My Dream Career Essay

August 4, 2017 Business

When I was still immature. I used to make my friends’ hair as a avocation. Most of my friends liked the hair manner that I did for them. I besides remember. how happy I was. each clip I did the hair of my friends. However. I ne’er thought that this avocation could perchance turn into my dream calling. After I entered the junior high school. which was an all-boy school. I realized that I was left out in the cold by schoolmates merely because I was interested in stylising hair. I would convey tonss of magazines to the school to maintain up-to-date with hair titling tendencies.

Whenever I was reading the magazine. my schoolmates would state. “Girlish male child. you should’ve been born as a miss. ” I guess holding an involvement in hair manner wasn’t viewed as a profession for a normal male child. In my last twelvemonth of in-between school. there was one unforgettable event that made it gratifying and memorable. In Korea. on a usual school twenty-four hours. pupils are non allowed to utilize any gel. or spray on their hair. Therefore. every pupil waits for the graduation exposure twenty-four hours because this is the twenty-four hours they can make their hair with hair fashionable merchandises every bit much as they please.

As other male childs did. I brought hair gel and drier to make my hair at school. I didn’t make my hair at place in the forenoon because I knew the hair looks best after seting hair fashionable merchandises. After I did my hair. some of my schoolmates. including the schoolmates who had been naming me “girlish male child. ” came to me. and asked me to make their hair. They said. “If we all like our hair. we won’t name you girlish male childs any longer. ” It was an unexpected suggestion. but I was confident that they would wish my occupation. So. I accepted their suggestion. and tested my best to stylise their hair utilizing gel and drier.

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Fortunately. they all liked their hair. and a few hebdomads therefore. the graduation exposure besides came out truly good to everybody’s outlooks. Since so. they became my friends. and we still maintain in touch. although I’m presently populating in the U. S. By the clip I entered the high school. another unforgettable event happened that confirmed my programs for going a professional hair interior decorator. One bright twenty-four hours. I and my eldest brother visited “Hair Day. ” which was owned by my brother’s friend. Paul Kim. in Seoul.

The name of the shop was rather impressive to me due to its alone name. “Hair Day. ” although a typical name like “hair salon” could hold been more meaningful. Paul Kim is a really celebrated hair interior decorator in Seoul. and has many Korean famous persons as his regular clients. When I visited his studio for the first clip. I saw a celebrated Korean famous person. Bi. who is better known as “Rain” in the U. S. As he entered the studio. I barely recognized him because of his mussy hair. However. after Paul Kim worked on his hair. he instantly transformed into a gorgeous famous person known to everybody.

The hair manner that Paul Kim had done for Bi was the same manner I had seen on telecasting. Since Bi is so popular. and his hairdo is ever up-to-date. many immature male childs in Korea mimic his hairdo. Furthermore. all of Bi’s hair manners that were shown on Korean telecasting were the work of Paul Kim. After Bi left. an English-speaking client came into the studio to acquire a hair cut. The client seemed an familiarity of Paul Kim because he was delighted to see him. When they spoke with each other. I was amazed at Paul Kim’s ability to talk English. Later. I was told by my brother that Paul Kim had studied in the U.

S. . and had obtained a Business Administration grade. which is perchance one of the grounds his hair studio is making so good. Ever since I visited Paul Kim’s hair studio. I had a strong desire to go a celebrated hair interior decorator. who is non merely rational but besides has a good aesthetic sense. I decided that Paul Kim is genuinely a adult male. whom I want to emulate when I grow up. The female hair interior decorators outnumber the male hair interior decorators in Korea. However. most of the noteworthy hair interior decorators in Korea are work forces. I hope one twenty-four hours I will be one of those noteworthy hair interior decorators non merely in Korea but besides in the full universe.


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