My Critical Response to Secret History by: Leonora Sansay Essay

October 4, 2017 History

The novel “Secret History” by Leonora Sansay for readers it is a small complicated. It is chiefly speaking about a immature lady that travels a batch with her sister. Her sister and her hubby got divorced and she started composing some narratives in the signifier of letters. The fresh “Secret History” is demoing us how bad the manner of intervention was in Europe and the matrimony at this clip was a difficult issue.

The adult females were treated severely and people had a batch of jobs because they used to acquire in a relationship and it was non allowed at this clip. so this created more jobs. Sansay in the novel is demoing us on her composing the assorted sides of gender and matrimonies in a really nice manner of composing. Sansay has her ain manner of composing that you see a small spot complicated but when you read till the terminal she gives readers the decision behind what she writes. In “Secret History” Sansay is demoing us her personal experiences that she had with Mary and Clara her sister.

She had a batch of jobs with her hubby and she has been ever glooming and unhappy. Mary writes letters to Burr and she is explicating about how her sister’s hubby is bad with her and he treated her in a atrocious manner. She besides wrote about the Haitian civilization and how they live under the colonial jurisprudence and their ordinances. They had cultural and civilization jobs and they faced a batch of contending and ferociousness with the Haitian’s. but the female was so strong together.

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Sansay does non look to wish the British in this novel and she said that they are stealers and they robbed them unlike the Americans. In the horrors of St. Domingo. Sansay besides showed us how the female under the Haitian revolution were oppressed particularly when it comes to marriage. They had a batch of ferociousness at this clip and there were ever jobs with the military and the people who lived at that place. The relationship with work forces and adult females were really complicated and it has to be under colonial powers.

In some of Mary’s letters she said that by take parting in the balls. this changed Clara’s status and made her feel better. because she was depressed because of her matrimony. The balls seem to be good for female and male to acquire to cognize each other more and interrupt that subjugation that females have under the colonial powers. In the novel. readers find out that the Gallic people think that will merely how they will look it will do certain of their victory and they would win women’s Black Marias. and besides suppressing the Haitian powers.

Clara besides in holding a relationship with Rochambeau and this shows how female/ male used to cover with each other at the clip of the Haitian revolution and that Rochambeau is taking advantage of Clara at war clip so that he can halt her from going the island. This is an illustration of how adult females were abused under the Haitian regulation and they were an illustration of its results. Rochambeau ever wants to overmaster and get the better of Clara. whenever she introduces herself as the married woman of the Gallic colonial. and this shows an illustration of the married people dealingss with each other.

Mary and Clara decided to travel to Cuba. they were ever introduced to other adult females that have a batch of jobs with their hubbies and they were all looking for their freedom. At the terminal of the novel. readers see the difference of how the adult females used to be and how they started to hold their freedoms back. There was no more danger and endangering from the black adult females to white adult females. “Secret History” is a great illustration of force. and the difference between the clip of the Haitian revolution and the clip after it.


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