Muslim WOmen

January 18, 2017 Religion

For my writing workshop class I chose to do my independent research paper on the treatment of Muslim women by the Muslim men. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about how other cultures can operate. For this topic I did a lot of research. I also had an interview with a Muslim boy to discuss his views on women and how his family treats the women of his house. .


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To get information I went to the library and got books on the Muslim religion. I also looked things up on the internet. And lastly I had an interview with a Muslim boy and discussed this topic. I went to the store and bought some index cards and wrote down notes and certain things that stuck out to me that would be important and interest the reader of my paper. I then made a source list and wrote all the books and articles I have read on a sheet of paper. I was almost done writing my rough draft. I just wanted to get a little more information. I had everything done but the conclusion because I wanted more information to back up my ideas. .


In doing this project I learned a lot about how Muslim women are treated. I learned that Muslim women have a responsibility in running their home. The husband goes to work and the wife cares for the children. The wife handles all things that occur in the house and is in charged of handling dinner and having a clean house. While the husband is at work she is expected to be doing things to help the family. And she is also expected to pray. Most of the women were a burqa to cover their hair as a sign of respect for “Allah” their God. I also learned that its not Muslim women in general hide their face. It’s the Taliban Muslim women that have all of the rules. For a Taliban women she must have a burqa covering her whole head and face and have a place for here eyes cut out and have gauze placed there. The Taliban Muslim women are not allowed to leave their home unless escorted by a male relative, If she is caught without a male relative she is publicly stoned to death.


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