees are non motivated to take active portion for this procedure. The consequence is Motorola has lagged behind the race in this of all time altering industry. To turn this failing Motorola requires equal investing in Research and Development maps.


The designs of the French telephones are non so attractive as compared to the other French telephones available in the market. Furthermore, the French telephones maps are complicated and non as user friendly as that of rivals.


Emerging markets in Asiatic and Fareast:

The demand in Asiatic and Fareast states is increasing at the enormous rate due to increasing usage of technological merchandises and substructure under development and there is a range of successful intercession and locking up the chances for growing and prolong this extremely competitory market.

4G services

It is the clip of 4G French telephones that must hold multiple characteristics and uses that support the humanoid applications.


There are 100s and 1000s of web suppliers, package and application developers, pilotage service suppliers with whom Motorola should spouse and construct long-run relationship for common benefits.



There is a changeless placement war between the major French telephone makers who wish to discontinue their market portion and they follows aggressive selling schemes of advertisement, pricing wars, coup d’etats, long-run catching with web service suppliers, patent breach and developments etc. This all poses a serious menace from rivals.


The clients wants to remain on the border of the of all time altering engineering so they demand new merchandises in short clip doing the current French telephones obsolete. Furthermore, they are found altering French telephones every twelvemonth and in these fortunes to pull and retain the clients with Motorola has become highly hard. The gnawing trade name trueness is a major menace to Motorola. Furthermore, the web suppliers are powerful clients who look for immense price reduction to profit themselves gnawing our profitableness.

New Entrant:

Apple Inc. has eroded the market of the nomadic industry through come ining this extremely concentrated market with the advanced iPhone series of French telephones.

Motorola should take necessary stairss to change over above menaces into chances by using strategic market positioning methods and developing an aggressive selling program to recover its market portion.

Selling Plan

The corporate concern statement of Motorola Inc. reads, “ We are a planetary communications leader powered by a passion to contrive and an ageless committedness to progress the manner the universe connects. Our communicating solutions allow people, concerns and authoritiess to be more affiliated and more Mobile. “ [ 1 ]

And their vision statement reads, “ Our history is rich. Our hereafter is dynamic. We are Motorola and the spirit of innovation is what drives us. ” [ 1 ]

I, steadfastly, believe that Motorola has set upon its yesteryear and still touting about its accomplishment while non clearly turn toing the current demands of the market and the hereafter needs to vie to remain in the market. Motorola requires complete rethinking of its selling aims to acquire them out of the glooming place and a strategic impetus they are confronting.

From the Motorola gross revenues record ( given on page 2 ) , we can clearly detect that Motorola is widely accepted in US and is executing hapless in Europe, Asia and has no market portion in the African Countries. This selling program is developed for emerging economic systems of Asia like India and China where the demand is really high for telecommunications.

Motorola at the Head Quarter should name two Continental production directors from several continents responsible for commanding the whole merchandise and market development. In bend, this Continental Selling Directors ( CMM ) will name state wise selling directors for research and partnering of merchandises and market development. The Selling Manager ( MM ) appointed for India has partnered with Reliance Telecoms to come to the following market program that needs the CMM consideration.

Business Aim:

The aim is to successfully establish a merchandise “ BigMotto ” to rejuvenate the Motorola trade name. These French telephones will be manufactured as per the design specification of Reliance Telecoms transporting a printed Reliance logo under the touch screen. Currently, India contributes less than 5 % of Asiatic Market Gross saless and the aim is to duplicate the gross revenues with BigMotto series of Handsets subsequently marketed every one-fourth by adding characteristics such as built-in memory or memory sweetening, increasing the megapixel of cameras, new built-in applications such as dictionary, socializing webs, e-mail, WiFi, extension support etc.. It is agreed that the selling duty will stay with the Motorola as these French telephones will besides be available to general market one time the new series of BigMotto is provided to Reliance Telecoms.

Marketing Scheme:

We will utilize mix of growing scheme and competition scheme to resuscitate Motorola Brand through our radical mobile the BigMotto utilizing Ansoff Matrix.

Ansoff Product Market Matrix:

Our growing scheme will follow the recommendations of Igor Ansoff through his merchandise – market grid. We will take merchandise development to fulfill go outing market by presenting our new merchandise BigMotto.ansoffs-matrix.jpg

The Existing Market:

Motorola is in India since last 15 old ages and their market cognition and experience is rather adequate and they are confident that BigMotto will execute highly good as there are no proclamation presently made by our rivals and the constitutional engineering of BigMotto. Primary research conducted by MM suggests that market is in demand of a radical merchandise and BigMotto is the result of this basic research.

Spouse: The Reliance Telecom:

The Reliance Telecom aim is to remain on figure one place in telecommunications in India and it is really acute about its trade name image which is India ‘s most sure and popular because of a elephantine concern imperium. It is considered that Reliance concerns are fuelling the India ‘s growing and economic system. For this grounds Reliance is really peculiar about the quality and public presentation of BigMotto manus that is the ground that is the Reason Reliance has trusted Motorola Inc. looking at it success in US.

We know the substructure good and our Partnership with Reliance Telecom will assist us to administer our merchandise throughout India by utilizing their logistic installations. It is extreme of import and utile that we have aligned our aim of growing and common development to be the market leaders.

Reliance will profit by selling our BigMotto because of the 20 % majority price reduction on their initial order of 2m French telephones that will follow every one-fourth with an extra 2.5 % price reduction, with a payment in progress that we are offering to them. Reliance Telecom can roll up their attractive service contracts exciting the demand for our French telephones. Partnering with Reliance will give us direct entree for duplicating our current gross revenues which we are making through our authorized traders.

The Merchandise: BigMotto:

Our new French telephone, BigMotto, is a radical merchandise giving high public presentation and 100 hours of base entirely battery life with last radiation and secondary car solar panel for car recharge for having calls when battery dies which is considered as the engineering discovery.

The gross generated from the initial contract monetary value reception and secondary sale in the India ‘s direct market will enable us to research and develop new series of French telephones to establish in the following twelvemonth.

Simultaneously, we will establish this merchandise in US and other Asiatic markets and when the demand of BigMotto starter edition begins to worsen, we will present this successful merchandise in African states.

The Price for BigMotto:

Our market is the same and they know our monetary value scope for high tech phones that is between Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000. Our current cost in Rs. is 18,000 which will cut down over clip because of mass production so we can establish this merchandise at an mean monetary value of Rs.25,000 giving us a good premium for our discovery merchandise, BigMotto. We will desire to be known as cost-cum-product discriminator. The clients will pull to this monetary value offer where the Apple Phones are monetary value above Rs.40,000 and HTC and other android phones are available in the market for above 30,000. Sing the characteristics, engineering and monetary value BigMotto will be picked up by the market as a pancake.

Topographic point:

Initially, the merchandise will be introduced through Reliance Telecom which has operations throughout the state. Then after three months a general public launch will take topographic point and that clip Reliance will be given a new series of BigMotto.

We have our current and active traders in India with a web of distribution channels. They will astonish by the demand and will be despairing about BigMotto to add in their portfolio. We will accept the pre-orders from them that will assist us to gauge the production and gross revenues.

All we need to make is guarantee that BigMotto is approachable to Reliance and our traders on or before clip because of originative stimulated demand.

Promotion Mix:

We will utilize Advertising, Gross saless Promotion and Sponsorship tools of publicity mix.


We will utilize an aggressive advertizement scheme through utilizing aggregate media like telecasting adverts utilizing famous persons, attractive hoardings and postings, dedicated web site and web log for our merchandise BigMotto, local newspapers and appliance magazines. The focal point of our advertizement will be to make consciousness, raise involvement and stimulate desire and action of the consumers.

Our MM will spouse with Reliance Telecom MM to come up with a Television advert run. Of class as agreed the concluding determination will be with us. The benefit of advertizement partnering will be to develop and set up the relationship for longer partnership. However, we will make the public proclamation on the Christmas Eve and until that the undertaking will be kept every bit confidential as possible by us and our trade spouse and that should be agreed upon in the understanding to avoid menace from rivals and so in new twelvemonth large public launch party to take guests with imperativeness and media presented at the Royal Taj Hotels in Mumbai.

Gross saless Promotion:

We are informed by our spouse, Reliance Telecom, that their 20 % annual contracts are to run out by mid February and they will be due for Renewal in mid January. It will be good clip for Motorola to hold with its spouse to establish the merchandise in the New Year and Reliance will throw an introductory 33.33 % off monetary value offer for ascents and 20 % off for come ining the new contracts. Reliance wo n’t free anything as it is acquiring the majority price reduction and its contract monetary value will cover the costs of the French telephones to them. This will assist us to run into 25 % of our one-year mark in the first one-fourth itself.

New clients will be attracted by this introductory offer and they might travel from our bing rivals who are non expected to offer or establish new French telephones in the New Year. There is besides a little section of Motorola ‘s loyal clients, they will be happy with this introductory offer and will catch a trade. Our gross revenues publicity will depend partly upon Reliance Telecom ‘s ain attempts for their advertizement and client services suggestions, which they in fact will make because of the stock list they will keep of BigMotto.


We will patronize 2011 Cricket World Cup that will be held in India and will make a gross revenues publicity of 1,000 tickets via our traders in India. By this the gross revenues from the traders will besides increase enabling us to make closer to our aim of growing and trade name re-development.

Cardinal Actions:

Now we need to make the key estimations of budget allotment for our publicity mix and bill of exchange for publicities agenda for actions.


Selling Manager has suggested that we tender for Television advert run or we can inquire Reliance Telecom to present to us their Commercials Management Company. Whichever, beginning selected it will the ultimate duty of MM to pass necessary financess of the publicity mixes and oversee and command the terminal deliverables.

Budget for publicities:

In India, 10m BigMotto scope of French telephones is estimated to be sold in peculiar 8m through Reliance Contract and 2m via our traders. The mean monetary value of the French telephones in gross earned will be Rs. 20,000 numbering gross of Rs. 100bn so it is sensible to pass Rs.200m on our publicities mix.

Following Costss and Schedule of planned activities is ideal:

( Sums in Rs. million )

Monitoring and Control:

The monitoring of the whole undertaking launch will be done by the appointed CMM. Marketing director will be responsible to CMM. He will show the gross revenues study, demand prognosiss, any job in the merchandise working etc. to CMM. The CMM will be more interested in the selling and publicity mix scheme adopted by MM and the public presentation of the merchandise in the market against its rivals.

For control and intercession intents CMM will put the gross revenues mark, suggests and command the costs of selling and garner the research study for the hereafter development of merchandises. By all these information, CMM can make up one’s mind how to do alterations to the bing merchandise, what phase of life rhythm the merchandise is, any variegation of market required for the merchandise or any other effectual scheme to run into the aims of gross revenues growing in Asiatic markets.


I have learnt that a value in a merchandise or service is identified as how good a merchandise is fulfilling the outlooks and perceptual experiences a consumer. A consumer in Selling is both an go outing client and the prospective client who are aimed by the administration to sale their merchandises separating themselves from its rivals in footings of monetary value, quality or characteristics that will be coined in as a value of that goods or service.

My chosen companies, Motorola ‘s Telecommunications concern section of consumer Mobile device is non found presenting adequate value in its merchandise design, engineering and characteristics and that is the ground why its market portion is decreasing. The nomadic portfolio of Motorola is so dull that both its exiting and new launches are falling behind the engineering found in today ‘s humanoid and 4G French telephones. It is besides seen that Motorola is making good in the US as it could be due to popularity and a good known trade name. But, if, Motorola do non better or make extremist alter the manner it is viing market no Oklahoman will it get down losing its market portion in the US. The lone value Motorola is supplying its consumer is the monetary value as the French telephones are non so expensive and it supports the exiting engineerings.

The trade name in Asian and European states declined because of a stiff competition and client weariness to utilizing traditional type of devices with simple maps of call and having phone calls. The designs of most of the Motorola manus set are non so attractive and some of the series of its phones are found holding the proficient troubles. Furthermore, Motorola are non so lasting French telephones doing instant amendss to expose, circuit or keypad if it is dropped.

What I have learnt so far from my coach Mr. Mo and mentioning to the Marketing Management by Kotler P. , I have come up with the thought of rejuvenating the worsening trade name Motorola with a radical merchandise BigMotto that hopes to make good in the Asiatic markets.

Learning Results:

At the start of the faculty I was like a twelvemonth one pupil who had to larn ABC of Marketing. I had a excessively small anterior cognition of selling tools and techniques to win the market portion. I was really certain from my category 1 that with my coach, Mr. Mo, I will acquire more than I am anticipating and the twenty-four hours went along and I now feel that it was a great experience to cognize and analyze this topic.

As an accounting pupil I considered selling as merely another map within the administration and it activities are merely related to gross revenues publicity and establishing the merchandise. I was incorrectly, when I came up with this head set that gross revenues publicity is merely one map, when they really are non.

I learnt that attack to a market is a selling program. It is non merely required for establishing new merchandises but besides required for pull offing the bing merchandises by placing their place in their life rhythm. I learnt that, if I were employed as a Marketing Manager, I would foremost place what merchandise portfolio my administration is bring forthing or keeping and what are at that place several portions utilizing merchandise life rhythm ( PLC ) and BCG matrix.

It can be concluded by the survey of PLC and BGC how to pull off and shift the portfolio. Does the merchandise requires adding new characteristics like repackaging, adding supernumeraries or does it requires to establish new market or raise it from the market. The merchandises that are on the mature phase or hard currency cattles generate high hard currency flows that could be used for the development and launching of new merchandises. There are some merchandises classed as inquiry Markss where they have a high potency for growing but low market portion therefore their growing rate or placement is unsure as it is seen that there are some merchandises in the debut phase traveling consecutive to the diminution phase of the PLC.

In my anterior surveies I learnt merely 4P ‘s theory to marketing mix that is Product, Price, Promotion and Place, whereas in this faculty I learnt another 3P ‘s that could be efficaciously usage for selling of services and they are Peoples, Process and Physical Evidence. This extra cognition explained me how people and their attitude is a key to the success of successful selling when it is the direct selling demand to present our merchandise or service to our prospective consumers. Procedures and physical grounds are the manner how rapidly and efficaciously the service is delivered. It is necessary to gain at this point that monetary value map of the selling mix plays an of import function and selling scheme should be aligned with the administration scheme and aims. The selling mix tool monetary value is a factor that affects non merely the buying power of the consumer but our profitableness and competition. Price is such an of import factor for which all the conflicts in selling are organised and won.

Now, uncluttering my perceptual experience about gross revenues publicity, it is non the lone attack for selling merchandises and services and it is the portion of the Promotion Mix to Marketing and there is a whole batch of other attacks to publicities mix and they are publicizing, direct selling, personal merchandising, public dealingss and sponsorship. Each of these attacks has a different agencies of presenting our merchandises or services to the targeted section. Whichever publicities mix is chosen it should be effectual to accomplish the aims of gross revenues publicity.

I was surprised to larn that Public Relations are a selling tool. Whenever I was listening or reading about a individual who is a interpreter for a company I thought that they could be merely nominated for pull offing a peculiar event or proclamation. Now, I good understand the map of PR officer that involves considerations of different stakeholders apart from consumers such as clients, employees, local community who may impact our aim for a merchandise or market development. I botching of an event, public dealingss or noticing without proper consideration could convey organisation unwanted problem and trade name name could be impaired that might hold required series of attempts and old ages of persuasion to construct up a trade name and client acknowledgment. It is frequently said that it takes merely one word to lose the trade name image and many to build it.

The kernel of successful selling is a full cogent evidence organised selling program. The selling program is the systematic attack to a merchandise or a market and it involves overall considerations from origin to monitoring and control of merchandise placement in the market.

The elaborate program provides a route map or a model for puting aims, implementing scheme, monitoring and commanding maps of the program, resource demands and use, delegating duties and puting deadlines for the cardinal phases of appraisal. To be successful, selling program requires a full liberty to the MM without any limitation to resources because he/she is a professional individual and knows better in and out.

The first phase of selling program is the current state of affairs analysis where we can utilize different direction theoretical accounts such as PESTEL Analysis, Michael Porter ‘s 5 forces, SWOT Analysis, Benchmarking or any other theoretical account to cognize whether the market we are taking to influence is large and profitable plenty. This besides requires placing our cardinal section to which our selling program will be focused.

The 2nd phase to the selling program is nonsubjective puting where the aims and mileposts are set. The cardinal aim of selling could be viing sharply, growing in market portion, exciting or making demand or edifice trade name. The selling aims should be clearly defined and they should be quantifiable or mensurable to cognize how effectual is the set aims are met or what are the spread that requires considerations. Those aims should be realistic and time-bound as the selling program has the restraint over timing.

I learnt that the selling program might concentrate upon the either the growing scheme or the competitory scheme. The competitory scheme involves different orientations based upon focal point cleavage, distinction or cost-leadership. All three attacks guarantee that an administration could come in new market or vie in the bing one and make better than its rivals.

Selling Plan requires immense investing. It is the duties that at the caput administrations gives importance to the selling map and allocate adequate financess for it activities because the endurance could be determined by proper attack to pull offing the market and it demands through a successful selling scheme.

Selling program is non the terminal in itself. It is the beginning and a life clip procedure as an of import component of the selling program is both pulling and retaining consumers productively. Continuous relationship direction is a map when merchandises and services are launched in a peculiar market. The administrations are expect to present sufficient quality and measure of merchandises when they are demanded by their consumer and this could be managed by relationship selling that involves uninterrupted common exchange and fulfillment of promises.

It is seen that administrations has developed assorted methods to remain in changeless contact indirectly with its clients through roll uping informations about their purchasing behaviors and supplying trueness strategies and clubbing points for salvation as a price reduction to their purchases.

I am presently working as a par clip shopper in the Sainsbury ‘s on-line section. I have realised that the intent of covering cheerily when client inquire what you are making on the store floor with this large dolly and we are trained to smile and explicate that it ‘s on-line shopping and how it works. Besides the clients are requested to hold the nectar card a selling scheme of constructing client relationship. The faculty surveies made me gain that unwittingly, I am the portion of a Marketing Plan and a large image.

I once more, thank Mr. Mo for being so explanatory instructor, uncluttering my uncertainties and misconcepts. Well, I could reflect and confidently say that I am ready to go the portion of the successful selling squad and take the administration to the new skyline.


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