My feeling on first class

September 5, 2018 English Language

I was registered as UTHM student since 1st September 2013. On the first week here, I was registered on the subject Academic English but UTHM have make a standard on all of the student that did not pass the MUET have to take Foundation English first. I have to drop Academic English that I have registered and do take the Foundation English as the UTHM wanted because my result in MUET was not qualified to take Academic English.

I have heard from the senior this class can help me improve my skills on English language from the basics. Before I entered the class, I have heard that English language is very important nowadays. This is because to become an engineer, the world industries using English as their language first language to communicate on each other. I also known that there is no such thing as a short cut to master in English. But when I entered this class on the first week, I found that the senior was true.

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The activities conducted in the class were very helpful to me on improving my English skills. And in the class, I was also told by Miss Suzilla the lecturer of course to speak among our friends in English instead of using Malay language. And I found it really helpful to improve my speaking to other people even though my grammar is bad but at least I try to speak. I believed by attending this Foundation English can improve my skills on speaking, writing and listening.

Now, I have already entered Foundation English class for three weeks. On the first week, we did some ‘introduction’ session. In this session we all learn how to gain our confident level , in this session, we need to present our background and study history, like ages, education level, which town we came from and lowest mark in MUET in front of class member. Our lecturer gives some tips on presenting.

We also learn about formal and informal language. Usually, we used informal language when we are speaking and formal language when we want to write an essay o letter.

For the next class, we have learned about part of speech. There are 10 of them which are noun, pronoun, verb, preposition, article, adverb, adjective, conjuction, interjection and determiner. After that, we all need finding word from newspaper and categorize it according as are assignment. Before end the class, Miss Suzilla gave us some idioms to memorize.

On this week, we have learned about classes of nouns. There are generally four classes of nouns such as, common noun, proper noun, collective nouns and abstract noun. Lastly, I am very thankful that I have been chosen to join this class, especially to my lecturer Miss Suzila because she stand with my attitude and slow learner on lecture session . I love the way she teach and the importance things is, she spoke using a simple and easy english to understand word. I hope that I can gain more information and improve my English because I need to use it during in my studies and my carrier life.


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