Music that may cause a variety of

April 22, 2019 Music

Music and crime are two very distinctly different but related things. Music has effects other than providing pleasure to listeners. On one hand, music may affect emotions in such a way that it may trigger a person to justify a criminal act. On the other hand, it can also help suppress a potential criminal’s emotions, which may possibly prevent crime from happening. For most people, classical music is that which usually has a positive effect. It may calm the violent instinct that is deep within a person, especially those who have no other means to release these instincts. Thus, classical music may have a negative effect on crime.

Music and crime can be correlated through an individual’s mood. The mood that music inherently suggests is usually reflected in one’s thoughts. To clarify, crime may be usually driven by a person’s mentality, while music can influence one’s thinking. In some forms of music, there are seemingly subliminal messages that may cause a variety of effects for different personalities. The subliminal messages that could influence a person can be a contributing factor in crimes (Cooper).

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