My Admission Statement of purpose

By November 8, 2018 Education

As a child, I had a fondness for older people, one of who was Uncle Ineh. At that time, he was an undergraduate student of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Port-Harcourt. I will make reference solely to a point which got me attached to Uncle Ineh. From carton boxes we made houses and cars and found ways to make the cars move. This stint, coupled with my aptitude for basic science and mathematics, created in me the zeal to understand fundamental physical principles governing the behavior of materials and how things work.

Though I applied for Petroleum Engineering for my undergraduate studies, I was offered admission to study Gas Engineering. My stay was however short-lived as I was transferred to Chemical Engineering, due to the dis-accreditation of the department of Gas Engineering by the Nigerian Universities Commission, stating its lack of facilities to groom reliable engineers in that field. Through my undergraduate program, I was introduced to theoretical concepts widely used in the Chemical industry as I went through courses such as chemical process calculations, reaction engineering, process design, heat transfer and mass transfer.

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I also attended a number of seminar programs at my alma mater and even after graduation to keep me abreast with my long-term goal to become a professional consultant in the Oil and Gas industry. On a practical level, I visited some Oil and Gas companies, one of which was an unforgettable visit to the Warri refinery corporation. There, I was exposed to the process of automation, which was part of one of my undergraduate courses, process control engineering. It was just awesome how an entire refinery was being controlled by a few operators monitoring the various critical parameters.

For a country with enormous potential in the global oil and gas market, Process Systems Engineers would be of utmost importance in serving the needs of its vast population’s economic dependence on the Oil and Gas sector. Hence, I have decided that graduate study is an important step in my professional life. With no intentions to compromise on the quality of education, the Cranfield University is my best choice because I believe the university is uniquely equipped to guide me towards this objective.

My personal research confirms the university’s strength both practically and theoretically as demonstrated by its highest proportion of world leading and internationally excellent research. Furthermore, its unique location in United Kingdom as the heart of Europe’s Oil and Gas industry creates an opportunity for exposure to the oil and gas industry. I look forward to an intellectually inspiring and fruitful association with your University. Thanks for your consideration.


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