Multi Brands Fast Food Chain Restaurants Marketing Essay

Brand Management is the method of using activities to merchandises, and trade names which will assist heighten and keep trade name equity. Brand direction is a really large subject, out of it comes many roots and are called trade name elements, such as trade name equity, trade name research, client based trade name equity theoretical account, planing the trade name, trade name trueness, trade name advertisement, trade name pricing and etc. A trade name which is the logo, name, symbol, and motto, is supervised by a trade name director ( Keller 2008:2 ) . For illustration, nestle has many merchandises such as tea, milk, and ice pick, each trade name of these has a trade name director who is responsible for it. Brand can besides be physical feeling such as packaging, physical visual aspect and warrants, non merely a name that pops up into a consumer head ( Aaker and Biel 1993:33 ) .In 1980 ‘s people started to recognize that the weight of the company is measured by its trade name, and non by its physical assets ( Kapferer 2008:18 ) , Brand success is measured by its ability to keep in a good place in the market and ne’er leave a client head. The five phases of trade name rhythm measures whether the trade name is wining or non are: ( The trade name definition, Awareness experience, Buying experience, Using and service experience, Membership experience ) ( Benson,2006 )

In order to specify the trade name and how it ‘s perceived by clients there are certain constituents which will assist trade name direction understand how the trade names are defined by the consumer:

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Who: the primary and valuable mark client for the merchandise or service.

What: characteristics, capablenesss, and offerings that are being offered.

Why: client make usage of the benefit provided by the trade name.

How: the attack makes usage of presenting the promise.

( Benson,2006 )

Brand direction must be careful when puting trade names in different states, because, trade names possibly viewed otherwise by people harmonizing to their civilizations, beliefs, values, and traditions. All of these points should be taken into consideration carefully because they can take to failure or success of the set. Brand directors should analyze carefully where they are seeking to place their trade name, and who are the consumers that are traveling to be targeted, so that any misinterpretation of the trade name could be avoided. Here are illustrations of how trade name names are perceived otherwise from state to another:

In Spain Mitsubishi Pajero is an contemptuous word while in Arab states it ‘s a normal word. So here there is a job which needs trade name directors to acquire involved inorder to settle this misinterpretation.

McDonalds all around the universe is in a ruddy colour, but there is a province in USA were they perceive the ruddy colour as force, so in order to work out this job, McDonalds changed their colour in this province into blue.

Literature Review

Brand Equity

First of all I will specify what is trade name equity which is the value and weight of the trade name to the consumer and how they are loyal to it. Perception and feelings toward a merchandise and its public presentation is represented by trade names, so trade names are non merely symbols and names they are the basicss for a company to get a strong relationship with the consumer. ( Kotler 2008:230 ) .

Building strong trade names is really of import inorder to hold the ability to last and win in the market and be able to vie with other strong trade names, their is a procedure to follow which will help in constructing a strong trade name they are:

Brand placement

Brand directors their mission is to seek positioning their trade name in the consumers mind. The placement of the trade name comes at three degrees which are attributes, benefits, beliefs and values. Properties are the weakest degree to place a trade name ( Kotler 2008:231 ) . These yearss most of the rivals are copying each other properties, but the thing they are losing here is that consumers no longer interested in the properties it self but they are interested in what will the properties help them to acheive. Benefits are the out comes that the consumer will acquire when utilizing a certain trade name. Beliefs and values are related to emotions, its about how purchasing these merchandises empowers its socially witting client ( Kotler 2008:232 ) .

Brand Name Selection

A well choosen trade name name can give a push to a trade name ‘s success, but to happen a name which will assist in the success is really hard. To take a trade name name we should take these following points into consideration ; ( 1 ) Simplisity in articulating the trade name name, memorizing, and recognizig it. ( 2 ) A trade name name should be alone. ( 3 ) Simplisity in interpreting it to other linguistic communications and at the same clip avoiding, the misinterpretation of the names in different states. ( 4 ) Expanding the trade name name by, widning the activities of the company.

( Kotler 2008:232 )

3 ) Brand Sponsorship

Brand sponsorship is really of import, because it creates a sort of attractive force and spreads the trade name universe broad, sponsorship could be involved in many events such as Soccer lucifers, concerts, Tv show plan, Football participants kit.

Brand Development

When companies are willing to develop their trade names, Their are ways to make it:

( Line extension ) it happens when companies would wish to widen the bing trade name names to new, colourss, sizes, signifiers, spirits, and etc ( Kotler 2008:237 ) . ( Brand Extension ) estending the trade names that are available right now to new merchandises in a new class ( Kotler 2008:237 ) .

Customer Based Brand Equity

Their are inquiries that should be asked, sing howa create a strong trade name? And what other ways we could utilize to construct strong trade names? The CBBE theoretical account attacks trade name equity from the position of the consumer, whether the consumer is an person or an organisation. Understanding the demands and wants of consumer and organisation, and being able to fulfill them is the bosom of successful selling ( Keller2008:48 ) . Calciferol: Folderspictures83888258_80b2635f61.jpg


( Haddad 2008:24 )

The client based trade name equity was designed to be comprehensive, cohesive, up to day of the month, actionable ( Haddad 2008:22 ) . Identifying each portion of the CBBE pyramid:

Salience the trade name consciousness measuring ( Keller 2008:60 ) . Performance is the merchandises and services run intoing the client ( Keller 2008:65 ) . Imagery is the manner in which the trade name meets the psychological and societal demand of the client ( Keller 2008:65 ) . Judgments: the rating and the sentiment of the client towards the trade name ( Keller 2008:67 ) . Feelingss: the response and reaction of the trade name towards the client ( Keller 2008:68 ) . Resonance: The relationship that the client feels with the trade name ( Keller 2008:72 ) .

Brand Research

Brand research is used to place the feeling of the consumers towards the trade name, which clients purchase the merchandise, what other trade names are viing with your trade name. The demand to cognize about the present clients: Why they choose your trade name? Are they traveling to buy back it? How are they utilizing the merchandise? Where make your clients purchase the merchandises? ( Haddad 2008:11 )

The best manner to depict the consumers is through the cleavage variables which are geographic ( states, states, neighbours, metropolis ) , demographic ( instruction, age, sex, income ) , psychographic ( The market is being divided based on the personality ) ( belch2009: 51 ) , Behavioristic ( the consumers are divided into groups harmonizing to their truenesss, purchasing of the merchandise, and use ) ( belch2009: 52 ) . There are other methods used to do research:

Qualitative research: researching the countries where cognition does n’t be. ( Tench & A ; Yeomans 2009: 204 )



Identify unknown information

It takes a batch of clip

Supply penetration into motive

Requires big sum of money

Quantitative research: The consequences are expressed in Numberss. ( Tench & A ; Yeomans 2009: 204 )



Generate comparable consequences

Could misdirect to irrelevant waies

Clients have a higher per centum of accepting it

Ca n’t travel into deeper analysis

Brand Ad

Brand advertisement increases the acknowledgment of the consumers towards the trade name ; it ‘s besides the generator which helps the concern to win. Most of the proprietor ‘s, who ain concerns, think of the trade name as a logo with colour and a motto. They do n’t understand the relation between the trade name and the consumer. The trade names that truly win are the 1s which have emotional relationship with the consumer. So successful trade name advertisement is about how to do the consumer reach the emotional relationship with the trade name. Owners might experience that their trade name is believable and trusty but this is non plenty, because they ca n’t believe from their ain position, trustiness should make clients in order to accomplish trade name trueness and a strong trade name ( Long, 2009 ) . Forms of trade name advertisement are: Television, Radio, Print ads, Internet, Bill boards, streamers.

Associating trade name elements to McDonalds ( eating house )

How does McDonalds construct trade name equity?

Ad, constructing relationship with consumers, edifice trust, good service, seeking to do our merchandises low-cost every bit much as possible to everyone, take parting in community activities and fund elevation, all of these factors will better our image and make a strong trade name.

How are you traveling to construct a strong trade name utilizing the trade name scheme determinations?

Brand positioning comes in three degrees as I mentioned above, property ( McDonalds are non merely concentrating on their nutrient properties because, there are many debris nutrient concerns who produce same properties ) . Benefits ( are what McDonalds concentrating on, they care about their nutrient gustatory sensation, freshness, topographic point spruceness and cleanness, and the satisfaction of clients after completing their repast ) . Beliefs and values ( in Egypt McDonalds do n’t offer porc meat because it ‘s against people values and beliefs ) .

Brand name choice McDonalds is an easy name which could be memorized its really simple and sort of good story, this trade name name differs from other fast nutrient trade name names, because McDonalds is seeking to be different than other trade name names, by directing message to consumers which is. Consumers can eat all they want, but they can hold healthy life by commanding their nutrient.

Brand sponsorship McDonalds patrons football squads, universe cup 2010, it concentrates more on athletic activities and events so that they can make a healthy trade name image.

Brand development McDonalds are ever seeking to develop their merchandises by holding the best gustatory sensation and sensible monetary value, developing their service by holding the fastest place bringing service in Egypt. Developing their ads by doing it more amusing and simple.

How can McDonalds make successful client based trade name equity ( CBBE? )

Salience: consumers perceived McDonalds 43 % best, 43 % non bad, 14 % bad.

Performance: McDonalds aim all consumer ages, and they besides target category A, B, and C.

Sandwichs monetary values

Double Big Mac

Mc Royal

One-fourth Pounder

Double Big Tasty

Chicken Fillet

Fillet Fish

20.91 L.E

15.45 L.E

15.45 L.E

18.64 L.E

15.45 L.E

8.18 L.E

Desertss monetary values

Apple Pie

Ice Cream Sundae

Mc Flurry

Ice Cream Cone

5 L.E

5 L.E

12.05 L.E

2 L.E

The service in McDonalds is really fast in different ways, it ‘s the fastest bringing in Egypt, fastest job response, and one of the best employee client relationship. The manner and design of the topographic point is really clean, orderly, and makes you happy and comfy while sitting indoors.

Imagery McDonalds in Egypt started 15 old ages ago, and established 60 eating houses till now. McDonalds offer their merchandises harmonizing to consumers ‘ values, beliefs, and civilizations. For illustration in Ramadan, McDonalds offer iftar bill of fare for people who are fasting. In Christmas they offer siyamy bill of fare which is fillet fish. There are obstructions which are being faced seeking to follow another states nutrient, in Thailand McDonalds offer shrimps sandwiches because it ‘s their traditional nutrient over at that place, you ca n’t do consumers in Egypt follow seafood sandwiches from McDonalds because its non their traditional nutrient over here.

Feelingss McDonalds are making their best to supply exhilaration and merriment for their clients, McDonalds TV. Ads are really amusing, during the half clip of the lucifers ; TV ads appear so viewing audiences are encouraged to purchase repasts while they are watching the lucifer. If there is a large lucifer between Egypt and another state McDonalds designs the topographic point with Egyptian flags, and they have creative persons for people who would wish to pull on their faces.

Judgments harmonizing to what we have mentioned above, clients are happy because we try to run into their demand in every possible manner, and work out any job they face with our nutrient or topographic point. McDonalds Is a believable trade name because it ‘s a really strong rival all over the universe, it ‘s the 2nd best rival in fast nutrient concerns after KFC.

Resonance There is a strong relationship with the employees and the clients, employees are ever friendly and smiling to clients so that they can do them experience welcome, and they ever try to do them comfortable every bit much as they can.

How is Qualitative research being used?

Qualitative research is being used to cognize how consumers see our merchandises ( gustatory sensations, freshness, new merchandises, and etc. ) Service ( bringing service, employees ‘ relation, and topographic point. )

How is quantitative research being used?

It provides aid to cognize the measure of jazz band needed to be increased daily, hebdomadal, and monthly. It besides place what type of merchandises are consumer demanding, the sandwich double large tasty was created utilizing the quantitative research.

How make use Advertising to beef up McDonald ‘s trade name?

McDonalds advertise largely on telecasting utilizing simple and amusing ads which will pull clients to purchase their merchandises. They used to publicize on wireless excessively. McDonalds uses FP7 which is the advertisement bureau to assist them, FP7 is working with McDonalds since 15 old ages ago, they helped them make the bringing Television ad, and other comedy ads. Off class McDonalds patrons Egyptian football squads such as:

Ghazl el mahala

El gaish

El masry

All of this will assist better the advertisement.



Brand Awareness


Brand Equity

Brand memory placement

Customer service

Gross saless


Brand trueness

H1. There is a relationship between advertizement, trade name Awareness, and trade name equity.

H2. There is a relationship between gross revenues, trade name consciousness, and trade name equity.

H3. There is a relationship between client service, trade name memory placement and trade name equity.

H4. There is a relationship between employees, trade name trueness, and trade name equity.

Research Purposes:

The aim of this research how to implement the trade name elements, in order to make trade name equity, how to do consumers loyal to your trade name, promoting consumers to purchase the merchandise, and construct emotional feeling between the trade name and the consumer so that they can ever experience committed to it. Trade names should ever be updated, because consumers require on the long tally new developed trade name, which will assist in deriving competitory advantage over other rivals.

Research Methods:

I will carry on this research through study for consumers, and interview, so that I can roll up adequate information for my survey. Surveys related to consumers will be related how they perceive McDonalds trade name, and interview with directors sing how do they use research in order to analyse consumer satisfaction towards the trade name, the techniques they are utilizing to make clients so that they can construct strong trade names.

Time Table:

Feb to March: A Design ResearchA Surveys Questionnaires approved with the Supervisor.

March to April: A Collect Data ( Start SPSS ) Preparation Framework.

April to June: A Analysis & A ; Interpretation of the DataA to come up with the proposed suggestions.


Consumers are the of import factor for any trade name success, that ‘s why it ‘s indispensable to maintain consumers satisfied, and be originative while utilizing techniques that will assist in deriving new consumers, and maintain the demand and wants of your current 1 ‘s fulfilled. As I mentioned above, the trade name factors that will assist take to trade name equity, such as trade name placement, trade name name, trade name patron ship, trade name development, client based trade name equity, trade name research, and trade name trueness, trade name consciousness are the cardinal factors to trade name success and to keep and constructing trade name equity.



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