Moving Up from the Working Class

July 3, 2017 General Studies

Moving up From the Working Class by Morris and Grimes In the article by Morris and Grimes they talk about going from the working class and moving up to the middle class and the shock of that. They describe how people don’t really know how to handle the change in status. It also talks about how people can be discouraged from moving up in class and are in a way raised to stay in the class that their parents grew up in. I can see evidence of this in my own life and at the same time I can find in my life evidence to the contrary. I grew up in a divorced home.

My father is a manager of engineers at the local power company. This job has set him fairly well off in life. He makes approximately $160,000 a year plus he has a company truck that he is allowed to drive off work and his work gave him a gas card to go along with it. Needless to say he is in the middle class lifestyle. My mother and stepfather on the other hand are clearly in the working class. My stepfather is a preacher at a small Baptist church in rural Kentucky and my mother works as a phlebotomist in a hospital. They have to provide for a total of four kids, my father on the other hand just has me and my sister.

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My father has always encouraged me to get degree because that is what he did when he was my age. He, in fact, wants me to have a very similar life as he does, from going to the same college and getting the same degree and he was a little upset when I picked a different college and career field. He was even more concerned when I told him that I was leaving college after I accumulated 60 hours so I could become a state trooper. He said it was very risky for me to go through life without a degree. He says I need a backup plan, even though I have one with the Marine Corps.

My mother on the other hand has been very supportive in my endeavors and wants me to have a better life than she does and wants me to move up the social ladder. She supports my decisions because she knows that I will be better off than she is now when I am her age. These two sides of my life both support two sides of the paper. The first that people in the middle class often want their children to be just like them. The second point being that people in the working class want better for their children so that they do not have to go through the hardships that they went through in life.


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