“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” Case Study on Culture and Heritage Essay Sample

July 27, 2017 General Studies

In the film “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” there were many facets of civilization shown. Some were more obvious and seeable while others were harder to happen. you could name them unseeable. A seeable facet of civilization is one that can be seen demoing up one someone’s behaviour. or day-to-day modus operandi. An unseeable facet can merely be seen through someone’s ideas or constructs on life.

The chief character Tula has had jobs with being Grecian her whole life. She was forced to travel to Greek School. and taught that adult females were merely good for impairing. doing babes and cooking nutrient. This is a failing in Grecian Culture. She should hold grown up with the ideas of how she could make whatever she wants when she grows up and that she is capable of anything. All her life Tula wanted to be a pretty blonde eating her admiration staff of life sandwich at tiffin and being really popular. She had that dream crushed by the first clip she attended school. The though on how instruction of adult females will do them desire to go forth the household is incorrect and is without a uncertainty a failing. At one point in the film the male parent Costa say “… why is she making this to me? ” mentioning to how Tula wants to be educated about computing machines and larn more of how everyone else in society plants. Costa blames Tula for go forthing the household and desiring to withstand him. when she genuinely merely wants a better occupation. and improved position on the universe.

Although there are many failings. there are besides many strengths. Grecian Culture has the thought of being close to your household and being proud of who you are. These strengths take over all other failings and are the most of import. Your household should be the most of import thing in your life because they will ne’er go forth you for friends and should ne’er turn on you so that you end up with no 1. The proud esthesis that comes off of Greeks is about intolerable. and can be sometimes considered haughtiness. Although I believe that this is a really nice add-on to the civilization.

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In Grecian civilization there are rather a few discernible features. One illustration of this would be the regulation that is implied about ne’er get marrieding person who is non Grecian. If person neglects this rule their household will reject them. and their household will experience that they do non bask being Greek. Another seeable facet is the 1 of eating a batch all the clip. Grecian adult females make nutrient all twenty-four hours to feed their work forces. Since household is so close they are ever eating together at the one another’s houses.

Some unseeable facets of Grecian Culture are at that place ideas on work forces having the house. While work forces governing is seeable. the adult females commanding the work forces is unseeable. The work forces are the caput of the family while the adult females are the cervix. and can turn the caput wherever they want. In add-on Greek adult females pull strings how work forces think. and do them surmise they thought of all the good idea’s themselves.

All in all Grecian Culture is really interesting. There are many strength’s. failings. unseeable and seeable facets to the civilization and they seem to hold a good thought on how life should be. Family foremost. so everyone else is one thought that everyone should hold with.


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