My Biggest Passion

July 1, 2017 History

My biggest passion, besides my husband and kids, is riding motorcycles. This is something that I am still fairly new to; I have only been riding for about five years now. At first I was scared to death, when I was about five or six I fell off the back of one, but when I saw my children riding with my husband on his and having lots of fun I decided I would try it and have been hooked ever since.

I hope to convey my excitement in the following essay, and also show everyone that we on motorcycles are for the most part harmless and just want the same courtesy on the road that you would give a car or truck. While motorcycles seem scary and unsafe, when used properly, they can actually be fun and exciting. One of the most important things to do when riding a motorcycle is get a helmet that fits and always wear long pants and tennis shoes or boots.

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You want as much clothing between you and the asphalt if something should happen. But first I would like to start with the history of motorcycles. Riding motorcycles for me and my husband is a fun and relaxing activity. We have three big events that we do every year; the first one is the Vermontville Maple Syrup Run in April, the Blessing of the Bikes in May and then our favorite which is our honeymoon/anniversary ride.

Last year at our Vermontville ride we rode with about 40 bikes and pulled in to Vermontville with about a hundred bikes. Pouring rain and all. My husband can pack enough stuff on our bike (tent, sleeping bags, beach umbrella, pillows and clothes) to make it through a weekend of camping. On our average anniversary trip we can log up to 700 miles in a weekend. There is nothing like riding down the coast and smelling the water and trees and the air. I really do not know how to explain how much these rides mean to us.


I'm Amanda

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