My final year

Success is the power to drive alteration. It is the chase of this success, at the helm of a first company that has driven me to seek an MSc in Finance from Bocconi University.

In my concluding twelvemonth of undergraduate surveies, I completed two classs in “ Business Skills and Soft Skills ” , under Prof.A.P.Singh ( He has worked 31 old ages with the ICICI Group largely in the house ‘s international activities ) . Theses classs introduced me to the synergisms of managerial finance. I learned about finding ways on how to utilize money to better hereafter chances to gain money and how to minimise the impact of fiscal dazes. Fascinated, I so got my custodies on a worn out book by Benoit Mandelbrot – “ The Misbehavior of Markets ” . I perfectly loved this book. Missing an academic background in Economics I found the earlier chapters – a sum-up of modern twenty-four hours Economicss from Bachelier up through Black-Scholes, CAPM and Modern Portfolio Theory – really edifying. His statements against using theories based on the construct that market motions follow a Gaussian distribution in favour of changing power jurisprudence distributions were exciting. Looking back, I believe these were the initial accelerators that would convey me to the determination to prosecute a calling in Finance.

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As a pupil in high school and during my undergraduate surveies, I have ever excelled academically and have ever been among the top 10 pupils in my batch. My undergraduate major Communication and Computers Engineering ( CCE ) covered a broad view of topics, exposing me to cardinal aspects of both computing machine and communicating spheres, two of the fastest turning Fieldss, and now even better unifying with each other. In add-on to the nucleus topics, I besides completed a good figure of quantitative classs. These classs were taught by distinguished professors from the Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) , and therefore provided me with a sound quantitative background that I believe will function as a strong advantage to me when prosecuting my MSc in Finance.

I have been fortunate to hold consorted with many a people of influence in my life. Bing a “ subscriber ” inspires me and influences all my actions and workss. My leading accomplishments were developed early when I successfully headed the sponsorship commission of our first major inter-collegiate event and raised INR 1, 50,000. I have besides served as the head editor for my school ‘s one-year magazine Synergy. I served as a member of the athleticss commission of my college for the twelvemonth 2006-2007, during which I organized many inter-collegiate featuring events in cricket, hoops and table-tennis. I was besides in charge in puting up of a computing machine section for an NGO, the East Kolkata Nagrik Foundation, and headed the same from June to September 2008. Following which, at Tata Consultancy Services Limited ( TCSL ) , I won the Annual Award for the Outstanding Young Manager in the first twelvemonth of my work.

During concluding twelvemonth itself via campus arrangements I received the offer to fall in Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. ( TCSL ) as an Assistant Systems Engineer ; after four unit of ammunitions of proficient and personal interviews, I was among the fortunate few from our institute who were offered by TCSL. Sing my old academic background it was a gradual transmutation in my bearer, and I decided to accept the offer. However, despite working as an Information Technology ( IT ) professional, I kept my involvement towards Finance turning. I became captivated by the current fiscal convulsion that has obsessed the universe, reading all I could on such issues. The monumental failure of hazard direction policies taking to the downslide of organisations such as Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch was intricate to accept as true. I have been closely following this unfolding saga, which merely fuelled to my desire to derive farther penetrations in such Fieldss.

Slowly but certainly, I realized that I needed to give my passion for Finance, a concrete form. I so decided to prosecute the CFA Charter, and therefore I enrolled myself for the level-1 test in December’2009. Whilst reading for CFA, I developed a strong involvement towards Portfolio Management, and assorted theories that describe the motions of fiscal markets. It was absorbing to larn efficient market hypothesis, in fact I was more hypnotized to associate these theories with what Prof. Mandelbrot had said in his book, and therefore it led me to believe that there still is a great trade of work to be done in the research of fiscal markets. It is here that I decided that to prosecute an MSc in Finance.

I believe that my educational background and the professional experiences I have described above have instilled in me the qualities necessary to run into the asperity of an MSc in Finance. Graduation in Engineering has provided a strong foundation, instilling in me sound job resolution and analytical abilities. Post graduation, I would desire to do a bearer in Portfolio Management – working in a Financial Markets Research squad, responsible for measuring developments in fiscal markets.

The MSc Finance plan at Bocconi is a 2 twelvemonth plan ; most of the other good MSc Finance plan are of 10-12 months continuances. With my modest surroundings in Finance, I believe Bocconi ‘s MSc should be a perfect tantrum for me, wherein I would non merely hold chances to construct a strong foundational base, but besides have good chances to make research in economic sciences of fiscal markets. In that respects, I am looking forward in taking the two classs in “ Fiscal econometrics and empirical finance ” . Sing the CFA partnership, and close resemblance of the plan with the CFA course of study, the Bocconi ‘s MSc should give me a just opportunity to gain my CFA ( I would desire to that by the clip I finish my MSc ) . Finally, a diverse class construction and therefore legion chances to see a scope of subjects, along with a opportunity to gain a dual-degree brand analyzing MSc Finance at Bocconi truly particular for me. . My end is to set my experiences and accomplishments to good usage at Bocconi, and I hope you will see me a worthy campaigner.



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