Music Inspiration

Some of us grow up with the ear of a musician; others are forced to lend the ear to music. In either perspective music is an inspiration to a life. Music has brought unity, smiles, culture, tears, and much more. One can’t deny the feel you get when a piece of music is played, whether its beats, notes, a tune, even natural sounds. Music has inspired many people and has helped them in their lowest point of their lives.

Though the music of today isn’t the same as it used to be; meaning wise, we can all agree that inspiration has cultivated the hearts of the world. Music, is technically sounds put together to make a tune. From the beginning of time, human kind has been motivated by the sounds our world has to give. We started out with rocks and elephant bones hitting stretched out deer skin, clapping, and wooing. Now we have technology that brings together these sounds to make a more creative tune, beat.

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Music has created a way of expressing your feelings; a Language. Music is the way of life, without it our world, life, would be as if we were mimes; silent. Almost everybody can see eye to eye that communication is a part of life. Music enters that field in which people express their most intimate, deep feelings. Some choose not to mix music with words, other choose to combine lyrics with music. Music inspires us to be ourselves and illustrate our emotions and ideas to the people around us, and even encourage others.



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