My Experience Throughout English

May 16, 2018 General Studies

My experience in English 101 taught me to write to my fullest potential and to write what I felt; rather then writing what was required. In the beginning of English 101 was what you call a novice writer a person who only wrote what they felt was required. However, certain techniques that learned in English 101 made me realize that writing was not about filling requirements; it’s about speaking out, exploring and proving a point. ‘Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. ” (Tremble, 17)

In John Tremble’s quote he tries to point out that writing is something that you grow with and learn as you go along. I believe this growth was achieved with a technique that was introduced to me by my professor called repetitive revision. What I found out was that revision of your essays helps in recognizing your mistakes and enhances the flow of your essays. By providing me with a chance to revise my essays I believe that my English professors helped me grasp my own mistakes. Also, by revising my essays I felt that I had the chance of writing with a broader sense.

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Another weakness that I had coming into English 101 was my way of reading. Remember having to read an essay or book 3 or 4 times before I could ever sit down and write about it. Was looking and at the words all wrong. However, my professor introduced a technique of reading critically. “A critical analysis, on the other hand, takes a viewpoint and attempts to its validity;” (Tremble, 95) In Tremble’s quote he is trying say that a critical analysis helps a reader understand what the author is really trying to point out. This was the same approach that was taught to me by my professor.

This type of analysis helped me understand better what the author was trying to convey and it also helped me explain it better in my essays. Additionally, another weakness that I had when coming into English 101 was that was a selfish writer. Like Tremble said, “His natural tendency as a writer is to think primarily of himself- hence to write primarily for himself. ” (Tremble, 4) I was a writer who only cared about impressing one type of audience my professor and not writing to prove a point or expand my knowledge to several other audiences.


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