Multilingual Ability

December 18, 2017 Teaching

Adapting, preparing, and improving the regulation collectively and individually (reformatting of regulation) 2. Improving the quality of human resources in bureaucracy, worker, and professional 3. Arousing the position of small, medium scale enterprise 4. Arousing cooperation between public and private sectors 5. Creating conducive working climate and decreasing high cost economy 6. Developing the priority sectors which affect broadly and period commodity 7. Improving the participation of public and private institutions for implementing ACE blueprint 8.

Reformatting the institution and government 9. Providing financing institution which is easy to access by all subjects of all enterprise scales 10. Repairing physical infrastructures through developing or repairing infrastructures like transportation, telecommunication, highways, harbor, revitalization and industrial restructuring, etc. These 10 strategic steps will lead Indonesia to be a country that’s ready to face the ACE 2015. However, after strengthening the steps, Indonesia needs to have a bridge which is multilingual language ability.

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English as the lingua franca is glanced enough as the language to communicate with others because English is spoken by almost every country in the world that makes it the third most spoken language in the world regardless the number of people in The Great Britain and Northern Island. However, by speaking in English is not enough as the communication tools if Indonesia wants to be the best player in facing the globalization. Even in Indonesia where there are more than 300 local languages, those people will respect and happy if the new inhabitants speak the local language. Hence, multilingual ability is needed as well.

In other context, learning English effectively is still a big problem for most of SEAN (Limit, 2014). It also applies to others languages – Chinese, Afrikaans, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, etc. For short term planning, to solve it one of the best and fastest ways for Indonesia approaching the ACE 201 5 is to create a national institution which is focus on the multilingual ability. The way to create the institution: 1 . The government will select the Indonesian who are good at certain languages 2. All the selected Indonesian will be gathered in an institution that focus on the multilingual language 3.

After gathering the languages expertise and legalized the multilingual institution, when institutions or companies in Indonesia make an agreement with other countries, they will be helped by the national institution that focus on the multilingual language to translate in different languages. 4. In the multilingual national institution, the expertise will often make panel discussion to discuss and translate the document in many efferent languages and attempt to keep the meaning so that it is suit with the first meaning sense of the document.

The national institution will help the private organizations, state organizations, and maybe Indonesia government in translation. So that cooperation with other countries is done effectively and efficiently. Along with the short term planning is done, for the long term planning to make multilingual ability, the government should take the strategic steps that support in improving multilingual ability. The steps are: 1 . To enter the multilingual ability in curriculum.

Through regulation each of Indonesian should master English and other international language 2. To facilitate the regulation for private international language courses and give low loan interest for them to expand 3. To facilitate the international universities to enter Indonesia 4. To appreciate the one that has multilingual ability 5. To make events to appreciate multilingual language such as speech and debate in two international languages 6. To send the Indonesian language teachers as many as possible to other countries for teaching Indonesian language

As the conclusion, the ACE 201 5 is the biggest opportunity for Indonesia through highlighting the good preparation which has summarized into 10 points by Trading Department of Indonesia. And as the bridge to win the competition the Indonesia should sharpen the multilingual ability. Due to the ACE that will be started in 201 5 the best and fastest way to prepare the multilingual ability that by creating a national multilingual language institution. So to facilitate the Indonesian to have multilingual ability, the government should take the strategic steps that support in improving the multilingual ability.


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