Music Appreciation Essay

July 29, 2018 Music

1. What are figured bass and basso figured bass? How are they related? Figured bass is a musical notation utilizing Numberss to bespeak chords. intervals. and other facets in relation to the bass note of the music and basso figured bass is the harmoniousness of the music itself. ( this has nil to make with the inquiry ; when I took AP music theory. figured bass was my favourite thing to make! )

2. What is ornamentation?
Ornamentation is the usage of non-necessary musical flourishes. such as shakes and grace notes. to the basic tune or harmoniousness.

3. What is an cantata? How does it differ from an opera?
Cantatas are fundamentally merely concerts. whereas operas are more theatrical. Cantatas have a different focal point and don’t use scenery like operas.

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4. What is an orchestra? How did the development of orchestras influence Baroque music? Orchestras are larger instrumental ensembles or groups that contain brass. twine. percussion. and woodwind instruments. The development of orchestras brought along the development of new instruments. like the fiddle and cello & A ; it besides brought along the composing of orchestral music specifically.

5. What is an instrumental suite?
A composing that consists of a sequence of short pieces. organizing into a big composing.

Critical thought inquiries:

1. What are the features of Baroque music? How would you depict Baroque music?
Baroque music is defined as “that in which the harmoniousness is confused. charged with transitions and disagreements. the tune is rough and small natural. the modulation hard. and the motion constrained” ( Jean-Jacques Rousseau ) . To me. churrigueresque music is extremely bizarre and cosmetic ; highly hard and concise. yet beautiful all at the same clip.

2. Choose one of the composers discussed in the unit and listen to several of the composer’s works. Which works did you listen to? How would you depict this composer’s music? Why do you believe this composer was an influential figure in Baroque music?

I chose to listen to one of my favourite composers of all clip. Antonio Vivaldi. I listened to The Four Seasons ( every season & A ; every motion ) . I find his composings amazing. able to state narratives without the usage of words. Small things such as the incorporation of animate beings and sounds from nature genuinely paint a image in the head. In add-on to this. the sudden alteration from a soothing fiddle soloist playing to a group of threading instruments playing at one time wholly dramatizes the piece. doing it more meaningful. Overall. I believe Vivaldi is an astonishing composer. who was extremely influential in the Baroque period due to his usage of largely stringed instruments. and he was extremely advanced. His music was extremely decorated and originative. and in most instances. really melodious and smooth. Vivaldi continues to be an influential composer to this twenty-four hours.

3. How did composers and instrumentalists think about themselves during the Baroque period? How did this influence the music that they created?

4. What advantages and disadvantages did Baroque composers have in the backing system? What did they derive from this pattern? What limitations did it topographic point on them?
They were able to showcase their musical mastermind. yet they were limited to what they were able to play because of what the frequenter wanted to hear. They did derive a batch of celebrity and promotion through the backing system despite the restrictions that were placed on them.

5. Baroque music frequently tried to capture and reflect a peculiar emotion or feeling. Choose one of the musical plants in the unit. Identify the work that you chose. What feeling or emotion is the composer seeking to capture or reflect in the work? What aspects of the music lead you to this emotion or feeling?


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