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By May 16, 2018 Medical

This paper will examine the reasoning I have for wanting to become a medical assistant. I have wanted to be many things since I have graduated and I have also changed my mind a time or two. I think I have finally found what I want to be in life and I want to become an OBGYN. I feel that by becoming a medical assistant I will get my foot in the door. By getting my foot in the door I will be on my way to success I am very excited to learn the different aspects of the medical field and how they all work together. Why Do I want to be medical assistant?

I want to be medical assistant because my mom has been working as a CNA for the last 20 years. I have followed in her footsteps for the last 5 years. I have worked at a memory care facility. In that facility I cared for ten residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s. While working there I learned how to administer medication, perform activities of daily living such as bathing feeding and dressing the residents. I am very companionate about working with people. I feel that by becoming a medical assistant I will be able to learn how to interact with different types of people and people from different cultures and backgrounds.

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I am looking forward to learning about how the billing cycle for medical bills and how and why different medical services cost more than others. I am also looking forward to learning the different jobs that a medical assistant can do. By working as a medical assistant I will be able to identify the different codes that physicians use to make diagnosis for patients. Medical assisting has four major categories of the job just to name a few there are clerical medical assistants, administrative medical assistants, and clinical medical assistants, and specialist medical assistants.

Each of these job titles has its own differences and similarities. When you are out the looking for a job in the medical assisting field you might want to have these different positions in mind and also the similarities and differences. Clerical medical assistants have a variety of duties some of their duties are answering the phones, greeting patients, sorting mail, handling correspondence, filing, typing, and computer data entry. They may also handle billing and bookkeeping tasks. Clerical medical assistants keep the office or other medical facility running smoothly.

Administrative medical assistant duties are fill out insurance forms, schedule medical procedures, update patients’ charts, and order lab tests. But you may also do some or all of the tasks of a clerical medical assistant. The responsibility of all of the office systems and patient flow may rest on your shoulders. Clinical medical assistants duties are take and record patient vitals, draw blood, prepare patients for examinations and medical tests, remove sutures, collect laboratory specimens from patients, make orders for medical supplies that your practice needs, and list goes on and on.

Specialist medical assistant’s duties are to have in depth knowledge of a specific medical practice. These medical assistants work in specific areas of medical practices, they also can work in hospitals and medical centers. In conclusion by being a medical assistant it will prepare me for the big big world of the medical field. As far as my lifelong goals I want to be an OBGYN and to prepare me for that job I want to be able to work at an obstetrics office so I can get the experience in working in that part of the field.


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