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* * * * * * * Adopting a pet? Let us help you! You can provide a loving home for your dog, cat, bird or any other small animals. Our experts will teach you how to feed and groom your pet. * Classses are $10 per session. * Sessions last 4 weeks. * Classes meet in the Shelter Meeting center twice a week. Call 555-7387 or stop by to sign up today! * * SC_ * * Center the headline “Adopting a pet? ”, and center the signature line “Call 555-7387 or stop by to sign up today! ” (See Figure 2). Change the theme colors to Austin. (Note: the theme fonts and theme effects should remain Office. Change the font size of the headline to 36 point and the font to Harrington (or Arial if you don’t have Harrington installed on your computer. ) Apply the text effect called Gradient Fill – Olive Green, Accent 4, Reflection (fourth row, fifth column). Change the font size of body copy between the headline and the signature line to 24 point. Change the font of the body copy and the signature line to Comic Sans MS. Change the font size of the signature line to 22 point. Change the font color of the signature line to Brown, Accent 5.

Italicize the phone number in the text in the signature line. Bullet the three lines (paragraphs) of text above the signature line. Underline the text “LET US HELP YOU! ”, and change its font color to Brown, Accent 5. Bold the text “Shelter Meeting Center”. Change the zoom to 50 percent so that the entire page is visible in the document window. Insert a picture of your choice below the headline. NOTE: An image named “support_SC_W10_C1_L1b. jpg” is available from the SAM Web site, or you can choose to use a different image.

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Apply the Bevel Rectangle picture style to the inserted picture. Apply the glow effect called Orange, 5 pt glow, Accent color 3 to the picture. Resize the picture so that its Height is 2. 5 inches. Add the page border shown in Figure 2, using the color Orange, Accent 3 and 2 1/4-pt width. Your document should look similar to Figure 2. * * Save your changes, close the document and exit Word. Follow the directions on the SAM Web site to submit your completed project. FIGURE 2 Final Figure headline page border body copy signature line



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