My Generation Essay Sample

I decided to compose my essay about the positive and negative facets of my coevals because I can compose more exhaustively about a topic that is impacting me. than about something I have no existent connexion with.

Every new coevals is different from the 1 that perceded it. but today the difference is really pronounced so. The spread between the different coevalss is widening and the kids turning up at our clip have to confront many jobs that did non even exist in the yesteryear.

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This coevals is split up in two wholly different groups of involvement. on the one manus those seeking a calling and acknowledgment and on the other manus those who are merely interested in holding merriment.

On the one side the immature people of today are better educated. they have more money and they enjoy more freedom. They are able to turn up more rapidly and are non so dependent on their parents because they think more for themselves and make non accept the ideals of their seniors. The immature coevals is oppugning the premises of their parents and upseting their complacence. They take leave to doubt that the older coevalss have created the best of all possible universes. What they reject more than everything is conformance as for illustration. office hours or vesture. They ask themselves why violent agencies are portion of our universe and why so many seniors are unhappy and guilt-ridden in their personal lives. The immature coevals claims that the old have lost touch with what is of import because they are obsessed with average aspirations and material posessions. What the coevalss of the yesteryear could larn from the new one is that enjoyment is non iniquitous because you can bask work and leisure clip and acquire rid of bing suppressions. It is non incorrect to populate in the present instead than in the yesteryear.

On the other side one specifying feature of my coevals seems to be that we do non care to accomplish something in life. The kids are spoiled by their parents and that is why they have no aspirations to go independent. The chief job of the childs turning up presents is philistinism and shallowness. They have no involvement in anything but passing the money of their parents for traveling out and shopping. in general they merely want to hold merriment. That is why my coevals is besides called the merriment loving one.

As we are populating in a universe full of panic and hatred. this coevals tends to go condemnable and dependent on drugs or other substances really easy. It is a coevals of sophisticated and egocentric kids who do non like to take any duties or duty at all. In most of the households there exists no solidarity between the household members because everyone lives his ain life regardless of what is go oning following to him. My coevals does non demo any regard or apprehension for older coevalss because they feel misunderstood by and superior to them. While the childs are struggeling to happen an individuality. the coevals spread that exists today in the eyes of older coevalss is acquiring bigger and bigger.

One of the major struggles today is that there is no societal cooperation among human existences and the immature people are non interested in altering that state of affairs. That is why the coevalss of the past desperation because of nowadays state of affairs.



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