Muslim leaders in south Asia Essay

August 22, 2017 Religion

Moslem leaders in south Asia and northern Africa both had many issues and troubles when it came to specifying their patriotism as an imperium. Both southern Asia and Northern Africa struggled politically. educationally. and sacredly to specify their patriotism.

Both Northern Africa and Southern Asia struggled to specify their imperiums patriotism because of political issues. ( 4. 6 ) . A Muslim Egyptian patriot is talking about how the E will ne’er see oculus to oculus with the West. The Nationalist is stating how Egypt can ne’er make patriotism if his state is at civil war. and can non see oculus to oculus and agree on things. ( 4. ) This personal prejudice is an issue because it is merely giving an sentiment of an eastern African citizen. A western African citizen could be experiencing a complete opposite manner about political relations. This affairs because a western African could hold a solution to see oculus to oculus about political relations. and wholly fix the job. It would assist to see a papers demoing the sentiment of a western African citizen stating how he feels about the E and the West holding on political relations.

Education was a large factor in South Asia and Southern Africa. ( 3. 1 ) . An pedagogue of an oriental college is stating how people would instead take to salvage and follow Islam so to take in the new British instruction system. This creates patriotism in a manner that Islam is looking for new instruction that will be better. and more advanced so the eastern instruction systems such as Great Britain. ( 1 ) . Peoples are more focussed on spiritual political orientations so the existent educational facts that are shown that says an iaindian Muslim leader who was imprisoned several times for political activism. It defines patriotism by the existent facts alternatively of religion and faith. ( 3 ) I would wish to see patriotism in the eyes of person who is non Muslim or spiritual to see if they feel the same manner about the western instruction systems.

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Southern Asia and Northern Africa both used faith and Islamic political orientations and civilization to make and specify patriotism. ( 2. 5 ) The Egyptians wanted to concentrate on their female parent land to be their qibla. which marks the way of Mecca. to which a Muslim turns to pray. Egyptians wanted to concentrate on nationalism and suppress other ties. Religion helped them to make that. ( 2. ) Ahmad lutfi is the laminitis of the Egyptian people. This is personal prejudice because he is the leader and thinks what he wants. and wants his people to d the same thing that he thinks. This creates patriotism because everyone is tie ining with the same thing within their state. ( 5 ) Patriots want to force their political orientation onto the people. this is personal prejudice. It would be good to see an extra papers of a political leader alternatively of merely holding one from a spiritual leader.


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